The historic battle for Atlanta Weightlifting gold | Olympic History

The historic battle for Atlanta Weightlifting gold | Olympic History


  1. Τhe relationship and respect these 2 athletes had for each other is the exact same relationship we both neighbouring nations shall have in order to live in peace in the future to come.We dont have to love each other but at least respect is needed.

  2. Valerios looks more human but he pushes himself to the limits. Naim looks like a miracle of nature . Both were great examples for human motivation


  4. Битва титанов – ЧЕ-74 Давид Ригерт против Андон Николова,
    ОИ-96 Найм Сулейманоглу(он же Найм Сулеминов,он же Наум Шаламанов) против Валериоса Леонидаса (он же Валерий Леонов)
    ЧМ-2011 Хаджимурат Аккаев против Клокова

  5. It’s really unfair with the lower body weight. He’s also smaller in height and his height also make it easier to lift.

  6. The greatest in olympic history still is . RIP Nain and long live valerios you both are legendary . Light upon you

  7. Naim suleymanoglu 60 altin madalda 49 rekor kirarak 60 ila 64 kilo rekorlari 2050 yilinda kiralabilecek rekorlara imza atmistir kilosu kadar altin madalyaya sahiptir ruhun saad olsun buyuk adam

  8. Gururumuz Naim Süleymanoğlu. Kendi ağırlığının 3 katından fazla ağırlık kaldırmış bir efsane. Gelmiş geçmiş en iyi halterci

  9. I remember this being highlighted by NBC in the 1996 Olympics. Exactly 10 years later I purchased from Jim Schmitz a VHS collection of the weightlifting competition in the Atlanta, Olympics 1996. Nearly the entire competition was covered and was in real time, no editing, commercials etc. It was incredible. This film presentation really impressed me because the lifters were profiled. Both nations should be proud of their respected lifters. Both were champions on and off the platform.

  10. I watched these Olympics at the beach in South Carolina when I was 8. I don't remember the picture being this fuzzy lol.

  11. Amazing battle, great athletes and we have to give some credit to the amazing voice of the narrator. Cheers from Houston, TX.

  12. This was very powerfull. Nothing but respect to these two athletes and the great countries of Greece and Turkey.

  13. У Сулеймана лучшие ростовые соотношения для подъема штанги. Но …. кто их мешает сделать таковыми другим атлетам? Потому …. Сулейман лучший!

  14. Самое главное …. он поднимает на пределе техники и сил! Он все выжимает из себя!!!!!

  15. Respect these two big lifter and don t think we can ever see this kind of battle again thank u guys respect from Turkey

  16. It's about to possibilities.. Naim was a God for lifting. And some mortal soul came up and says " i compete the God "
    Thats the important thing i think. Leonidis is a greatest athele all of the time cause he compete against a God.
    Both of you best… RIP Naim.

  17. I call Greeks Christian Turks
    And the Turks are Muslim Greeks
    That's how close and similar we are to each other..But unfortunately politicians overshadow's this reality..What a pity..

  18. I hope these two gentlemens will give a good lesson to their nations! Turks and Greeks cannot leave each other. It's like blood-brother. R.I.P NAIM!

  19. Altius, Fortius, Citius … Olympic motto … I think If we had to put a single photo as Fortius, we should put Naim's photo.

  20. the guy in the red by Naim is Arabadziev the man who found Naim in Bulgaria and made him a champion, like many others. He deserves some credit too

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