The IRON CHEF CHAMPION of Thailand – Insane THAI FOOD Cooking Skills in Bangkok!

The IRON CHEF CHAMPION of Thailand – Insane THAI FOOD Cooking Skills in Bangkok!

– Hey, everyone, I hope you’re
having an amazing evening. It’s Mark Wiens; I’m in Bangkok, Thailand. And tonight for dinner
I’m going to a restaurant called Lerd Thip, which is
the restaurant of Chef Gigg, who is the winner of both
Iron Chef and Top Chef. He’s one of the most talented,
one of the most skillful, one of the most incredibly
entertaining chefs to watch that I have ever seen, and so tonight we’re gonna
have dinner at Lerd Thip, his restaurant, his family restaurant. I’m waiting for Pe Tan and Pe Tape, who are gonna arrive soon to join us. But every time we come here, things just get a little
bit out of control. We eat a feast. It’s gonna be a treat to watch
Chef Gigg, and then to eat, and I can’t wait to share all
the food with you right now. (upbeat music) Lerd Thip is… Chef Gigg, it’s his family restaurant, and so he grew up at this restaurant. He’s been surrounded by the
restaurant his entire life. It is a Thai-Chinese restaurant but since Chef Gigg has developed
some very unique recipes, some very even like
Western-influenced dishes, but still with a Thai-Chinese touch. He has some gourmet dishes on his menu. I’m not even totally sure what
he’s gonna cook for us today but it is guaranteed to just be a show and an incredible,
entertaining, memorable meal. (speaking in foreign language) – It’s my new toy. – [Mark] Pe Tan just got a new toy. That is awesome. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) (food sizzling) – Thank you again for holding the light. Pe Tan is here. Chef Gigg is starting to cook, and he’s making a dish called gang som, which is a sour curry but with crab, this one’s version with crab right now. It’s coming out of the wok right now. (laughs) This is only the beginning. – [Chef Gigg] Pekoe bamboo, juice bamboo. – [Mark] Chili. (chill beats) It’s just amazing to watch
Chef Gigg as he cooks. He’s so fast, he’s so talented,
and he has so much skill. The next dish he’s making
– Yellow curry. – Oh, yellow curry. Okay, yellow crab curry, and he is, it’s just impressive
to watch him as he cooks. (chopping food) (oil sizzling) I’ve seen vegetables fried like that. I’ve seen chicken fried like
that, but never in my life have I seen a crab go up in
a flame like that in oil. (oil sizzling) (wok clanking against stove top) (speaking in foreign language) Unbelievable to watch on the wok. You could smell the… Immediately I’m just drenched in sweat. You can smell that curry powder. Another necessary component
of (foreign word), or (foreign word) is eggs so he added in some
eggs at the last thing. That kind of like curdles the sauce, and that’s hot and fresh, oh wow. So paht pong karee, it’s a curry, but it’s made especially with… There’s yellow curry
powder in it, and then… Oh, and it is done. Look (laughs). So fast.
– So fast. – I guess our next dish is
gonna be more of a fusion dish. Red curry with spaghetti, okay. – And with real prawns. – [Mark] Red curry with
spaghetti, awesome. (oil sizzling) (chill beats) – Different and another. (speaking in foreign language) – Pe Tan. – Yes, hello. – It’s just, he just flies on the cooking, and this is only round one. Chef Giff said we should start
eating while the food is hot. – Then the round two is coming later. – That crab is insane; it’s massive. Look at the size of it. Look at those claws. Those claws are literally
like the size of a small hand. Actually a big hand. You could use that to pick things up with. – [Pe Tan] He’s the master. – [Mark] He is the master. In awe of Chef’s skill. That claw is giganormous. A mammoth of a crab, of a claw. This thing is an absolute monster. It’s like the size of a chicken breast. (laughs) (chill beats) – It is good? – Wow. It’s so sweet, and so… Flaky. You can feel the individual
strands of the crab. Just get a close-up look in there. That texture is incredible. I’m gonna try a little bit
more of that curry, though. (chill beats) That is not a one-biter. That is not a two-biter. That’s like a four-biter claw. That has transported me. Oh, do I have some curry on my… To a new world. Taste the undertone of
that yellow curry powder. Unbelievable. Gonna start with the
(foreign name), the duck. Dip it into the sauce. And this is one of their
traditional dishes. This is the Thai-Chinese dish,
one of the original dishes from Chef Gigg’s parents. (speaking in foreign language) That sauce is amazing,
really nice and sour. That duck is so tender. Like, soaks into the duck. (speaking in foreign language) A Western Thai-influenced dish. It’s a red curry spaghetti
with a giant river prawn. Cheers.
– Cheers. – Oh, wow. (speaking in foreign language) You taste, like, that
creaminess, but then it’s spicy because of the red curry paste in there. – And the smell of the
herbs is very outstanding. – I thought it was oregano, but it’s actually Thai holy basil. Okay, so that kind of like
fits with the red curry. That’s amazing. (speaking in foreign language) The head of the shrimp, and it just like blends in with the sauce. You can see that it’s
so buttery and creamy. Oh, that is unbelievable. (upbeat music) Wow. – The flavor’s better with the prawn in. – Yeah, that bitterness
that the prawn had. And that’s just equal
creaminess from both. – And quite spicy (laughs). – Pretty spicy, yeah. (upbeat music) (laughs) Next I’m gonna try that (foreign word). It’s so thick, it’s so rich
from the amount of curry paste that he used in there, and then he fried the crab
before sticking it in here. There’s bamboo shoots in there. I can’t wait to taste the curry sauce. (upbeat music) Oh, it’s like sweet at first. But then it hits you with spice, kind of subtly going down your throat, and then you taste the bamboo shoot, the flavor of the bamboo shoot. Oh, man, awesome. And this is with eggs all over it. (upbeat music) The roe of the crab is so yolky. What’s amazing about
that kaeng som is how, it starts off sweet and sour, and then goes to spicy
while it’s in your mouth, like in a couple of seconds. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) He is amazing to watch cook. I’ve probably said that a
few times already tonight. It’s time for round two. The next dish he’s making
is the (foreign word), which is one of their
signature dishes here, and it’s one of the
best versions in Bangkok that I’ve ever had. (upbeat music) I like that Chef, when
he makes your crab here, he clears out all of the bad stuff. He clears out all of the dead man fingers so that you don’t need to worry about navigating through those
when you’re eating the crab. (oil sizzling) (chill beats) Unlike any other version of (foreign name) that I’ve ever seen. After the crab was finished,
he took some mung bean noodles, put them into that sauce that’s
almost peanut butter looking and thick and brown thick sauce, and then he assembled it all into the pot, into that single baking pan, and that’s gonna cook for a little while. The next dish that he’s
making, which is Chef Gigg’s, one of his signature, one of
his ultimate dishes is called (foreign name). So it’s fried rice with holy basil, and then with a wagyu steak on top. (chill beats) Oh, that’s how you wash your
pan after you cook a steak. I’m a little red in the face. (laughs) (speaking in foreign language) Ying hid over in the corner. Oh, that was awesome. Can you feel that? Yeah, that’s still warm. That will singe your hairs. (speaking in foreign language) (metal clinking) That is the most incredible
fried rice you will ever see. Just his quickness, his
speed, his forearm muscle. He has to rock the wok
and it just, oh man. And then he moves the wok, he
works the wok, he shakes it. One of the key ingredients is holy basil, which is chopped up, fine. You get that blast of
the aroma, the steam. Okay, he also fried the wagyu
steak, and that’s gonna go… He’s about to assemble it. He takes the fried rice
right out of the wok. He puts it into a flaming
hot earthenware bowl. And then he slices the steak,
which has been resting, puts that on top of the rice and then a fried egg goes onto that. That’s everything you could
possibly want for comfort food but taken to the next ultimate level. (upbeat music) Chef Gigg just mixed it up. You gotta mix it up with the
egg, get some of the beef. That rice is so herbacious. Toast to Chef Gigg. (upbeat music) – Hot. Thank you. (speaking in foreign language) – That is still on fire. That is some of the
greatest fried rice ever. You can test the breath of the
wok, that smoke from the wok, how he just smoked it
out, he fired it out. Then it’s in with this earthenware pot, so some of the crunchy edges
of the rice get kinda crunchy, and then you’ve got that beef, which has this amazing pepper crust, and he literally shallow fried
that steak, also in a flame, so you’ve got another layer of smokiness. And then with that creamy egg. It literally is your favorite, well, my favorite comfort food, maybe your favorite comfort food, but everything about your
favorite comfort food just elevated to extraordinary levels. What a genius combination. (chill beats) (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Next up for the (foreign name). Again, this is a version
like I’ve never had before. Just that sauce, that rich
sauce that he added into here, plus herbs, plus all good
things at the bottom. And you can see how the egg
has kind of curdled into there. (upbeat music) Just dish after dish. You really taste the onions in there, and I believe the green onions, and there’s those slightly
chalky crab roe in there, eggs. (speaking in foreign language) Pearl of Andaman, that’s the dish. That’s the name of the dish. It’s an entire giant oyster
filling an entire Chinese spoon. I can see (foreign name) in there, which is the Thai seafood sauce, yet at the same time
there’s a blog of wasabi at the end of your spoon
and (foreign name), which is a roasted chilly jam. Cheers.
– Cheers. (upbeat music) – [Mark] There’s so much going on that we don’t know what
to talk about (laughs). It’s so refreshing and juicy. – [Chef] Thai Chile
pears and (foreign name). – Also (foreign name) in there? – Yeah, yeah. – The salmon eggs explode. The wasabi is awesome. Okay, the next dish is (foreign name), and that is pork with lime. They deep fry the pork. He slices it, and it’s
all about that sauce. So he just ladles it on. You see that marbling of the pork. Oh, man, this is, yeah. The pork itself is fatty
and juicy and marbled, and then that sauce is unbelievable. It’s so garlicky, perfectly
sour, perfectly sweet. It’s just amazing. One more, it’s a desert crab dish that Chef Gigg wants to cook for us so he just steamed another massive crab. So this is just gonna
be a steamed crab dish, but he’s just showing immense
skill as he cuts that crab. And a crab, especially of that size, is not easy to disconnect,
to disassemble, to chop up. Do you use all of everything? – [Chef] This one right
here is very delicious. (chill beats) – You have to hit it with your cleaver just at that perfect amount of pressure so that it doesn’t break the crab inside. It breaks the shell and
you can peel it off. He did it amazingly, and we have a purely
de-boned crab on a plate, disassembled, dismantled
into bite-sized nuggets. So beautiful. All of the body meat is within the head. You’ve got the claws, you’ve got the arms. He looks like he’s about to lift weights. (speaking in foreign language) It’s like half of your face. It’s huge. Cheers.
– Cheers. – It’s actually heavy. You could almost need two
hands to pick this up, and eat it like a drumstick. Look at the size of that. Into the seafood sauce. (chill beats) Wow. It’s so pure. It’s so sweet. So again, it just flakes
apart in your mouth. That’s an entire amount of crab claw. (chill beats) The stringiness of that. This is the greatest possible drumstick you could ever have in your life. Cheers.
– Cheers. (chill beats) Oh, that was an unbelievable meal. So good I kind of lost track
about how many crabs we ate but those are some of the biggest crabs, some of the best crabs I’ve had. The actual meat of the crab
was so sweet and so massive, and Chef Gigg just completely… His expertise, his
knowledge, his experience, his speed at which he cooked,
it’s so impressive to see. So I just want to say a
massive thank you to Chef Gigg. (speaking in foreign language) And always great to hang
out with Pe Tan and Pe Tape. I’ll have their links in
the description box below. Check them all out. And this restaurant is
open until 2:00 a.m., so you can come here. This is a late-night Bangkok restaurant. They have a nice indoor
section as well with A/C, but we chose to sit outside
’cause it’s not too hot today. Thank you all very much
for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below,
I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re not already
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the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching. Good night from Bangkok. See you on the next video.


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