The King and Gold Coins | English World Folk Tales | Fairy Tales for Kids

The King and Gold Coins | English World Folk Tales | Fairy Tales for Kids

Long, long ago, before our grandfathers’ and great-grandfathers’ time, there lived a great king who ruled Andhra. The king was so kind and generous to everyone, and the king’s rule was a golden age in the history. But, the king, never believed in the existence of God. One day, two men walked in the king’s court, Accept our humble greetings, your highness. Greetings, greetings, who are you? I am Acharya, and he is my brother Athreya. So, what can I do for you, my people? The highness has to pardon us, for we aren’t the natives. We’re traders of the neighboring country, and we have lost everything on a single trade We have heard about your generosity. And, we believe you could be our savior. Do not utter another word. Soldiers, offer the loving people, ten thousand gold coins each. So did the soldiers. The king provides when nobody does. The God provides when nobody does. The God provides when nobody does! The God provides when nobody does! The king kept hearing Athreya even after he left, and became angry. The king decided to test Athreya’s belief. Soldiers, place a bag of gold, in the abandoned road, behind the castle. Ask those men to meet me at the end of the road. Acharya should walk first so that he can find the gold, before Athreya. Let Athreya understand that it is my order that provides, not the God. So did the soldiers. What a calm road! I can walk, even with my eyes closed. Acharya walked with his eyes closed and crossed the bag of gold. But, Athreya who walked behind found the gold bag. The king was so surprised that it happened. No, this shouldn’t have happened, that should be his luck. Let me test again, for one last time. King offered Acharya a pumpkin filled with gems and asked him to take it home. The next day, Acharya, did you find anything in that pumpkin that I gave? Your highness, I sold that pumpkin to a vegetable vendor on the way home, for a few coppers. But, your highness, I bought a pumpkin yesterday from a vegetable vendor. And, the pumpkin was full of precious gems. The God provided me, not once, but twice At that time, the king lost his pride and understood the existence of God. Yes, yes, the God provides. Kids, what have you learned from the story? The king in the story, though he was so kind and generous, he failed to understand the existence of God, and by the end, he realizes that nothing happens because of him, but God.

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