The Legend Of Yamashita’s Gold | Gold | Real Vision™

The Legend Of Yamashita’s Gold | Gold | Real Vision™

The legend of Yamashita’s gold has endured
for over 70 years, and to this day, attracts treasure hunters
from all over the world who journey to the Philippines to search for billions of dollars
supposedly looted from all over Southeast Asia by General Tomoyuki
Yamashita, the notorious Tiger of Malaya. Yamashita’s army stole gold from bank vaults,
depositories, and commercial premises as he cut a swathe
through Asia, with the Japanese government intent on using their ill-gotten gains to
finance their expanding war effort. The gold reached the Philippines on its way
to Singapore from where it was to be shipped to Japan, but with the war in the
Pacific escalating and the US Navy in the ascendant, it became
impossible to move the gold. Instead, it was supposedly hidden somewhere
deep in the Philippine jungle. Many of those who knew the location of the
hidden treasure were killed during the war, and Yamashita
himself was executed for war crimes in February of 1946 without giving up the whereabouts
of the eponymous stash.In the intervening 70 years,
hundreds of fortune hunters have sought Yamashita’s gold. A treasure hunter
named Rogelio Roxas filed a lawsuit in Hawaii against former Philippine President Ferdinand
Marcos, who he accused of stealing the gold. But even that has failed to stop adventureers
applying to the National Museum of the Philippines for a treasurer
hunter’s permit. Roxas’ lawsuit resulted in what was then the
largest ever award made by court– $40.5 billion, including
damages. However, the amount was reduced on appeal
to just $13 million. Roxas, however, died
mysteriously on the eve of the trial, and so never saw his treasure hunt come to its
conclusion. The lawsuit
concluded the Roxas found a treasure, but that the treasure in question may not have
been that of Yamashita, a technicality which has been enough
to maintain a steady stream of would-be Indiana Joneses heading for Manila.


  1. Humans are smart: We uncover gold, only to dig it in some place else. Very smart species indeed. Our future shall be bright.

  2. By the way.. that was some real financial news (cough not cough). Let's hear somezhing refreshing: Impending Euro doom through Brexit and or with Italy, maybe the USA decides to join the default club, too this time. Who knows, speculation is fun as hell.

  3. By the way: Maybe if USA joins the party Japan says: Wait for me! Me too! Now, that would be a hell of a paety, the world hasn't seen before. Let's get the firewoks ready.

  4. NOPE it was found, and stolen by rogue CIA/SOS agents, most likely smuggled into banks via fake gold mines, here is more

  5. Interesting report. You can check out more of the wild adventure the Yamashita treasure is in my two historical novels Steel's Treasure and Steel's Gold. Available on Amazon. Set in the 1980's about an U.S. Intelligence officer stationed in the Philippines and his quest for lost WW II treasure.

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