The Malm Ventless Copper Fireplace

The Malm Ventless Copper Fireplace

Bill Blass blue jeans, flattop haircuts, ponytails and poodle skirts, were all the rage. Iconic forms from designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, we’re taking over our living rooms. In the midst of this design revolution at the Malm workshop in Santa Rosa, California, workers began manufacturing fireplaces during their off time. Shortly, what was once just a weekend hobby, developed into a full-fledged business. It took some years, but then, what was once considered retro became retro-cool. Even branded as modern chic. Today the same Malm fireplaces can be found in iconic modern spaces worldwide. Lumina products introduces a truly modern take on a mid-century modern classic. The Malm ventless fireplace. Built in cooperation with Malm, using original molds and forms to ensure authenticity while providing a safer, ventless, fireplace experience . Malm ventless fireplaces are easy to install as they require no venting and no gas lines. These ventless fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere you desire a fire feature. Malm ventless fireplaces use a revolutionary new fuel developed by Lumina products. Super Biofuel. Due to its high flash point, this fuel is considered non-flammable at room temperature. Making it the safest fireplace fuel on the market.

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