The Maverick Minute: Chancellor Gold chats with Shizuoka University alumni Hilary Richards

The Maverick Minute: Chancellor Gold chats with Shizuoka University alumni Hilary Richards

Hello, I’m Jeff Gold, thank you so much for joining us today for this very special Maverick Minute. I’m speaking to you from Shizuoka, Japan, and my guest today is a young lady named Hilary Richards, and Hilary is a student who was recently graduated from Shizuoka University here in Japan, but did a significant amount of her educational programs in Omaha, Nebraska and actually studied at UNO. Hilary, thanks so much for joining us today. So I’m interested, and I’m sure audience is interested, is you’re a student here at Shizuoka and you decided to spend some time, a significant amount of time in Omaha, Nebraska, and study at UNO. Why did you want to do that? The reason why I chose UNO was my friend from UNO. When I entered into Shizuoka University, I met one lady Her name was Danielle and she talked about UNO and also about Omaha. She taught me that people living in Omaha were very kind and the education at UNO is very… How can I say, wonderful? I like that word wonderful. So at the time, I got to know about Omaha and decided to go to Omaha, but I had to pass the exam for to get into UNO. So I studied a lot. Was this a English proficiency type of exam? Yes. And what was your degree in? What did you major in when you were in college? My major was English Education. So you came to UNO with a large number of expectations about the community, about the university, and what was your experience like? Did you enjoy it? And where your expectations met? Yeah, I really enjoyed not only studying in class, but also joining some local communities. I visited some homeless shelter to support people who in Omaha and also in that community… other UNO students also helped that community. And also visited local school to teach Japanese culture. So not only knowledge from class. I got to know many people from local communities and that was a very good experience for me. So in your recent comments at the 40th anniversary celebration, you said that your experience in Nebraska broadened your way of thinking. And I was really taken with that and maybe you could take a minute and just repeat for our audience today What do you mean by that when you say it made you think more broadly, the way you viewed the world? Yes, so because, as I said, my major was English Education at the university, I focused on studying about language itself but after I went to UNO, I took classes about geography religions. sociology, and also public health. The information from the class were very new for me and My viewpoint was… got wider. Sure. Yeah, so my perspective became more global at the time. What year did you graduate? When did you graduate from Shizuoka? When? Yes, how long ago? Last year. Last year. And you’re working now? Is that right? Yeah, I’m working for travel company. And do you think that the background that you had at UNO and it Shizuoka was was helpful? So because I studied at UNO, I wanted to help young people. So now in my current career, I help younger students, especially university students, also high school students. Who want to have an international experience? Yes, exactly and also I’m organizing corporate trips, especially domestic corporate trips, so I want to travel. I want to travel… to go to many places in the wider world. Sure Yeah. Well, it’s really great to have you with us today. I want to thank you for your comments at our 40th anniversary celebration here. I wish you the very best in your career. I understand you recently married. Congratulations, on that as well and thanks for being with us today. And thank you for being with us today on this Maverick Minute.

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