The Morning Show — Official Teaser Trailer | Apple TV+

The Morning Show — Official Teaser Trailer | Apple TV+

( music playing ) Alex: Good morning. I’m bringing you some sad
and upsetting news. – First and foremost…
– Mitch: I am a journalist. I can feel when
the world needs me. Alex: Because guess what.
America loves me. Bradley: I’m just here
to deliver the news to America. That’s– that’s
all I ever wanted to do. Cory:
People get their horrible news delivered to the palm of their hand. Alex: Don’t you ever
question my integrity in my own house again. Mitch: I feel that people
are screaming for an honest conversation. Alex: I can guarantee that you
are underestimating me. Bradley: I– I think they want to know
the person behind the facade. – Mitch: I have to fight back.
– Alex: You’re not listening! – Bradley: I push. It’s just in my nature.
– Alex: You are part of this family. – Alex: I don’t need to justify anything.
– Bradley: And they all want to be right, – and they all want to win.
– Cory: Well, that’s just the world it is. – Alex: We are doing this my way.
– Bradley: I think they want to trust that the person is telling them
the truth about the world is an honest person.

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