The most cost effective way to separate Copper from Zinc pennies

The most cost effective way to separate Copper from Zinc pennies

okay so clearly I have a love of all
things metal love for Jean they love shaping
anything I can think of but lately I’ve seen these videos where people use a
blowtorch our modern pennies to separate the zinc from the copper here’s my big
question why now I totally understand this as a basically a science
demonstration that’s cool you do it three or four times maybe just to show
the difference in that melt temperatures in combined metals but there’s a
practical scrap technique it really makes no sense to me now I have a
slightly better torch than this guy will do it in about about about 10 seconds
this guy with his torch takes about 15 okay so let’s say best-case scenario I
can do six pennies every mint that means to get one pound of copper it would take
basically almost 20 hours and 59 dollars and 40 cents to get one pound of copper
and about 30 pounds of zinc that would retail today’s market anywhere from $45
to $65 – the 50 bucks you’re going to blow in gas so of course when talking to
people about this to just ask me do you have a better way yep that’s a flower sister in a coal
Forge yep that’s it it’s a five-minute shaken bake anywhere from above 700
degrees Fahrenheit to about 1900 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll can manage to melt
the zinc but not the copper and just so you know I do provide a link right here
just to show you guys how to actually build this thing in case you want to try
something that is cost-effective people vote like lemon thief


  1. hey how would i get gold away from copper then? gold melts 1200deg c while gold is 2000 deg c, and yet i hear people are using zinc to collect silver, and copper to collect gold, do i burn the copper and watch the gold drop out like your zinc drops out? is it a atomic weight thing? that i must use?

  2. It's funny how in America it's still illegal to melt down nickels and pennies for their content, yet so many people don't give a shit.

  3. The reason they prolly don’t do it for money is because it’s illegal to deface US currency for fraudulent reasons or something like that lol, I don’t remember exactly what it said but basically if it makes you money, then it’s illegal.

  4. Here is a big question. WHY does your mouth make such a disgusting sound. It sounds like your mouth is coated in cum. Fucking nasty

  5. There isn’t enough copper in a zinc penny to make this profitable, you’re losing money. If you need copper buy copper. And I don’t know where you get your numbers. A pound of copper is about $3 and a pound zinc is about $1.

  6. How would you separate the copper and zinc from old pennies.

    For example 97% copper 2.5% zinc 0.5% tin from the bronze alloy into just copper.

    It seems it can't be done with heat but possibly through a hydrochloric acid process.

    I was wondering if you had any knowledge/experience on this issue.

  7. Love it when a 2 minute video helps many people save their time and money. I don't scrap for money, not anymore anyway (college, yada yada) – but I hate taking things to a dump and having to pay THEM money, so I scrap things to make a few dollars to pay for my gas. Still not practical when I could be working a cash job – but what can I say, I get bored.

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