The Myth of GOLD pricing. The real price of GOLD!

The Myth of GOLD pricing. The real price of GOLD!

Hey Everybody, this is Mike Dalcoe, the CEO
with Karatbars International. That CEO stands for Continuously Empowering Others. NO, I’m
not (chuckle) the owner of the company. Somebody actually asked me that once before. That was
actually a compliment. I had to do a little pre-video for a video that’s gonna follow
this clip, about the myth of gold pricing. Folks, this is the biggest myth in the world.
The wealthy understand this. The poor and middle class kinda don’t because they don’t
really understand what gold is about. Sometimes people say, “What’s the price of the gold?”
There’s no such thing as a price for gold. Now, I know before you shoot me down and turn
off the video, hear me out. Gold is MONEY and gold is worth whatever the person who
is receiving it, is willing to exchange it for. Case and proof, this watch. You’re gonna
watch this video in real time, where I was able to get this $250 watch for 1 gram of
gold at today’s MARKET price of 50 or 60 bucks! People will accept gold based on the value
they perceive gold to have. There’s no such thing as a PRICE for gold! Now, had I bought
this watch cash, I would have had to give them two hundred and fifty dollars in paper
money. But, because I have gold, I gave them 1 gram of gold. That 1 gram of gold is in
a Pope John Paul card, collector card with Karatbars International. Because I had this
one gram of gold, I was able to exchange for a two hundred and fifty dollar watch! Watch
this video… Hey Everybody, this is Mike Dalcoe, the CEO,
with Karatbars International. I’m here in the Shirin Jewelers in South Lake Mall. I saw
this amazing watch. Take a look at this. Amazing watch and I LOVE it. So, I talked to the proprietors
here at the jewelry store and I offered them a 1 gram Karatbar. And these, in …these
individuals are from India. They truly understand the value of gold. We here in America, I don’t
know what it is about us (chuckle) but, we truly don’t get it. Sir, what’s your name?
Emmit. Emmit? And uh, my my business partner here is Yasmine? And so, I showed them the
Karatbar and of course, because their National uh culture, they really understand gold. They
got fired up about the gold. So, they were willing to exchange, how much is this watch
Emmit? (Emmit: I don’t know, I, I, I don’t know) What’s the price of the watch? Yasmine,
what’s the price of the watch? Two fifty. Two hundred and fifty dollars for the watch.
They did accept the Karatbar because, and I really feel bad about giving it up because
gold increases in value over time but, they’re smart enough to understand the true value
that they accept gold in exchange for a watch. They’re going to be looking at becoming a
K-Exchange so, Karatbars family members, this is the place to be! Shirin Jewelers with Yasmine
and your name again? Emmit. And Emmit. You guys have a great day.


  1. i want to believe you but u dont show the watch very well plus u dont say the brand or model i seen $30 watches that look like that…but i could be wrong

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