hello everyone welcome back to my
channel it is Kiki Tan here and today we’re going to be doing a skincare video
so I’m going to be reviewing the ordinary buffet plus copper peptides 1%
and I’m also going to be comparing it to a similar product by niod which is the
copper amino isolate serum 1% which is also known as CAIS this is a new product
from deciem and it is from the ordinary brand so it just comes in a white box
like this as all their products do ok and you open up the box and it comes in
the darker bottle and it just comes with the dropper and this is 30ml so this
retails for $28.90 Canadian for the 30ml so the darker packaging means that
this is sensitive to UV so you want to keep it out of the Sun I’ll just show
you now because of the copper peptides it will have a blue color this is a less
expensive version I guess of niod CAIS2 and this is what the NIOD one looks
like this is a smaller bottle this is the 15ml but just to compare the
prices the 30ml of this cost 90 Canadian dollars so I guess this one is 3
times more expensive than the ordinary ones so you’re already getting a better
deal with the ordinary one so NIOD is their higher end brand so it
only makes sense that maybe the ingredients are a little bit better
which is why it’s more expensive so the ordinary already has a product called
the Buffet and it comes in a bottle like this
the clear one which means it’s not sensitive to Sun and this is basically
good for anti-aging so prevention of wrinkles it’s good for surface hydration
fine lines wrinkles dynamic lines and textural irregularities so this one is
roughly half the price I think it’s around thirteen twelve dollars I’ll put
the price up here and so they came out with the same thing but this contains
the copper peptides which is why it is blue so this is good for basically all
the same things so if you look on the box
this says that it’s also good for surface hydration fine lines wrinkles
dynamic lines and textural irregularities so on the box it states
that they both do the same thing the copper peptides are unique in the way
that they heal and repair your skin they help produce collagen and elastin so
they make your skin more plump and it’s also good for anti-inflammation so I’ve
been using this product for a while I actually recently just finished my
bottle of the CAIS2 and this one was fantastic it really worked well and it
actually helps get rid of my I guess breakouts which is why I was using it so
this one is a much more vivid blue which is a big difference to me and just the
color this one is more vivid and it’s also more runny in texture so this one
is more like water whereas the buffet plus copper peptides 1% is more of a gel
consistency so personally I like the watery texture better I just like the
feel of it on my skin this one it can be a little bit
sticky but if you’re applying just a few drops on your face you’ll be okay so in
terms of effectiveness I’ve definitely found that the NIOD one is more
effective on my skin personally it helps clear up my breakouts which is what I’ve
been using it for and then recently I started using the buffet plus copper
peptides 1% and I found that it doesn’t help clear my breakouts it might just be
a certain ingredient that’s in here or maybe a certain ingredients that is
missing that is in the NIOD but not in the ordinary one but in terms of hydration
and fine lines I feel like this is definitely a great option it’s
definitely a great option for anti aging if that’s what you’re looking for if
you’re looking to plump and hydrate the skin this is definitely a great option
and it is a fraction of the price of the NIOD one at the end of the day if I had
to choose one I would definitely choose the CAIS2 from NIOD the more
expensive one and I know it sounds ridiculous because it is more expensive
but to me my skin just sees more of a benefit when I use it versus this one
now don’t get me wrong this is definitely a great product but it’s not
my favorite product I would recommend this if you’re trying to hydrate and
plump your skin and if you’re looking into anti-aging I definitely think it’s
a great price for what you’re getting the copper peptides are super expensive
which is why this product has a little bit of a higher price tag compared to
all the other ordinary products this one is the most expensive one but it is the
ingredients that you’re paying for and this brand ordinary is known to have the
most affordable skin care so just know that if the price is a little bit higher
that just means any other skincare brand that you’re
looking at is going to be even more expensive so this has an expiry of six
months so it’s good for six months and that goes for the NIOD one as well I
would recommend this product but again as I said the NIOD one is my preference
for the price and everything and the amount that you get I think that’s
incredible the 15ml is $60 one more Pro actually about the ordinary one is
that you don’t have to mix it everything comes in one bottle like this whereas
when you get the NIOD one you actually get two little vials about this size and
you have to mix it together on your own it comes with an activator I guess to
activate the peptides so that is one thing to note yeah I hope you guys found
this video helpful if you have any questions then please let me know down
below I’m always happy to answer your questions and as usual guys thank you so
much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs
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