The Origin of the Moscow Mule & Copper Mug

The Origin of the Moscow Mule & Copper Mug

It’s something that is extremely special
to me. The Moscow Mule was invented in this mug. Step back in time to Russia, Sophie Berezinski
who is my great grandmother. Her father had a copper factory she would come in when she
was a little girl, and she just loved being around her dad. They started creating copper
mugs. Over the years, they made thousands of these copper mugs. Sophie immigrated over
to the United States. She had them shipped over to America with her. 1941, Jack Morgan
was the owner of the Cock ’N’ Bull Pub on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
Jack had a passion for home brewing, so he made his own ginger beer at the Cock ’N’
Bull. Americans didn’t drink ginger beer, they drank ginger ale. So Jack Morgan had
loads of this ginger beer and had no idea of what to do with it. John Martin is a regular,
he just acquired a vodka company, Smirnoff Vodka. Vodka was not popular in America whatsoever
at this time, and he was trying to figure out how am I going to make vodka a staple
in this country. Sophie here, she was bound and determined to find a way to do something
with these mugs, here in America. Her husband is saying, I’ve got two thousand of these
copper mugs filling up our house. She’s going around door to door looking for people,
that may have an interest in these mugs. So on this particular day in 1941, John and Jack
are sitting around the Cock ’N’ Bull trying to figure out how the ginger beer and vodka
can go together. In comes Grandma Sophie, real out going personality and bubbly. “You
guys are trying to put this drink together, I’ve got these copper mugs, let’s put
the three together and make a cocktail out of it, that American will love”. I can only
image how many rounds of cocktails these three went through sitting at the table there. The
Moscow Mule was born: 1 part vodka, 2 parts ginger beer and a squeeze of lime. I wanted
to take after what Sophie had done, back in 1941. Relaunch the brand, 75 years later for
Grandma Sophie, for the lineage, for just to keep that tradition intact. I brought back
the Moscow Copper Co. It had to be something that Grandma Sophie would be proud of.


  1. While watching an episode of Better Call Saul a character ordered a drink served in a copper mug. I didn't catch the name of the drink. I stumbled onto something on Pinterest thinking, "That's the drink!"
    What a wonderful history & beautiful copper mugs. Congratulations.

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