The Penderyn Distillery Gold Range

The Penderyn Distillery Gold Range

So my name is Laura Davis, I’m distillery
manager at Penderyn distillery. Day to day, my day is spent making sure
that the kit that we’ve got here at the distillery runs safely and efficiently,
and works it’s very best to make that award-winning new make spirit that goes on
to produce our single malt Welsh whisky. So here at Penderyn we’ve got
our two Farraday stills, quite unique in the industry, and they allow us to
produce spirit that’s drawn off the stills between the 89 and 92%
alcohol by volume. These give us a very high strength, very pure, very soft
alcohol, lots of fruity notes, really really juicy sort of flavour to that. That allows us to to cask that spirit and allows the influence of the casks to work really well with the spirit quality. We’ve also got our pot stills,
they were introduced a couple of years ago, and they’re still very much a
the new addition for us but our spirits from our pot stills is very
different to that coming from our Penderyn stills. It’s a lot heavier, a lot more traditional a sign of a pot still
spirit, but still very light in pot still spirit terms. It’s very fruity,
very fresh, but perhaps with a little bit more body than you’d get from
the Penderyn stills. We’ve got our Gold range here, so the flagship product, our signature product in this Gold range is our Penderyn Madeira finish. This is the Penderyn that if you ask anybody around the world, this is what they know, this is what they recognise as being unmistakeably Penderyn. It’s made using
ex-bourbon barrels from America, the spirit has been put into those casks, then after spending a period of time
maturing in there, that spirit is then transferred into Madeira wine casks for
finishing. It gives us this lovely golden colour that we’ve got here, and a lovely
creamy toffee sort of nose, lots of raisins in there, lots of Christmas
pudding. In the taste then it’s quite dry, quite sweet, we’ve got quite a lot of fresh green apples but it’s it’s very sort of
caramelised, very soft, very smooth. The signature style of Penderyn is a very soft, very smooth delicate whisky. Next in our range then,
we’ve got the Sherry Wood Edition. So this is produced using ex-sherry barrels,
so you can see that we’ve got a lot darker colour in here, that’s leaves
the influence of the sherry cask in there. This gives it a little bit more
bite on the flavour, on the taste. A lot of dark fruits in there, dark
berries, it’s a lot more of a winter sort of flavour. A lot of those toasting notes,
a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, but again very creamy and very unmistakably
Penderyn. We’ve then got our Penderyn peated expression. Now this is a little bit different to what you might be used to with anywhere else. So at Penderyn we don’t use a peated barley, we use a peated cask maturation,
so the level of peat on here is is very soft, it’s very subtle.
It’s a great introduction for anybody who’s maybe quite new to whisky or
who really doesn’t like that really intense peat sort of flavour. It’s quite grassy, quite floral, we’ve got quite a lot of citrus fruits in there, but again
unmistakably Penderyn. A lot of cleanliness a very very smooth. I find that this one works really
well with a little drop of water just to open it up,
just to get those really floral notes in there. We’ve then got our Rich Oak expression.
This is produced using barrels that have been very heavily charred, very heavily
toasted. It’s given us quite an intense depth of flavour. Also as you can see,
if you compare it to the rest of the range you get quite a dark colour in there. This gives you quite a lot of nutty, woody sort of notes, a lot of the caramelised notes,
coffee, red wine sort of notes in there. It’s a very deep sort of flavour compared to the rest of the range. Lovely mouthfeel on there, a
little bit dryer in the mouth. Finally then, we’ve got our Penderyn Port Wood Edition. Easily the favourite in the range,
and definitely my favourite. This is produced using Port wine casks , you can
see it’s got that lovely deep colour much like the rich oak there. This one has definitely got a lot in the way of mouthfeel, you’ve got that lovely sugary
sweetness in there, and a little bit dry in the taste but you definitely can feel
the texture of it in your mouth. A lot of perhaps strawberry, dark
chocolate, cocoa in this one, but still with that slight
woodenness that you’d expect.

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