The Price of Silver (Dungeons and Dragons 5e: The Eternal Storm)

Oh Welcome to the eternal storm and This is gonna be the first uploaded video of this because Technical problems are fun am I right Endlessly I’ll have a link to everything that’s happened in the description if you guys are looking for it And I might make a video or something that kind of goes over it but in the last session There was a an encounter with spirits trapped in a scarecrow Made by a had coven that had attacked the party after killing an elven priest and his wife while they were in a church And after a party defeated them they decided to return to town as Morgan wanted to get the supplies necessary to get his familiar back after the tragic death of Nicodemus And Novak it was not here today, but will be joining us in the next session I believe just decided to drink all day everyday and that refuses to get up because he Still drunk from last night And if a warlock might have been traveling if a party had to leave because of troubles in his homeland In fact it was considered feral rumors of it being the most devastating attacked ever hit fayliss Of course that we have a new player today barrel And I’ll go ahead and get everything started Oh As you guys are sitting around just yesh and Morgan are currently kind of at the bar waiting for captain Morgan’s reinforcements And you guys here a kind of a gentle knock at the door, and then you see the door kind of bust wide open as a rather large robot walks into the bar You’ve been just kind of tilts his head looks around and a spot to you you hear like a some steam releasing from him as Just like 8-foot. Tall robot gingerly walks towards you try not to hit any tables and He’s followed by a familiar face in the form of Mason. Who is the ship’s doctor? You also kind of stumbles behind the robot gesture And then behind them Cheryl you can go ahead and do your entrance Would you like to do this Vesper walks in behind the ship’s doctor Looking around I’m feeling right at home in a tavern and Very intrigued by why she has been brought here As you guys do you you see a tea flowing following behind and Following the doctor she kind of lays their eyes upon you guys And everybody just kind of sitting a bit awkwardly for a moment Mason says uh well Here, sorry about the wait traveling with gesture is not an easy task Ever This craps gonna be easy And standard is I’m sitting at the table kind of organizing herbs and charcoal and in the right measurements of them getting ready to prepare my ritual shortly Go ahead and subtract Tim gold from your wallet because you had to go buy everything You got C Morgan prepare to bring a Nicodemus back, and you can go ahead and do that cuz everybody just gotta silently watches I Take the charcoal grounded down and I kind of dust it around the Senate with the bottom of the bowl And I take the herbs and I’m lighting them in bunches letting them kind of Simmer and smolder there before I add it to the bowl and mix it in with the charcoal it smells Somewhat pleasant and somewhat at the same time pleasant and disgusting because just the clash of the different herbs My pans start, glowing with like our King aura Over the bowl as a kind of dude magical gestures around it the contents of the bowl start shaping itself along with my chest right and movements I Open my hand my hands palm wide their palms up and my eyes Fade white like they normally do when I take over Nicodemus and The mole starts to rise up and form itself into this hard like shell My eyes fade back to normal and I look at it for a second and Kind of like a baby bird being hatched you see like A caustic stick out through the shell and then a feather and finally Nicodemus was kind of like bursts out of it Shaking the debris off of him Oh my you guys here a triumphant hoot as Nicodemus returns So Morgan I have a question for you is this is the same. This is a new bird. You just got yourself No, this is the same, this is the same bird that got left out by the the ghost thing yes, it’s It’s hard to explain essentially I’m pulling the spirit of this familiar From another plane whenever he’s destroyed in this world. He returns to his plane, and I have to reach some of them I read some of the spirit. I just choose the shape He prefers an owl don’t ask me how I know I just know But I could transform him into anything that suits our needs Just so happens an owl is also very handy That is amazing I must say absolutely amazing hello Nicodemus welcome back I Suppose wasn’t really paying attention to the words that they were talking, but she saw the Bird appear out of thin air and starts applauding and saying oh so great. Oh, so marvelous. Are you a magician? Um you could say that I’m looking at her kind of confused like are you serious? Mason is making a very similar expression on the other side of her I’m gonna pull out a small. It’s a dead mouse and Leia it make Adiemus a speak for him to feast on As I kind of pet him walking him back You see him kind of look at you for a second Morgan and just kind of look at everybody else this flies over grabs a fork ABS the mouth of it and Just uses his claws to like maneuver for pork into his mouth and start eating it That is a very cool trick I have never in my life seen that before my god How does he do it? And why Nicodemus just continues to kind of hoot gesh is just enthralled by this display of Uh what would you call it dexterity by the height of the owl? Familiars are more intelligent than regular beasts He’s able to he’s capable of doing a lot more than just your regular owl That’s really cool As everybody’s kind of marveling over the bird who eventually goes to sit on jesters head because it’s the largest thing in the room Mason looks too young he says so organs Yes What are we dealing with exactly Well There are some Old ladies and They have mystical powers magic basically and They are controlling this tribe of dudes and these are not nice dudes and We have to go and Basically take over the tribe and then we’re gonna kill the old ladies and somewhere in the middle There should be a win stone for us to Take and use I guess maybe hopefully we pray Morgan Morgan is looking at cash kind of like a blank expression Not that he didn’t expect this level From him. It’s like he’s At a loss for words and at this moment Jeff just turns to Morgan and goes it’s the gist of it, right An Extremely basic gist yes Mason just kind of face balls for a second Over to Mason there is a coven of hags. Led by a night hag They’re the ones who commit who are trying to get the Winstone Are essentially using the wind serpent tribe as Their pawns I’m not sure if the wind tribe still has the stone, or if they’ve already given it over to the Night hags, but these hags together are very powerful they can control the wildlife they command the native tribes in an almost zealous fashion So Our best bet is to see if we can coerce the tribal people To join our side we actually have the body of one of the hags on us Use that as a bargaining chip Do your creepy thing I Am the dead body this is science even just whatever you say and gesture just looks around just like what the fuck and just Decides to stay where you at cuz Morgan Morgan snica Dimas is already on top of them You guys are just less with left with Vespers So who are you exactly? Miss miss. Yeah, I Invest furs Does Vespers do a thing Whispers to as many things I am An entertainer of sorts I share my voice with the world to make it a better place There’s a there’s a sudden shiver down Morgan’s neck as She mentions the voice He has a flashback of the other night kinda shakes it off You know any like battle songs Some what I don’t know you can make it What kind of song would you like I want a battle song I want to fight something You because cookin Taps her temple Hmm, which one would be appropriate let’s think Guess just waits intently And Vespers breaks out and uh This is a fight song Take Back my life song prove I’m alright song Wonderful, I don’t know you need to make the performance check how you walk wit with advantage You find it on my show you me as okay Right under folk section I was setting up the toggle sorry give me a cab good no rush Oh yeah, that was absolutely amazing you’re perfect at this Thank you, I thought so too I like her. What do you think Morgan? And chokes his hand are you capable in a fight? I don’t know. I don’t remember ever fighting before, but I’m sure I would be marvelous at it Well I’m not trying to be a downer of the group but Had to face a good deal of trials since we started on this little quest and Some of it’s not for the faint of heart Relax organ trust me. It’s fine. She’ll sing the songs. We’ll do the fighting Perfect every time guaranteed I Like him. He’s optimistic. I don’t know about fighting. I’m sure I would be Absolutely wonderful at it I Don’t remember much except for sand in my face and singing so yeah Sand in your face. Do you come from a beach? Yes, it was like kind of where I was born, I think I don’t know, but it was like I Woke up with this elf guy singing over me and he said they were Vespers But I don’t know what they were but anyhow he was singing over me and brought me back to life And they had blood running down. I don’t remember much before that But that’s why I got my name from and decided that it was so beautiful I needed to sing for the rest of my life, and I just seem to have a talent for it so yeah So you’ve died that’s kind of cool Ever died you didn’t say Varied look very some very worried patrons are looking around to you guys now The song got very attention, but it’s just like oh so you’ve died So Morgan is going to the this next sentence. He’s going to say in Elven just because she mentioned it so How did you make it to art? Often I kind of look at them and What is he saying I have no idea I Shake my head and kind of just dismiss it back to comedy never What best first notice the other people in the tavern like looking at us funny. Oh yeah A mage a tea fling a giant robot in an owl eating a mouse with a fork you guys are incredibly noticeable can vespers like kinda just turn and smile and wave at him like hi a Very confused half drunk patron wave back I like people You guys here slowly as a Nicodemus continues to just kind of to the mouth So shall we see what the creepy doctor is found out after fiddling with the dead body He’s even done yet Can’t hurt find out. Do you think fest first would work on him? I mean like not me vest first bit like the Beast vespers stuff I Don’t know it’s a possibility, I guess Know what the Vespers are the best words are basically just kind of holy songs The best way to describe that Morgan you’re the smart one of the group Guys yeah the reason I just told you about that knowledge check it just cuz keen mind Okay, well, I I grew up with clerics. Oh, and I do Okay So the guy’s an expert exit the tavern Jesters able to squeeze himself through the door somehow And you guys walk about over here to the stables You Where you see gesture comes in behind you you see Mason kind of over here Working This kind of bigs naming of a body at this point He hasn’t like he’s he under be kind of understands what you guys like playing is with it So he’s not to cut into or anything But he’s just looking to see what’s up. He says He looks to you guys nice as a this is one ugly beast you got there You’re telling me you should have seen on she was alive I Don’t think I would like to do that Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky Yes, three more where that came from You guys see you guys watch him Take out a small dagger and tried to get into the flesh and like barely getting any headway he’s doing it not like a very inconspicuous way as to not be like a Not just show bet he’s like cut. He’s not like cutting her up. He’s just kind of trying to see if it cuts and after him just kind of Retching it for a while a small Cutting something bigger than that she’s a tough one he pulls out a smaller dagger That appears to be made out of a different metal, and he just makes it a pretty easy cut or smaller I guess What I thought hag’s are their food creatures Argonaut Yes Your everyday metals do not work on them however silver makes them pretty vulnerable You’ve been kind of flashes the dagger up and you guys see traces of silver on the edges – you sent your Slave to the blacksmith before we left last time right yes, I did Before we go again. Let’s see if he’ll and bid your Glade with some silver ooh. That’s a good idea I Like that then I can really cut them up ah yes Over at wrestler are you on or did you just say I? Have weapons, I pull out my rapier and kind of slash around Awaiting people are the makeup performance check. Yeah, yeah, this is kind of thing as performance It’s just to show them how proficient you are of a rapier Natural one oh My goodness rapier and Just with unparalleled an agility and skill Makes a few slices into the air You can see you could used to where you can see like the air move where she’s cutting it And then she just slowly puts the rapier back into its sheath You might see what getting yours and that it as well What that means, but I’m good that sounds fun you can trust him he’s pretty smart Guys he says um you know if you guys could just provide me with some silver I could easily do that as well all right Yeah, and just point stupid giant robot he says I made that surely I can enhance your weapons of silver You made him he’s huge. Yes. He is very large Take off so cool, can you make me a friend? Yes Can I inspect him and I want to see Make it investigation check or are you investigating him or Mason? gesture His jester hat kinda jingles as he looks at you 26 Cool, I want to sir. He’s really well-made he appears to be powered by a kind of a magic stone of some kind I’ll say your keen mind tells you that it’s the more 200 in stone, but electricity He appears to be made out of a kind of some clockwork components Ah It doesn’t really appear that he has like a It’s like human like human intelligence He appears to be more like an AI just the way he acts Like I whatever he’s standing still be Dipel. He doesn’t look at things kind of like scanning them This is very remarkable I assumed it was just a copier the leaf of the war Forge from hazel hein, but this is something completely different Yes Or force or not some things I can create There he kind of looks a little nervous he says or four different Grading well, it’s fine to create an AI like gesture Creating he kind of searches for words Creating life room metal is a different matter entirely Is a but I curated him so it protects me when I’m on the field He is via Justin justice and dowing super fret engagement robot gesture Chester that’s why he wears the hat isn’t it, I don’t know why he wears the Hat Oh I’m kind of check out his I’m just messing with You captain Horgan bought it for him as a joke Okay Yes, yes, there’s a very loyal companion, but his fists are not silver But I don’t think it’ll matter if he’s able to get a grip on those eggs was it Yes Did you not silver his hands to if you can do our weapons can’t use silver him what if we dip them in silver? But it would be a lot of silver. That’s fair I Mean I could speckle it with silver but in order to it would take a couple days to Modify him like the way. He’s built. He’s not supposed to be attached very easily Metal can be melted, but I’d prefer not to melt my robot Very well shall we go get some silver then fellas and lady You could swear I was offended as it was not mentioned But uh you guys travel down to the blacksmith you see that old dwarf again He says Oh Have you come back for more? Yes, we have sir how much silver do you have You see him kind of come for some sheets He just kind of starts laughing and sterically and puts on a straight face Zero Didn’t you guys hear about what happened? With the silver mines to the north So how much none For real he says We were just informed vissa this morning that they weren’t able to send her latest shipment Something about pirates at the mine What about silver weapons do you have any silver weapons anything we can like melt He looks around he says this isn’t really a jewelry store silver it’s not a common medium FairPoint, I don’t think I’ve ever used it I pull out Small Powell containing a hundred silver piece I set it down on the counter With this work he looks at it for a moment He says well It depends how sturdy do you want your weapon to be Because we don’t need a weapon forged we just need to augment tip their weapons pointed – and the Whispers and I might need a few pinches of silver powder He’s kind of like stroking his beard He says how much how much silver silver are you willing to give Let’s do to be able to even tip a weapon, or it to be effective at all going to be a lot Um excuse me is that kind of perks up yes miss So um Vespers trends in looks at Morgan because he’s supposed to be the smart one and says I know I’m not the smart one here But because my weapon slashes more than pokes should it be just on the chip, or should it be on the edge Years would be tipped But gashes Pike and I point to the giant fucking pike on his back. That’s going to have to be all along the edge You You Mason Kapoor looks around he says it I know a bit about the missing myself Silver is a very fickle metal. It would take a lot to just Owed it and make it effective like Yeah pulls out his dagger, which is isn’t even completely silver. It’s just silver edge, and has like speck as a silver allit he says I Made this myself, and it cost me fifty gold Eggs I sigh deeply where’s this silver mine located I don’t have a map with me, but it’s to the north on the coast Kind of I’ll close my eyes and trying to picture in my head Can you describe it for me I’ve been there a couple times. It’s a quaint little place next to the mountains As From what you could tell the way he’s describing it it’d be like in this area somewhere But Guards have been worried about it all morning Moo. We get a Shipment of silver every week in fact. That’s where a lot of this silver matter turned into coins come from you Better Dave um I don’t have the full story But some pirates have about the owners, and they’re now residing in it And you’re not even from this country, I think they’re from Their Kahn For real that’s what I heard you might want to go confirm that with somebody else though I Don’t yeah dealing let’s go confirm it with them guys am I right or am I right I think what Geshe saying is we’re going high with something That sounds fun. I guess this verse turns and looks at the door for a minute I’d like to I don’t know try to convince him that someone should guide us He can’t give us a map I’m wanting to know what I need to roll to do that You don’t even need to like he he’s not really you don’t really have to persuade him in this case. He’s just kind of like Well captain loggin would know where it is He’s the head of a guard here, you just pick out the prison you Back – yes, I thought if you match the hands up to the guards regularly Oh excellent see that worked, okay. Thank you To the captain I’ll be right behind you guys Are you stating copy that talk within for a second, yeah, just for a second You guys go ahead and head up the SS gesture in Mason Good question I’m not much of a armor wear hon more of a Well, I’m the wizard So I was curious. Do you have anything in stock that I could potentially use to? I don’t know help me You need a weapon of some kind Thinking more Thinking more lines of armor. I’ve heard of enchanted bracers and the such Around for a moment as a Well it’ll it’ll cost you a pretty penny I have eaten I had to have this cloak here, and he goes to the back and pulls out vissa Purplish cloak with a bunch of runes on it Made out of some kind of strange fabric it has like a kind of a satin texture That’s a this is a what’s commonly referred to as a cloak of protection Rather expensive the home it’s hard to make these How much you look at it Golde how much 200 gold You You’re cutting out there, I just heard go 200 gold about 200 Okay I’m going ooh Place my hand around the necklace around my neck Sting guidance on myself for a moment, and I’m going to look at him, and I’m like Would there be a slight discount if I will manage to get your silver supplies back Roll persuasion 11 and roll the guidance Uhh Isn’t it. Just a d4 to that yeah 14 He says So if you he just so if you take care of a problem in the minds discount Yeah, sure I can get it to my ball if you do that You ima Best to maintain integrity So I will pay 200 now and if I manage to bring the silver back I Can come back and pick up the rest. If not you keep it. No skin off your back Work for me Hi, honey, I’m That’s 200 gold you want to go I have on my I have a my my currency split up Platinum pieces are worth two gold right? Platinum pieces are worth. I believe ten gold apiece Oh 10 gold apiece, okay, well then I dropped 20 platinum pieces on the table Yeah, Jesus, thank you. Thank you at the visa yours if you take care of that problem Anything else you want as he needs you the robe This’ll do Kind of folded up under my arm and head off to the prison All right, that is like a cloak of protection it gives you a +2 to your AC As you guys get very Mason and gesture and Vespers and Gish are all waiting for you You guys you guys go ahead and enter Going right ahead yep guys I walk in And you see ya the captain you talked to you earlier Morgan I captain loggin is sitting there kind of looking at a map of a region He says oh this is This is just dandy as I see you guys walk-in. He says Are you guys doing anything at the moment? We’ve come talk to you all right, what do you need? a map He just kind of reaches into a box and tosses you one There you go. Thank you We hear you’re having issues at your silver mine Yes Have you guys ever heard of the he kind of pulls out a wanted poster If you guys ever heard of a Garak Elmo It’s an interesting name no idea who he is best first just shakes her head now And what doesn’t ring a bell to me work pirate magic on Not really sure why he’s here but he he’s ever captured or killed everybody in the mine and Feminist group or now residing fair Doubts tell me that uh His ship has crashed They believe his Winstone went out as they were traveling past Hardin Look sadly they were blown to the coast He’s got quite the bounty on us ahead if you guys are willing to take care of it for me Absolutely, we are what’s quite a bounty 1,000 gold pieces Oh, sweet Jesus. That’s a lot of gold yes. He’s a He has Lloyd five of the Navy ships voila performing his piracy Do you know how the largest crew it Very enlarged I say um anyway from 10 to 20 fighting men All of them works They’ve got guns weapons Worried about he himself has a magic weapon of some kind, but I’m not sure I said sends a couple guards up there to check it out, but they haven’t come back yet And I can’t spare anyone else we still have to protect the town while we’re rebuilding it If you guys decide to take care of it for me not only if you get not only will you get the bounty? I’ll add an extra 200 gold because you’re doing the guards job I mean we’re not doing anything right guys like just going Still asked for drugs Yeah, we still have some preparing to do before we take on the hags so Perfect opportunity to sharpen our blades if you ask me I Like to hear Doesn’t regards will provide you guys rations considering everything you’ve done for us It’ll be about us. Maybe in maybe a four or five hour journey to get there At least twice foot before she’ll probably get there faster a horse It’s no it’s just kind of frankly you All right, I just report back to me once it’s taken care of Don’t die And I waste this aimed at you. That’s what my name of it I’ve already done that once it wasn’t very much fun You just kind of blinked at that it’s kind of dumbfounded for a second says all right sure And you guys are kind of exiting a prison as he kind of Usher’s you out because he has over stuff to deal with at the moment Yeah Well Mason gesture doesn’t say anything. He’s just a robot but Mason’s as a hmm. Is it imperative that I go with you fellows And can gesture come with us you stay Just kind of defensively like abs Chester Is that okay, I have an idea on a way to deal with the hags, but it’s gonna take some time to work on it But I I’ll be very and healing potions as they just hand you just like this a Like a small dag of random tiny little potions Yeah, I’m an alchemist at heart, I think I have something that will be able to help you guys get through Get through the hags a bit faster Can’t pass that up I need you Because uh he turns gesture around and you got Steven. He has a small alchemy like a pool of alchemy stationed inside of his bag She just like a walking house my goodness one day he will be He says that with a fierce determination he’s never had Okay, I guess you can stay I guess Is there anything else you guys would like to do before you head out Mmm. I’m going to just do my cockney detainment Cloaks would protection duty how to eat attunement excellent then no no Best persons to the doctor before they leave and Justice is this what I was supposed to be doing. I don’t know exactly why I was brought here The captain said we might need an extra hand So he wanted to see if you were any good in a fight, so he sent you with me oh Well in that case I’m sure I’ll be excellent in a fight hey, don’t remember ever doing it, but I think I’ll be great He just kind of looks at you just kind of a blank face, and he says I’m sure you’ll be fine too, and you whispers. Oh ingested Chester’s ear maker perception check You You would you don’t you don’t even notice it whispered Not very perceptive But anything else you guys would like to do I’ll stop by the Janome storages to see his restock gonna Buy how many healing potions is in Guinea? Mason hide a few a bag of just five Normal healing potions because he’s an alchemist I’ll take just one From a tree – Nope I’m getting ready you Let’s commence the killing shall we Go ahead and roll a d100 on random encounters I must something I’ll let Alec dish make that he’s probably gonna be the only taking lead on this too – all righty 46 let me check I had the land and condors on my phone All right Travel happens fairly peacefully the wildlife seem to stray away from you guys and If there’s any talk you guys would like to do while traveling you’re good So I think we need to decide on a theme song now that we have a personal band, what do you think Morgan something upbeat? Pitching in the mood that kills and that is completely up to you as long as it’s not too distracting Exactly What is this amazing noise that I hear Vespers looks around in the sky ANSYS. I don’t know where that came from that wasn’t me hmm Well Vespers. I have a challenge for you you You need to figure out a theme song for us cuz I had no idea how to do music and when I say so I want you to sing it if your heart’s content at a later date deal I will try good I like that I’m going to Now I’ll wait till you get there you go ahead and say what you want to say if you want to try something real quick I’m gonna wait to get close to To send up a Nick, but all like I said, I’ll wait till we get there Traveling I’m just gonna be quiet listening As you guys head up just kind of a it’s a well-trodden path You eventually do see the entrance of the mine Yeah, bloody marks on the outside some flood trails leading inside And Despite svet. You see no obvious guards Creepy Who wants to go inside I’ll send Nick, and he’s very stealthy I I go to pet him pet nicodemus, and as I do I cast guidance on him And kind of send him up into the air to let him kind of survey the area real quick before doing a very quiet loop down Into So do I need to make a stove I whispered him commands just in case I lose Contact but right now I’m seeing and talking through all right because I have I’ve controlled him for up to a hundred feet right yeah No, I get on line one mile, so Controller yeah As soon as he I’m going to do something real quick Damnit You Eight With guidance And as a would his stealth mod have a bonus because he’s an owl Yeah, that’s what I was trying to look up because I have shit for Miss Texas so I think it’d be It’d be plus one so it via 11 total Eleven plus the two or I’d be 11 total Kind of flies in Flies up and he sees a very large creature Naurang in and look of a cave and as soon as he gets an about I’ll say within 40 feet of him His eyes kind of perk open and he makes like a sniffing noise as he kind of gets up. He says Kind of in a very starting tone he says something in a giant You recognize that it’s giant, but unless you speak it you do not know what he’s saying I don’t have detect like which idea um I’m going to snap my fingers dismiss him And I’m going to he’s gonna reappear back on my shoulder My vision is gonna come back like okay. Good news and bad news Let’s hear it The good news is I did not see any of the pirates in that cave awesome Bad news is I think I just woke up a job Not Bad I guess Don’t you make something to kill right? I’ll let you make a in our cottage check to see what kind of creature you specifically A time he is an ogre yeah, I just woke up and over I don’t think he knows we’re here, but he did kind of hurt. Just Park up and mutter something So can anybody hide well besides me should it be necessary I Kind of look over there you good at hiding Of course am Okay um look over at gesh like you want to do this balls to the walls or Sneak in sneak attack It’s pretty dark in that cave isn’t it? Now grinning a little And it starts to a small little ball of light Starts to form my hand not enough to cause too much, but just enough jerk just as a visual like You underestimate my abilities Let’s fucking do this Alright then let’s do this guess just starts walking right into the cave Oh Shit That’s perfect stealth Darkness okay can any of you see like oh, I see okay Yeah, so I only met Gerald that once okay fifteen More, can you guys watch his vest first kind of starts sticking towards the wall a bit? Unless you were really paying attention to be kind of hard for you guys to see here. If you didn’t know she was there Right uh yes, she’s just casually walking in Novak is drunk and not there at the moment he and out All right, yeah, well he doesn’t get the cut of the gold if we win damn right he doesn’t this is our gold So what’s your guys? Uh what you guys play in trivia? It’s just gonna walk in and fight them I’m gonna try to remain quiet try to get it’s some type of jump on them But it’s an auger in here guess shouts oh Jesus, I’m gonna walk up to gosh Do you have your Pike out or your blade out of course I do? I’m gonna put my hand on your glaive and I’m going to cast and it just dropped out just excellently back at it, so I got Paul getting back up again Oh shoot oh My god cast right, ooh Your Your uh your glaive is now lighting Oh, yeah it is There you go, buddy. We can see I’m guessing. I’m not very stealth now What else than they are? So because I’m still kind of stealth I would like to use I Would like to use my canned trip for message and point – and just whisper very quietly And the message do you really think announcing ourselves is the best way to go? Hey, what’s the first you man? Voice in my head, yeah, whoever you are relax I’ve got this I Mean once the first blade goes in he’s gonna know. Let’s be honest Oh grrrrrr fight me you bitch. I just yell After Vespers takes a step back to go back into shadows a little bit better It’s kind of screaming and giant as you guys feel the ground quake sv ogre stands in his room and Sees you all besides besides What you want stuff let me double check that? Yeah, he doesn’t see this verse What he sees do you have are still looking at the app, or did you change about I changed it, too? Oh wait. Did you go with it? Oh? You do not there we go Yeah, I was like hang on welcome back to the cave yeah, he was having an out-of-body experience I Mean he actually does that all the time now that we think about it Anyway He begins charging at you, I believe this is a roll initiative whoo Oh not will Bring it down slightly oh Yeah I’ll go ahead and roll initiative for this guy Oh Oh he’s going for And best furs I just added this verse twice nice Morgen If you click on your token when you before you hit initiative and adds it to the turn order automatically yeah I totally forgot to do that normally. I’m always clicked and then sometimes. I’m just not That’s alright getting down to business now He gets Right up. Oh you see him charge down the cavern as he continues to scream just shouting of what appears to be gibberish as He’s going to take a look around You’re gonna move a bit closer together he’s gonna take a swing at you Oh Jesus Yeah You watch him grab this large club. I didn’t not say you could stop playing combat music As he grabs his large club And he’s going to hold 16 units Not hit as he brings the club down you manage to just jump out of a way of it as it leaves a small crater Where you were standing? And it is I may have underestimated Know this verse turn You like to do Vespers I am going to a Very odd Discordant tune and Cast Dissonant whispers on the ogre all right, what exactly does that do again is We have to make a wisdom saving throw Yeah, it’s what I find Six now we take sixteen psychic damage It does not have a towel He does not oh. Yeah, okay? He does have his reaction all right, so, that’s -16 And how much Move away as far as the speeds allowed you thought you guys guys hear its whispering Coming from best furs and because a very loud kind of in your ears a Morgan it remind you slightly how the shadow whispered in your ear As you see if it works, my it’s kind of crack for a second as he stops moving Have any screams running in the other direction Uh, or it is now Morgan’s turn By the way, you’re not worried Ernest because he knows where you are now you just angrily whispered at him Just a quick question, this is a DM alternative thing it varies per person But what the discordant whispers a few is already in range, and then he turned around to leave do they get an attack of opportunity Oh, yeah cuz 10 feet is totally my range. They would Morgan and guess both will get attacks of opportunity Yeah, but I don’t do melee Absolutely I would Boom 1920 yeah notice it And that’s Okay, that’s just seven the image Yes, sir As the ogre is running as fast as he can – takes his glaze and brings it across its ankles slashing it open and leaving a small trail of blood as we overruns Come back, no. It is now Morgenstern I’m going to Let me check I’m going to Send Nick over buddy I’m going to send Nick over. It’s going to perch on guess his shoulder for a second and cat guidance on him and I look out a flier Give – a nod go get him Fuck yeah I’m just gonna freakin run C30 Way Are you gonna – to make it up to them Yeah, just trying to get Closer to them. I think that’s about as far as I can go Oh, yeah Yeah, no I’m just gonna I’m just gonna You know kind of jog my way after I’m but I’m definitely not dashing. I’m just kind of gonna. Go my full movement speed and be careful because I can’t see everything No ranged weapons whatsoever Hey only his his clave, I’m the range only he’s the melee on exactly we’re the perfect team Welcome back you big ugly Yeah, what’s the DC on at 16? Yeah? He made a he got in that nineteen, so he just made it I Can’t I? tried cast 84 plus I mean to d8 + 416 damage Oh God And he just bashes get over behind almost knocking him to the ground the guest refuses to go as He stands there just hunched over where the club is cracking into his back I’m alright. I’m good I kind of cringe a little as it hits them like it Oh Possible you broke five different routes. I’m alright guys trust me I don’t know the entrance of the cave is looking really good right now All right, what is the plan? You And what do you want to do Vespers you? Disconnect Ha, I was right You do this real quick You All right, we’ll hold turn all right we’ll hold turn oh wait okay, you’re back You cut out, I didn’t hear you, I’m sorry. Uh your we weren’t here for a second, so we were making sure you they’re still here I am going to Think you sell crap what happen I? Am going to use my crossbow I think All right so since I’m no longer hidden. I’m going to step out of the shadows To here Um and use my crossbow to shoot at the Well-hit, what’s the damage on that? Um It should have brought it up, but it didn’t it is one D. 6 D six one six plus five Is it plus your isn’t it flustered x-mode Oh, yes plus three so seven As his cozies, I’m trying to raise his club off at the gesh best first steps out of where she was hiding and takes a shot hitting him in the Side of the face and now there’s a crossbow bolt buried in it as he roars angrily Now as a bonus action the bonus section I’m gonna give I’m gonna give – a inspirational hicaz, but go team Inspiration as well as guidance ooh ability check you have oh, yeah Okay, I’m going to Step up closer I’m gonna ask – are. You good. Do you need any healing or do you want me a blast the damn thing? Just tell the damn thing Got it remove my wand and I’m willing to cast traumatic orb Five hits and I’m going to choose fire because that’s my natural levee 20 to fire damage oh yes You shoot this a small orb of fire out of your hand this is it Quickly makes it way towards me ogre. It quickly builds up in size into just a large fireball Crashes into him almost knock him over and he screams then pain taking the entire cave We’ve got him on the ropes As this happens You guys hear a couple of footsteps approaching quickly Shouting a dog or a dog Well actually you can’t but you can throw I can either 40 feet away, so you can hear them saying this Oh God Almighty there’s more. Oh you just yell Alright alright so for starters Oh For starters, I want to use a second wind To attempt Let’s regain some health Yes, that is a bonus action Oh Morgan rolek on Constitution check the Z variable as you’re concentrating a new constitution check to see if you’re able to Hold it Just a straight Constitution Alright you’re able to hold it Alright and guess you get back eight holes yes So I’m gonna freakin chop this motherfucker up with my clave. I swear to God Roll damage not so great He enroll damage yes Take that 13, so how do you want to kill this one? Yeah, baby Mmm great starters. I’m gonna carve this boy up I just I just take it and I swing the glaive right through his gut just Opening slicing it open letting everything just kind of like spill out And then I just bury it in his neck and I just laugh at look at him. I go how do you like that? Morgan make a madness check because you’re just watching this dragon board bathe himself in blood Man what’s what’s had it’s all madness I’m sorry 14 Let me think yeah 14 makes it There you go that you’re able to hold your composure Goes down Here those a you guys now ought to hear them clearly to as to works coming to the distance As I say, I’m just gonna go ahead and put this guy to Do healthier and but the thing on them so you know where he’s at? Where’s the giant axe there yeah You guys here Forks approaching and they will never to see a this Dragonborn Paving in there ogres blood, but I got a roll initiative to join into a fight as well These are all poorly live Have a we’ll go a tie with – You They will yeah they’ll move on this next turn This one’s going to charge over here, Morgan This is gonna try a bit of cash And you guys see it you guys are able to hear more footsteps coming in As they had they know you’re here All right, and this first one is going to wing at yesh a bliss is ax And bellows as he charges Yeah, she was too busy ruffling the blood of his fallen foe I May have made a slight error Why that’s everything Oh What’s your Constitution? My Constitution is 16 Okay, luckily for you. You’re still alive, but you go to negative 14. Oh Oh Almost please you into the giant gash blood pouring everywhere yes, just that’s currently my mark I Don’t know that’s enough elf where I’m considering and losing a body part make a constitution save Ganesh alrighty one Constitution shave coming right up 22 he cuts heavily armed but luckily your armor and your natural scales manage to just Keep it attached Guys good all right, this one’s gonna make his attack it He does not hit no all right now at his best first turn No good to be had here at all Abundant measuring Okay, I’m gonna do another dissonant whispers that was not my original plan, but I’m gonna do I just know it whispers on the one, that’s ah, I’m the one that’s Over here I Plan on just not working start this one over here. Okay, the one next to more okay, the one next to guess all right And he’ll make a wisdom saving through are you offense sixty feet? Yep about 50 Fifteen he does not make it go ahead and roll damage Oh, I’m sorry. I’m and to do it from that so did b5o sake damage. Oh, that’s disappointing But he also runs away, yes, he rides right back up to his work buddy screaming You know he’s saying she bloodied my nose she pleaded I’m also going to use a bonus section to give Morgan an Inspiration as well Excellent no new law all right Unless you want to do anything I do you want to move at all I’m not getting closer, so I’m good safe distance Let’s play another creature The next 10 minutes add a d20 so what is I? Can add d-22 anything oh you add a d6? D6 to anything I want I believe it’s I Don’t think you can add it to attack rules I’m not sure. I think that’s something College of Valor does but I’m not sure if all boards do that Well, then let me that’s what it. I just copied that from the thing let me just pull it up from the opinion Yeah, just to make sure because I have a plan I like it when you have a plan. I have a plan it almost always bails me out Bartnik inspiration you can inspire others through stirring words Or music to do so you use a bonus action on your turn to choose someone within 60 feet of you who can hear you the creature gains one Bartok Inspiration die a d6 once within the next 10 minutes the creature can roll the die and add the number roll to one ability check Attack role or saving throw it makes the creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 Before deciding to use the Bartok inspiration die but must decide before the DM says whether the rolls it succeeds or fails Once the Bartok inspiration die is rolled it is last That is excellent, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I’m going to do here because I’m So the orc this is an orc right. Yes, what it would look nice. What did he swing at me? He swung his ax great X Ok so Sony’s axe it missed, and I’m going to use his momentum Grabbing the arm that he swung at me to pull aside aim my wand at that little pink box right there Which gives me 20 feet all around and I’m going to go. It’s just Everybody go to sleep Including – if I have to cuz I just owe Everybody I can go to sleep and then I’m going to add 1 d6 make to Them out of the way Let X. Yeah, well no I’m not pushing them out of the way. I’m kind of like using him to pull around to shoot behind Alright so 25 to over 25 total Dorks claps and sleep however the third one is still We’re sleepy time at okay Which ones still up this one right here It’s not the one that’s got the bloodied nose right it is not the one of the bloodied nose well Yeah, it’s not the one of the bloodied nose I tried I was I always go back more next I was hoping the one next to me. It was gonna go sleep shit Alright yes make a card saving proof. Oh, yeah, the death saves So they come That’s unfortunate That’s understandable that you’d fail the first one considering you almost lost an arm, yeah, I want a robot arm now Switch they cut it all off we know someone that can do that we do All right, oh it, ain’t no where’s unconscious creatures, so you’re not asleep. You’re just in pain just Desperate pain you’re just dying, but you’re not asleep All right, he works turn this one’s going to Come over here He’s gonna. This one’s got a co over here and do something about the which fits whispering at his friends Whistles going to come over here and start attacking Morgan Alright this will be at Vespers 18 18 does it You All right best first you take five damage, and this is it Morgan That’s just a my I say yeah, oh just hits you take 8 a.m.. 8 The orc charged an orc charges wildly at Morgan and Another passes him going for Vespers when the flashes into Morgan. He gets a good cut off ramming his Ramming his ex through your ax I’d say your left ribs, but daddy already completely threw it because of a cloak But shimmers with an arcane energy kind of slowing the momentum a bit everyone charges in at Vespers and managed to get a cut on her shoulder that Spurs what would you like to do? You Okay, I am going to swing at him with my My rapier Fat Tony All right go ahead and roll damage you get an extra d8 on top. That’s good So twelfth Yeah, you add your I’m trying to think if you add your Dex bonus to the second one or not. I don’t think you do Now it’s just to the it. Just doubles the d8 all right He has 15 health normally, but I’m gonna say for fee attrex to stab him As he charges you he gets a cutoff on your shoulder did you draw your rapier and skewer him I rape you’re going straight for the iris of his eye and Poking out as you quickly pull it out, and there’s not even blood on your rapier it happened so fast And I say yes, I knew I would be awesome at it It is now Morgenstern as you are now cheering yourself Okay This guy comes at me Nicodemus is going to fly in his face and basically help me distract him. I’m running over to gash Opportunity, but he’s going to do so at disadvantage Damnit oh Okay good So I Just nearly escaped that swing and actually I I and now’s my fault I should have said Nick to do this, but I’m not thinking straight I run over Place one hand over The wound on gash one on my necklace and I cast I cast There’s not it Well dine ah So All right, well he has a he has less than zero head points actually. No that’s not how that works. It’s just uh Yeah, okay You touch him as bleeding stops He starts breathing a bit steadier, but he doesn’t he’s still not gonna be getting up unless he gets a bit more healing That he is alive you got a point waiting, and I’m going to point at the orc and shout out to West birth get him get him as Nicodemus and uh boy lies back off over towards me right Yes, you do. Not have to make a Death saving through, but you are still in contact your zero hit points I’m dreaming of past battles. Yeah feeling much better I’m gonna roll a d3 to see who he goes for ooh. That’s from Morgan At 22 uh uh hurts I believe that knocks you out. No. Yeah, sounds good agreed. Oh It is down this first turd Ugh I’m thinking you You With me being conscious Nicodemus disappeared, right yes And Morgan’s just unconscious. He’s like at zero health right. He’s not like below. I’m negative I consider it zero hit points. It’s just if you go under your Constitution like for mechanic’s purposes It’s zero hit points, but if you go under your Constitution. You just die you don’t get any – uh saving throws anything like that Okay my harem it goes from if I heal him it goes from zero up though right yeah Atchoo up yeah it goes from zero Sweet I am gonna use my action Now I’m not I am gonna use my crossbow and try to shoot the arc That does not enter As you pull pull pull the trigger Kind of man just a duck out of the way and your arrow bounces off the rock Oh Anything anything Now because I don’t think I can inspire the dead or the unconscious Actually, can I can I pause to talk to him for a minute at work? Yeah? He can’t understand me. Probably forget it I Mean you get something. I never said they didn’t understand common Okay, I’m gonna try hey he kind of perks up and look. Why are you fighting? Can I try to persuade peace Like my battle my friends are down your friends are down Why don’t we just like not? Let me kill you and you can go along your merry way Let’s try that you killed org He says I Didn’t I didn’t kill him I was hiding in the shadows over here. I was probably I’m trying to make peace with you here. I Would just love to be your friend and let you take care of your people I’ll take care of my people and we will pass ways I’ll let you guys. Go. I know you have another one down the hallway. I’d hate to have to kill you both Rolla persuasion 27 here I’ll roll it against his a wonderful insight Nope Scratches his head. He says okay He just kind of walks over He ogre, and he leaves everybody alone as it goes and collects his sleeping sleeping friends if it drags him deeper into the cave Okay, I’m can I move freely yeah You That is now over hey, I’m gonna move over to my a lead companions and I am going to take the two healing potions that I have and dump them down each of their throats Holes the healing I believe it was 2 d 4 + 2 Do I roll for okay, I was gonna say do I roll for them or do they roll for themselves But they’re all I got nine So I’m back Four five six seven Plus again does I bring to that That’s first smiles chic I start to you know come around a little and says Wow, I so did not see me being the one left alive and I told you I’d be awesome at this It happens more than you think also what’s the state of my arm at this point is it like still hanging? But the potion has restored it a bit, but it is driver sore and you’ve got a pretty gnarly scar Tights let’s head outside and try to rest up a little bit before we Try this again Mmm before we leave like the large the large thing that we killed the first Original guy and the guy that I killed he didn’t pick up their bodies. Can we loot them, yeah? So on the ogre you find just a lot of guts and blood As you search a unwillingly search as a loincloth You find there’s a little pile of gems he had stashed. I’d say about it 20 Gold’s worth of gems And then on the body of your work you just find a birdie gold And you also get his a he’s wearing a F plate armor Andy has a an axe And two javelins 50 gold a great axe into javelins What you guys okay, so I just kind of You know I don’t care about the armor of the javelins, but I pick up the the gold and the pile of gems and kind of smile to my new companions and say Okay We can’t go buy beer Smiles I like beer Let’s head out of here for a second Guys all right you guys exit the cave well what you guys like to do return to town or just try to camp out there Just camp outside Screw going back. We’re not going back without their heads Oh, honey you hit your head a little harder than I thought you did. I thought it was your arm Is it was everything, but I swear we’re getting them now I got a grudge I Said okay, I talked peace Temporary peace you talked is temporary I didn’t talk peace They didn’t kill you not yet Best first starts to tear up a little and sniffles I Walk over to Vesper and I placed my hand on her shoulder and I cast whisper to her and whisper It’s a deep-seated orc Dragonborn thing you’re not going to be able to convince him Okay Are we doing a short rest or a long rest I Would say Shh. That’s a short? Short rest 100% of the way. I’m doing a short rest, and I’m going back in yeah, I do have song of rest which Here I believe it gives them an extra d6 doesn’t get extra d6 healing ooh What was the normal healing for a short rest you roll ahead die Then you roll another d6 because of this I’m dr. Paul That’s sir, I mean you yeah, yeah Mr.. Diem yes I’m in time and have a Nice way mistaken the song of rest does come off of my Bartok inspiration points right It doesn’t say that I don’t think it does because you’re just you’re not really inspiring them You’re just playing a song as everybody’s chilling out No man I know get those back at rest unless it’s the long rest am I correct on that you’re correct on that Thank you, I’m gonna use arcane recovery to get my to spell slots back or to level one spell slots back You guys uh Okay, hanging around is there anything you’d like to say as you’re resting and tending to wound and such Silently fuming super angry What about a an organ and this first case Espera is going to sit next to the human gash and Lashes at him and say So I know that you have this thing if you and them and the stuff and I don’t get it really but you have pirates to go get and silver and And we do them later like when you’re not so a lead Time for later as soon as I’m feeling good. I’m going back in there with or without you guys Try to persuade him otherwise That’s up to him as if players it’s kind of weird You can roll insight checks and stuff, but persuading them. It’s really up to the player I mean he can if he if he wants you to try you certainly can You’re welcome to try, but this is like a Feeling you’d get advantage deep-seated history thing especially Yeah, I’d give it like a 2 Euro on a d20 so it’s gonna be like like basically a 19 or 20 probably is gonna sway him it’s one of those like I go 18 18 19 or 20 So her he oh you’re fine, no I mean, it’s it’s who she is she would try but It’s who you are and you would good for her go the other way. Oh, yeah Are you back to full health Basically who’s ready to rock and roll There anything else you guys would like to talk about as we get ready Send Nicodemus up not necessarily the cave, but the area around Because I want to see because we’re close to the to the shore, right You guys are right there, okay, I see nothing I forgot your thing is that where I had to drag you to the cavern. I have to manually drag you to places Yeah, so I want to basically see if I can see the shipwreck or any other signs of Works or anything else to see if there is anyone outside or try to determine if they’re all in Kaiba not Make that perception check And of course I will give myself guidance Auction No one six know what? So fortunate You see yeah, you don’t see any orcs It is getting kind of later in the night though. Maybe like a six or seven But you do notice a a wreck ship. It is completely destroyed and as I say you’re in with within one mile, so if you’d like to you could try to investigate I’ll assume Nik to go investigate it As it. Yes oops down make an investigation check Reception investigation Oh 19 as your uh You’re very familiar with ships and despite just being from jerk on it’s still rather standard. Just kind of a different designs mostly But as you’re looking through it you see some treasure Be some spoiled food that kind of thing come to where the Winstone would normally be you And it is a not there in fact the stand or lack of a better term, but it’s usually on that Appears it was like ripped out of its box So it’s it appears – it looks like to you event very possible some became onto this ship ripped for Winstone now and that caused The ship to crash into the shore Where it was toward the bits by the storm? Guys This is just a theory, but I think the Pirates aren’t necessarily our enemy I don’t care who they are they’re dead to me Don’t kill them I’m saying we can use them as cannon fodder It sounds intriguing I’m looking at their ship, and it looks like they’re Winstone is ripped out I’m having a sensation that it might be our old friends the coven I Think they’re looking for more than just one Winstone. They might be trying to gather more Your point Vesper doesn’t know what you’re talking about. She’s just gonna. You know look lost and butan cuddly until she has something to argue about I’m still kind of mulling it over in my head, but I just shake my head fuck it. Let’s go kill these bastards So we’re going back in to kill the or Ogres absolutely we are All right everybody ready Nine round two take two Everybody in the game is everybody in the game Yes I’m going to still you know quietly argue, if – as for walking in Sicilian ridiculous and Family history battles make no sense. I am positive of it. I just know it It makes perfect sense their orcs I hate orcs And we came in here to kill them all and we have it yet and until we succeed we are not leaving this cave Stubborn mule Oh wait, sorry He’s only half work Which way would you guys like to go? Okay Laughter right Let’s Keep walking in Carefully though I don’t want to get surprised would you guys like to make stuff checks? I would And I’ll be holding some roll style style Modulus Or. What shoes poor Morgan you and me buddy, I’m not rolling stealth Before she can familiar my triple the stairs It starts with a screaming As first points that Organ and whisper does message to him and whispers in his head and says If your I would like to sit on my horn it would be okay No, I can’t do that. I’m using him to see in the dark Yeah, whenever very well around how he gets his dark vision air quotes is that he has It on his shoulder and then see through the bird’s eyes as he walks I Guess I’ll just follow slowly behind – but I want to keep I want to keep my eyes open Scanning around every time you move Oh You’re still moving loudly gesh isn’t even trying to be stealthy you’re like crouching behind gashes your allergist starts shrieking It’s McMahan walk down to cave as he looks for something to kill oh Yeah, I am NOT leaving without the heads of these pools He has a head over to this area at first Which appears just to beware of a be over with sleeping had himself a small little nest but nothing of relevance there Yes, let us make an artistic action check move Yeah, I’m definitely going to do that I’m curious I’ll join him Oh, yeah 11 or 0 You you see a couple of uh mmm humanoid bones in the area Morgan is able to see a little fresh bit of flesh Next to one of the bones that was apparently ripped off Hmm Was a how do you say it eaten good There’s nothing else of bet you can see that’s of value or anything like that this is just where he slept Using your keen mind you can just assume that they catch the ogre out here as a guard And he used a sense of smell to kind of sniff out intruders, which is why they haven’t had guards posted outside All right, where do you guys like to go now? What was the what was his name again? Oh? Oh Uhh She’s keep looking around I guess I’m looking for something to kill here. What’s over here See stairs Thank some kind of nuke Nothing Just uh you rocks there. It appears to be some silver ore This is definitely the silver mine we nailed it Can’t we fine Make a make a perception check perception Ooh not one Oh shit I Get her stuff till I get twenty two sixty four sixty for You to uh also role. I he also make up reception Jack of air Vespers But at how I do NAT ones I’m it if something’s not particularly a danger. I won’t have your lady 100 but if you roll in that one in a danger situation you get a You get to roll a d 100, and that’s four percent chance of something bad happening And Morgan and Vesper able to stop as they see a small tripwire. We’re very Just tears right through it and because you rolled in that one and you got a 64 You get Large you get to make a dexterity save with disadvantage Okay, the large boulder falls from the sky shit Dexterity save Wow Oh I’m gonna kill myself in this damn cave We should not have called him we should not have come I told him we should Whoa how much do you have money would Interesting let’s see how much damage was done Fuck me Wow I’m still alive I swear to god. I’m still alive And just to rub it in the majority of it It’s just like this attack miss rocks on all of your body Like oh, but uh there’s like a sharper sharper Point of it that is pointing into your arm that um one’s got cut off earlier Little help guys Guys here best firs walks over and says what you could have helped yourself. We could have not come back in Oh bitch Smiles and tosses her hair back. It says it’s a talent. I know yes your butts. I don’t like her Guess you’re running footsteps, and you hear some kinda subscribing a giant dish again Alright alright – listen I know you want to kill them One of them just shouts that the trap has been triggered incredibly loudly as it rushes over That I go ahead and say what your espers is going to holler back down the hall, but we’re friends The box I’m going to hold up my hands and cat Why do you cast a Morgan What do you guys never mind I’ll have it Oh Anyone say no. I can’t do it. I was gonna try to do comprehend language, but it takes power oh But she has a good persuasion room yeah, one of the orcs stops in their tracks Yes, why are you guys back in common? You He’s directing this direction desperate suspend, but he currently cannot see I’m going to cast the message at ich and whisper to him I’m all done with killing these gay Oh, you need to follow our lead if we’re gonna make it out of this a lot Am I still under this damn rock – yes, you are or because I’m not strong I gonna pick your ass up I’m going to carefully step around the raw step forward. I have my hands up. I’m threatening Lee I think that I would have new shit One of the network Vesper had spoken to earlier pops out Yes, we know what happily Noah But please listen we’re trying to help you And why would you welcome to trap rabbits for enemies? I’m gonna kill you I swear to God Yeah He you should not talk to guns that way I turn around and I Grab a rock and shove it in his mouth Without having it today Is theirs that he can’t move and he can’t spit out for rock? So he’s just kind of muffled Ignore my friend he’s driving boy, you can understand his private ward aggravation You No we are friends and we are hoping you with your a lead ship now listen, please ragged board not friend ragged Warren must die he brought his ax But he still can’t find them because of it you’re enjoying it rock Hang on guys I’m having a bad connection or breaking right now, it’s not Okay Pedro quick if that ever happens that tends to fix it Okay, so You’re missing your Winstone correct It looks at union says Yes, we are missing our uh He thinks about it for a moment Winstone kind of clear he’s not that great at speaking common, but he can You As a helix device as a mean lady took it That’s personal sentence says you two I did not take it He looks to you, and he says hmm, not you Breehn breehn mean lady, but she not us ivory. Oh, okay. Yes. I’m not green As a you know or clue She’s called a Sea Hag you at her before he said actually just recently Oh green, Oh oh We know We know the mean lady talking about we’re actually after her ourselves she took our Winstone or as So do you have magic stone had yes He likes do you guys he says half ship Ours is broke protected in the human Kingdom yes Do you have extra ship You I might There’s a tribe not too hard from here. They’re called the wind snakes Ran across them No He looks around says weed we got here bounce on his hand Has three fingers He looks at a sand Three days ago and said again, you broke up Heap three days ago Yes, he says we got here three days ago, this is a first time somebody’s walked into her bar cave So friend It’s no choice And you’re cutting out what you say We are sorry about your auger friend he kind of gave us no choice He looks to uni says Or again, or a defends us Hilton He was just leaving he was trying to kill us we were just looking for you guys Exactly you were looking for us. He protect us Best first nuns her foot You are misunderstanding intentionally, I swear to god. You are misunderstanding intentionally let him finish speaking Organ I Know about gerak. We’re looking to make a deal to get our Winstone’s back Captain is it not seeing anyone at the moment everything’s are happening Can you help us get our friend out of this rock we can talk some more Vespers looks at morgan like he’s lost his freakin mind I sent her a message Try and control That’s a good back and say It’s on you. He says I’ll help you move I’ll help you move Boulder, but only if you let me kill Dragonborn friend wherever he is Dragonborn friend is outside This is lizard, man. He’s stupider than Dragonborn he does most of our lifting I’m gonna hold on to my necklace. I need that D for A14 he just looks at you blankly he says Dragonborn are Lizard Men You can’t tell the difference Let’s forget the man in the rock for a minute best first stomps her foot again pay attention we are here to help you with your ship, and your stone thingy and Just let us help you We need new rib and new stone Do you have Iver Oregon You’re pirates, right Uh he looks to you yes Yes, I hope so You stormed ships before right Yes So if I can get you Ship and a Winstone you could take whatever big ship you want, right? Make your persuasion check You you So 1216 Why didn’t any like clasp his hands over his head. He says that heinous But where is ooh stone Huh, you broke up again, I said that is genius But he mispronounces it and so it sounds more like Guinness Yeah Whereís mean lady mean lady has stone Tribe in claws And I point in the general direction where clauses out yeah Have small ships Make a make a history check on that Oh, no. I’m lying my ass off. I have no Yeah, no. I’m lying my ass off. I have absolutely no idea all right, I Mean if you want to you can just see if they do or not Okay, it’s just history 1:26 my that most like maybe You say tomahto absolution Buchan still slim We didn’t say it was a large ship wow you’re so lucky this guy’s Justin work, and he’s not able to comprehend that So Help me get my friend out and we can work out deal, but I need my friend to help you get the stone back There’s a it’s friend of a dragon board Yes I’m going to have to make a wisdom save actually I’m gonna let uh he’s going to move the rock He’ll make a strength check Who needs to mix go throw he’s making the work is making a strength check Does not make that He starts stop And I helped him Another Orkut friend of his coming to help That’s good, because I don’t have any strength so With the aid of his pal he’s able to push for rock over and over both going to make a wisdom saving for who’s He what they do about gesh? Yeah, I’ll just do one saving forever represents both of them, it’s just a straight d20 Overton They will attack yesh under 10 they will not They do not Excellent hey there is Dragonborn and they seem very confused for a second Cashiers the rock out of his mouth ah it just yells I’m going to whisper to gash trust me follow my lead Josh takes a deep Press You But doesn’t move and just stands there glaring it that works unbel – also incredibly Fractured You can move but that’s about it Spurs whispers – JA – gosh you have a healing potion I’m actually going to hand in – I Want him to drink those? Yeah, I’m gonna chug I’ll juggle both of those pretty quickly what is that 1.d4 for each one? 2:44 for total Yeah, you can just do 44. Yeah, teen I’ll take it take white get Back into place And Here’s closest you’re gonna get Just short cracks is neck oh Great that’s better going to motion of the orc and kind of point towards his other friends or overhearing so like Let’s sit and talk Plant our plan of attack I’ll try to go get And they guys all come over here You stay here Well two more Anything you’d like to do at this time I’m josh is gonna kind of I want to set a quick timer real quick About Set a five minute timer And there’s anything you guys wanted to do got to do it in under five minutes Walk back to the entrance here, and just kind of warily look around I’m trusting you Morgan Would I have time to cast company language before they get ball, I’ll say I’m gonna cast that when we take our break by the way I can listen in on stuff Yeah Could we all be back here, maybe or 45 good oh, yeah, I can you comprehend languages as well as a ritual So now I’m doing it as ritual Like you both cooperate on it Excellent what high-five Whoo-hoo! Right we’ll be back here at 4:45 All right Daeum said we had an extra rest so you get to have health BEC for that and also the extra bar dressed or 1d6. Oh Light above all will see sound a little bit while doing the ritual I’ll just take the oh wow doing her ritual. She was singing if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands It’s 21 There we go Everybody ready ready ready ready yeah As you guys start noticing oops Ground shakes little 9 foot tall Large halberd I was in the Works that one Oh, there’s the Dragonborn here, why isn’t he dead at my feet boys? Uh-oh, they couldn’t kill me, but one with that first talked to I was uh pieces Lady said we were friends dark at Gore missed Later Yes best first steps Ford Excuse me sir. We are here to help you cash backs away from the big guy Vej sends a quick message to Morgan Hanks Come on know what I’m doing She backs up a little bit to join her companions and waves at all of us and says we Figured out your problem with your ship and how to replace it because we are helpful people and We just want to be friends Marcus look she’s he’s really unlike unlike my boys here. I’ve actually got some intelligence one of them seems I never I’m gonna basically so comprehend languages doesn’t let me speak their language only understand, right Okay, um so I basically Look you your people and my people are after the exact same thing You kill me and I don’t have it, but I know who does and I can guarantee you they are very powerful sorcerers If they were able to destroy your ship with just one imagine what three of them together can do Didn’t destroy my shit together with a story He does not So what destroyed your ship The Winstone if it couldn’t stand up it gets bid wailing store He just ate Technically But I’m not afraid to fight her Killed hundreds of his kind oh shit It’s just snarls I place my hand on guess your shoulder just uh it’s okay, buddy You want to get out of this land We want to get out of this land You a ship You want your Winstone back? But you’re also going to be facing The oncoming aren’t human armies who are going to find out why their silver mine just dried up? You are powerful and won’t doubt that but brute strength not going to get you very far You And because he has some semblance of a brain I’m going to allow him to reach, oh it is not It just thinks he’s smart He’s got an intelligence Wisdoms are active there anyway. He looks Judy says right fine But how do I know you’re not with those armies? Because my men and I tonight this first speaks up because she can talk in their language as well and says We stopped hiding you didn’t we? Would we have stopped fighting you if we were with those armies or we would we have just brought them with us? So that we could slaughter you all and be done with it After your dragon boy here got pinned under a rock what I was told The trips it happens, we’ve all had a klutzy moments And He didn’t attack you did he Oh That’s because I was in the other part of a cave. He didn’t attack your friends did he From what I understand he did Oceans to where after we made this Esper stamps or foot pay attention After Lee maybe you know I’ll decapitate you right here, and now he’s your head to my dog You Oof What This blade of mine has seen thousands of heads I could just add you to the list And that Forks around him are getting very too is there not what’s about to happen I whisper over to Vespers, and it’s like I could use some of that Bartok inspiration right about now I will message back I hate fighting with stupid people. I ready to just kill them, but inspired you are Okay I am going to cast sleep right on top of him all of those people are within 20 feet And I’m going to do Know I’m sure I’m trying to hit the people around him not I’m not trying to hit him. I’m trying to hit admit It goes for people that are in the closest area and then whatever you roll it takes out that many hit points that you roll like a 30 and Say for example these orcs head fifteen hell feet You would be able to sleep bees, too But I wouldn’t carry over into this one vice versa like they were all like just right here You would only get two of them because I got Then I will unless you reduced for a health of a certain amount It’s like you could also cast sleep and Say yeah, she manages to get a few hits on Dark guys decided to fight his hit points went below that amount and he would fall asleep More like so hold on Morgan I’m sending you’ll whisper You You Come on do it How you What was the command to whisper back? Backslash whisper and then start typing and Vespers it’ll pop up Now you don’t have to I’m not going to actively work it It’s just a habit, I’m sorry, okay, so anyhow Morgan I have a thunderclap, but it’s only in five foot radius. All right you will Sleep at the guards behind him and here’s the fun part and Whatever rule you want me to have to do I’m gonna cast guidance on myself foot I’m gonna try to do this without him realizing that they’re asleep I’m gonna try to knock them out without him realized because his back turned to Okay sleight of hand 14 plus 480 Oh God so he sees me Six plus the IKEA 1d6 from her Bartok inspiration So 30 30 Both of them go to sleep, but he eats As a he looks it takes him a second Of any he hears vegard’s bodies drop behind him And he says Ben. It’s a trap attack attack roll initiative Initiative. Yeah, all right Actually he on let me click my icon. Oh my gosh Thank you there we go Oh Yeah We got an at twenty and in that one Morgan Vespers Rolla d100 organ goes first Okay, yeah, you’re good you just Arc Are you Okay there we go all right All right Shit give me a sec I gotta do some calculations here I better switch to non-creepy you can go to combat okay? So I’m going to cast sleep a second time try at least I’m gonna try knock these two. I know I’m not gonna get him. I’d knock these last two out let’s sleep and Screw having to do slut hand cuz I’m doing honest all deliberately Oh net 22 der you drill double Excellent and I’m going to take I’m going to back up You That way I’ll give my um give me give me some distance, and I’m gonna yell out to gash told you you can trust me Yes You Bastard I’m gonna check his I Want to roll it between the Dragonborn and the castor because those are his two the targets he’d hate the most Hey, Morgan Sarge’s to the caster Getting right about here Ask he asks like this good opportunity And he is going to take it you let me think exactly what I want to do You If all right take a swing at you 18 that hits And then he’s gonna take gonna use it Otis action the pool our master feet Oh him tell ya 15 hits 114 orgy what I’m down – you better not waste got your buddy who’s gave you son-of-a-bitch fortune a she’s across her chest cutting open some of your ropes not your cloak though and As he’s slashing he stops mid slash And then it takes the butt of his halberd and just slams you in it knocking you unconscious Yeah Fuck yeah, I’m coming right up here. I mean there is no questions. It’s Glee. I’ll say I’m letting you guys know what flanking is the thing I’m doing though So if you get like on the opposite just for future reference like if you got right in there I’d give you a plus-one to attack and damage order And for rogues it would get you sneak attacks No Rogues here All right, but yeah, 20 hits good Admiral Damon nice nice Thank you And in my bonus action. Yeah, can’t forget alright because I also have the pole our master feet Which means I roll? to attack again Fifteen ah goddamnit I had as a C and Hill friend down wrong so I just had to correct it all right But 15 still does not hit. Oh. Oh well I tried So you take your Wave and you slash it across the back of his neck not doing much internal damage, but definitely getting his attention Enough where when you swing to hit it with the back of your glaive? He’s able to block it with his arm He’s good, where’s it’s your turn? All right, I am gonna start by Casting healing word on our downed companion Is it healing words bonus action Oh cool. I had it in as an action. Oh it is a bonus action well damn, okay Well, anyhow I did that not the only one All right Morgan you get up +8 mm-hmm Because didn’t go negative you get back up. Okay, okay, and then I’m gonna come over I’m thinking surgeons decisions Yeah, I’m gonna come over and hit him with my rapier You are also flanking at the moment because you’re all free surrounding This side of 18, but you get a plus one because you’re flanking and the six I’ll take it whenever your fly can get a plus-one to hit Just how I do that nice and you I’m done there everyone That is a Nicodemus meowing randomly aesthetic was about to say As he’s distracted by Borg and suddenly getting up from what he thought was a almost lethal blow come in and you managed to find a chicas armor take out your rapier and It was right through and as you pull it out you see blood on the tip rapier And I Say as I’m doing the thrust you should have listened now. We just have to kill you and turn to gosh You were right? Yeah, I was Would you like to do Bourget Okay, I’m going to Get up Get to my feet I’m going to look him daddy in the eyes with like Burning fury I’m tired getting knocked to the ground Yeah, you want to talk And like I summon Arcana energy within me, and I point out actually hold on We’re gonna go way to go yes The down buddies I start to swell with Divine Arcana as a little symbol on my necklace begins to glow I Point my finger at him, and I just say one word Stop Oh Yes, Italy just stops in his tracks This complete like completely stopping It is now his turn and he’s gonna try to make a wisdom saving fro to get out of that Nope As soon as he attacked the commander wears off I think Uh Let me double check because I attack oh Yes attacks oh yeah See here But if that’s if that is the case I will give you advantage an Advantage on the attacker because he just stopped cold. He’s not trying to block it Oh, yeah All right, I’m going for it just like I’m all over this yes 2014 eat it Oh, and then I’m gonna do my bonus action again anyways so I might as well roll for it right now I get to roll again for advantage right yeah, you also hit with that as well All right, so the bonus just straight up doesn’t but that’s okay Oh, it does oh my oh yeah, I didn’t add any bonuses to it. That’s right, so yes it does It’s a tight tight perfect Cuz one earlier would have hit them two at the bonus. Yeah, I Forget to add them, that’s alright alright so 15 plus D4 come on four one all right sixteen damage You also add your strength from on to damage for both of those oh Yes, so that it’s already added to the 15, but that’s another plus 4 that makes it 5 so 20 damage total Has he stopped he takes the glaze And just to kind of gain control himself for a second he tries to dodge But he still stab straight through his Armour and into the Sun his left rib How does that taste best furs is going to be My rapier again Edit do I still need to do the advantage Oh? Erica winnings Yeah, and I’d already rolled the damage. I changed the settings so it would do that so it’s for Organs turn unless you want to do anything else And I want to give Morgan another inspiration I’m gonna use it How is he looking right now Definitely continue, okay He’s using the halberd with one hand as he has a shield Wow I am impressed You so he has a metal shield Fact that make a perception What No That’s a no though I’m going to Since I’m this close in I’m going to Send in Nicodemus to kind of flap in a space to Distract him use the help feature, which if I remember gives me advantage I think Shh Yes, it’s a good advantage, and I am going to Grab hold of the wound that guess just caused on him And I’m going to cast shocking Oh wrong button shocking grasp Oh Yeah Okay Twelve laning was there any bonus damage for being a metal weapon or was it I can’t remember no just uh Now so he takes 12 lightning damage Nicodemus will Let her back out of his reach Um So as you grab the wound and you just lightning travels from your amulet down your Are you right into your left hand? I’m I’m right-handed, but in the situation when it whatever I grab him with Goes down your right arm Like lightning comes from a right arm as touch for wound bird Budge out onto your arm and like on your robes and you’re exposed chest from where he cut through And it is now his turn no longer under view And hear him He’s kind of stagger and then as a bonus action whoo whistles And you hear howling Ever side of a cave Then as an action As you’re all attacking Takes a while take out this rather large bottle And corks it brains He’s gonna get some health back It’s seven health back And you guys watch as a used to grow in size or And his eyes start glowing a bright red instead of being eight feet tall Instead of being nine feet tall he has grown almost half a foot And as some muscles. I like a rippling for That’s his turn – it is now – your turn Oh gosh come on the tried-and-true method 13 does know Doesn’t hit that’s unfortunate Yes tweens the glaive of all of his might and it hits exposed flesh that doesn’t go through Because his muscles are overpowering the glade Damn you still swing as a bonus action Oh say that again, you can still use your bonus action to attack with a pole? Oh, yeah, we might as well. Do that shouldn’t we? Plus That one Tear it Okay, I have to think here You As you take the back end of the glade and you try to drive it through his armor Then just flexes his muscles so much You got a 97 Yeah half of your glaive brakes as he put muscles against his armor Oh Breaks it in half My sweet sweet weapon now this first turn Oh Lord Vespers is gonna. Oh, I was just gonna try to hit him with her a rapier again Once again you try to appear swear you like this vixen who has become his muscle since in that your With all of your mind and your blade just kind of stays there He’s turned away from me though, right yes You know what direction is he facing he is facing towards the he’s certainly currently facing towards Morgan, so he’s took both of your bags Okay, I want to as my movement dive into the back of his knees and try to take him to the ground I suck in athletics Yourself And I dive Let me think He’s going to roll athletics against that Who’s gonna say hey when one of the guests roll for Best first goes to try to drop kick his leg, and his leg just days are completely unaffected He turns to look at you for a second then just looks back towards a more twitching is that Now Morgenstern, okay I’m going If I distract him with Nicodemus could I step out of his range and not provoke an attack or no Shit shit shit I will Yeah when he turns to look at Vesper I shoot Nicodemus into his face again Going to step back against the wall Mom I’m nearing distance um so go ahead and see what you see what he rolls on that The first one whoa hey mean this a bit mash Well damage Whoa? Shit oh, no don’t tell me come down again son of a bitch Oh As a mordant rusta as Nicodemus gets in dark space Morgan tries to jump out of a wave but with incredible speed Dark man just to lock on to him. He swings once Morgan gets out of away, but the back swing catches him and trips him down, and he as he’s running He falls and rolls over to the ground unconscious It is now in turn You I’m gonna take a swing at I want to roll a d2 Aka flip the coin gonna hit Vespers Sixteen It Oh yeah, that is working damage And as he each Hearns sees this person on the ground Takes his clave and just as she’s getting up brings it down leaving a large cut on her shoulder Rips it out this kind of smiles How’s that for snark I’m still up well on the ground, but I’m still up Okay Yeah, I don’t have a weapon But I Have half a freak wave I’m gonna take a Step here just a five-foot sidestep right there, and then I’m going to use my breath weapon Would that hit best first ah I hope we could leave that up to you I’m going to say I try to aim it in such a way that it I breathe so that I hit him But I keep most of the flames away from her Yeah, so just a glance I Think for now. I’m just gonna say if it’s on the square edge eight this applies to enemies But if it’s on this like on the square diagonal from your breath weapon that does not hit if she was like right If she was like right here. It would hit her that would hit Tight And you watch as a his armor and the skin kind of catch on fire And it appears to do quite a bit more damage than you expected I say screams it has these measures now roasting hahaha Suck it and Vesper starts screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming Some more and eyes are like saucers in her head It doesn’t know your tour in Vespers Still screaming she takes her rapier and press with all her might Wow Okay the the name of this of this channel is natural one wo n not natural one the dice Damn Best purse is an amazing fighter, but when her shoulders half out. She doesn’t hit as well And the fire don’t forget the fire She was screaming and her eyes were saucers. Oh, she doesn’t like it yeah But wildly misses Like he claims that it gets four guys over in that kind of gets down her knees to scream UPS is on the floor and a whimper, No All right you make Get the man you just turned bacon Fair fair yeah, 21 is a definite hit Sorry your choice mr.. Dim dude, but as a bonus section. I was going to do a Bartok inspiration on That’s okay, I was in the middle of a panic attack so you can do it you Love the fire All right but that happens Now it is Geshe stir All right, so on my attacks with my glaive now What since it’s only half a glaive? How should I proceed? Don’t think into the section so he broke the back end of it Okay, so like damage and everything is going to be the same Okay, so I am going to attack with my glaive no Okay, no Bartok inspiration doesn’t that help some? Doesn’t help that one Alright we’re gonna Okay We’re gonna roll this 100 first 45 Okay, and then I’m gonna use action surge to attack again It’s not rolling one this time come on. Oh wait Bartok inspiration right can I use that? What is that a d6 Yeah Yes 17 hmm yeah, that’s thank God 14 damage As you come in with your first strike And you just miss him entirely he takes it just takes a minute to grin Bug me but a stamina bursts through your veins as soon as your slave misses taking him for a stab That same wound you created earlier hitting him This fears what would you like to do? Our shall she proceeded. I don’t know Okay well, I’m gonna give my last Bartok inspiration to – Ahead and I am going to how what is this guy lookin like at this point? Is he taking fuzzy taking active fire damage – fire Okay, I’m Simon as a makeup perception check both of you before I tell you were following in from He is taking fire I Gotta fold me I could breathe twice You Okay well I got vespers you know that that potion he had It increased his strength But and it also healed him a bit But for a sake everything has to fire Okay, well, I’m gonna do the only thing I can do I’m gonna actually use my Is it half of my movement how much of my movement would it be to actually stand back up because I had been knocked down I Just said that for flavor you’re not actually prone Okay, well like so All right, I’m gonna hit with my rapier, and I’m gonna actually hit him this time. That’s my thing You know it was optional Apparently So I am as he-he’s Attack of opportunity if I try to move though right you all get home and to make a five foot step I just provoke an attack of opportunity, so you just move five feet in a new direction I’m moving there Organ unless there’s anything else you wanted and now I have nothing else I can do Ice That’s 203 We’ll make a never Constitution check to see if you’re able to get back up and do on this Yeah, ooh, Morgan And is able you’re not able to do your bonus action where you movement? All my get up um Yeah, I’m not even off the ground I’m just kind of like leaning myself up off the ground. I look I see the situation Hold out my finger Lying right past him shit invest versus crouching on the floor again Yeah, he does What an inspiration you haven’t you I know it’s fired gasps yells Bing 1d6 So put your 2015 Excellent 50 – this team fire damage How do you want to do this As you just did 30 days oh, yeah Hi, I’m basically wanting to focus that In dos Cuz his his armors damaged right. Oh, yeah But I want to focus that where was his wound again is it because he’s facing gesh I want to focus that shot to go straight through his chest and out the other shop So Yeah, it would shoot past my teammates, but it would just Power into fireball forming at the tinkers Fires at his hand flying back pushing himself into a wall at the force of a shot as it goes through Darks wound and you see karke his eyes. Go blank as the fire spreads throughout his body And then all of it just cultivates an e-blast, but fires out of him and then a giant fireball going this way through his now completely bird body as He’s just dead falling down the ground is too, burnt Get roars and excitement the woods yet Actually everybody else’s You’re good, we’re so good if you have oceans drink them now I’m gonna drink my last health potion. I used my chew on that one points to cash It was Completely as boo a warg headin faster dead burning fire everywhere and running Also by way this tent right here is on fire Nice What did you guys decide to do? Uh stab them peacefully in the throat to kill them all off like we did the oh yeah So they’re all barreled urges Normal orcs had about and gold apiece, so that’s 40 gold Wearing a late armor – Super damaged though, I’m gonna take can I like? That’s true You could take that Now what you guys are looking to look at it’s actually computed I take that that’s mine. I claim it I Loki needed Yes, you did make your weapon. I think you should have it Plus one silver halberd, I like that does he have any more of the groovy potions cuz I’d really like I see a note and three potions as you were Like as you up open? Comprehend language is going. Yeah in orcish All right these are manger calling for becoming or becoming attack Said what? What Gives you plus two to your strengths core and heals you 12 at the cost of Give that to gash unless Vesper wants No, I don’t know – Vesper will take one of those Right um – Yeah, you can take everything you find, but I call the head Deals a deal I’ll take it, but I owe him a little can I cut it? I don’t care. How it comes off so we need to get And I’m gonna take my Rapier and just tack it as head it might not come off pretty But I’m gonna hack until it’s good cuz my shoulder really hurts, and I don’t have any healing potions He’s not actively Treat and as I’m as a stupid fucking fires So I’ll take the Ignoring it cuz they hurt take the head and I take the note I Guess we’ll divide the the gold among us but Let’s get the fuck out of here Okay, no no no more fires, okay? Are you afraid of fires Isn’t everyone At vespers not afraid of anything. She is no. I am not afraid of fires It’s just stupid and we don’t like them. Let’s go now well your trucks clear over here away from the tent. That’s on fire Drastically Oh Yeah, he did say there was That’s why I have I have the head III have a plan just in case alright, let’s try to get out of here just clip the monkey I’m gonna stealth again Or attempt you We absolutely need to kill every last orc We ask you have to rest up before we do we barely made it out of that one alive Some tents Inside the enemy cave did you not see the wargs that just tried to run around the corner Mmm. That’s that’s true. That’s a fair point You think it needs to be outside the cave, but where we can actually Defend against Timor the tent gets stronger on fire and she kind of moves I think that we need to do it outside the cave and That somebody needs to keep watch to make sure no one leaves Founder yeah for right now that sounds good I’m going to coffee so No, no I’m good we want to take a short rest or a long rest, I’m thinking along Yeah, we can camp out take a long rest, okay? I Will take first watch with Nicodemus and cast guidance on myself to make sure I’ll follow you up after that a church is about maybe walk from This is this is true. Yeah, let’s go back. Let’s go to the church This way is going to make sure that they don’t leave No if they leave then the mines are clear And we did our job oh Yes, let’s go sleep somewhere warm with I have my alcohol. I have yeah, that sounds good. Let’s go I’m kind of muttering under my breath, but I’m going along with us Y’all decide to have to be on the side of it yeah, yeah, we’ll head to the church As eventually do make it another thing I do I don’t know I’ll say it’s a short rest on the way there, but that’s just for guys aren’t currently dying as You Priceless Obviously a little bit I can’t yet Negative you nom nom All right, can you purrs? Can you unscrew Yeah, I can see everything and well the circle that you put up now but What you recognize this place whispers her via? elf Creek My friend lives here oh Not anymore Well you that lived here The guy that’s why got my thumb he did the the Vespers and sang meat’ll awakeness and saved me He must have been a really kind elf man Back then I walk her over to the little a Garden area here where I buried them, and I pretty much fill her in on what happened I do so so Know where I was I buried them right there are buried them right here, but Right there at their house Go ahead and go ahead and explain everything Yeah a Couple of nights ago when we came by to visit and they let us stay to rest up that night They were attacked and Unfortunately killed Managed to fend off the Was it the soul constructs Yeah, we managed to fend off the Scarecrow’s that were animated fight to kill them, but we weren’t able to save them The most I could do was give them this burial before I left and I blessed it so that no evil should be able to touch this at least their burial site again There’s a lot of like Stuff going on beforehand to find cleaner like well-kept Okay now just remove great Or is it cleaner from my perspective too arisen from what I did Yeah, yeah yeah before we left the other day Before we left the other day I tended to their bodies and kind of Paid my last respects this home and everything to them. I didn’t want to leave it Campbell’s Vesper looks at him Her face getting very Most like she’s very angry like pinched and She drops to the ground And as she drops to the ground Almost not even realizing that she’s done it She Uses her thaumaturgy and the ground starts to shake Oh now a few Ravens fly off the top you See something it just is a harmless tremor for one minute You You Stand-in there watchin D in question Could I cast Message through naked what Nicodemus can see or do I have to physically point at the thing? Because the wording says that I don’t necessarily Sit After one of the Ravens I Wanted to attack it and I want him to basically Like find one and land next to it Flashing You said our eyes are green I’m one cast message to that Raven Hello beautiful To say I’m quite impressed with your handiwork I ran across the Pirates you raided does that make two Winstone’s you’re going You families family you’re all working together Hmm well I wanna meet not now not near my companions just you and me I Want to have a chat oh? No, I’m I’m not suggesting you leave Tactically it would be beneficial for me to separate you and kill you one by one, but what I’m planning now I’m going to respect your sense of security We’re heading over to some By myself no you proved that the other night but I Do have an entire army at my disposal? Um just I’m trying to find resolution Or perception on deception all right, and I will do so with my 9 and 11 Yeah ginormous difference between You tell We’re we’re planning on seeing your boys in the wind snakes soon I do believe you have the ability to Possess one of them we can talk there You’ll be safe in your tower Make a make a persuasion Go ahead and add that d4 I know you’re them and Nineteen well And holds up off of a win Sooo On Now that I have these At tribal One-by-one wondering God won’t protect them Hold out a fleshie bag Opens you’re gonna make a madness as you look inside and you like faces of people similar to the shadows Hundreds of bases crying out Madness at wisdom Sixteen You’re seeing this it’s the Ravens yeah You We’re able to or me, but can Are we Sorry you broke out some You You have army of the Dead I have an army We’re still standing at an impasse You don’t want me in your way. I don’t want you in mine What do you need the Winstone’s for I should Because I’m having a feeling two’s not enough and that you still might need one more Coven’s work in threes remember Understand object Fite flaw with it I Only Actually, it’s just the one raven next time Gonna just reach out and Electrify that bitch I’m gonna snap my fingers, or dismiss him just on the off that chance Okay, we have a problem Speak Don’t hold back now well The good news is we don’t have to go visit the Winn snakes Have anything about snakes what is with people in fire in snakes. Oh, my god. Are you freaking kidding me? I? Kind of just hold my hands out to calm her down. It’s the name of a tribal of nomadic warriors The hags have both the Winstone’s We need to hurry up clear this shit out and get back to the city Okay first we need sleep. Yeah, good night’s rest absolutely all right I’m doing the first one with Nick and guidance, and I’ll follow up with that Empathy both before I Go to sleep. I will Well yeah, I have our first watch so Don’t keep Nick out you may do a perception check Wanting to keep going I’m perfectly fine I’m good until 6:30 Will you try to finish up the silver quest thing and go back to city? Yeah, let’s keep rolling Reception with ooh 18 19 20 21 22 Really see as you look into the tree You moved there’s nothing and you Edo’s touching Then brushing Okay um but do you have them on here? You You see here I’m going to send Nicodemus to crash through the window and Screech and flap at both of them to wake him up We’ll take a Shot with fireball one of these Guess is just like basically Startles awake, and it’s just like what the fuck is going on seeing the owl he’s just like Something this is weird and goes out wants to go outside to check basically what’s going on Vesper will be grumbling about broken sleep and no healing and But I’m going to go to the window where the owl crashed through is it on this edge right here Okay, so I’m gonna come here and have my crossbow ready and looking out the window As Morgan sees and yes run around All right there Morgan points out the shadows As first rush forward Roll initiative Yeah Was I going to get a pop song Whoo that’s funny oh nice Where were these rolls like a minute ago Uh the one right next to me the one closest You what was your niche all right, uh yeah nine I’m going last At least I get the pop shop Rushes forward Your fireball as it rips fruit bursting And this first kind of school fire All right Go ahead and go Vespers I am going to shoot the closest one With my With my hand cross fell wet everyone was litter aided by fires of a closest one Whoo Shit As it rushes towards the wall you may nod off as it passes through its head damaging How’s that a magical crossbow? plus one cross person No, that’s all I have I’m until I can rest I have nothing And imaging holding it Yes, it is oh no Oh, it’s good. I’m not gonna argue about that. Thank you. Oh absolutely take it. Where was I originally here? Perfect so I’m gonna go right up to this guy There’s two and my newly found silver Albert In the common big handy here oh Yeah, baby nice Not-so-nice Yeah bonus action oh poor poor arm feed thing Six plus That’s going to be I think twelve Yeah, my strength bought in my proficiency bonus make it twelve Set hits It does tight Damage Total yep six lashing for blood semen yes, oh yes, do I add it to the damage as well Your strength and damage calculation you You need it you need to make a quick tab for your uh your poem backhand. Yeah It’s just And I do virtual no that is not over 12, and what’s your strength not actually or Yeah Yeah, that is 12 Oh Evan no, it’s not that’s that’s 14 Nice Babbitt with a back bend of your a Push it up out of the ground where it was kind of sleep. It was not gonna Yeah you Try to hide as a bonus action Everybody go ahead and make perception ecstasy Definitely not should I roll a g100 20 Yes, rule. Yes roll. I do you want to guess three that We’re good fastest it Come up behind it I get a Danish Ekans. Oh, it’s going That’s my AC And that’s 14 damage 14 and you straight Oh again with this the cursor All right 19 months Rhys Okay, I’m going to step out but across from the no she she doesn’t shoot me And keeping my faith, I’m just keeping my finger trained on it, and I will cast fireboat Dodge it be behind the gash as you’d like to do I will Sam nope nope Oh Okay, did you see my exceptional? Okay um I am gonna do the hand cross bullion Which said As you’re pulling a bullet at this oh You just got hit with some very tragic news I’ve had basically showed you how to live And because of these things Just of so many emotions while you’re half-asleep Finally take a shot and you hit Morgan oh But it only does half damage because you just skirt You take three points a day image more as a arrow just kind of branches your arm Oh, yeah, that’s what are you for stepping in from the window? Yeah, I’m gonna I I know she’s behind me now, right? it The shadow thing so I’m gonna turn I’m just gonna Sixteen – I can do yes All right so do this Ice and we’re going to do this So that’s five slashing name Yes, and then I’ll use my bonus action to do the same thing Which now has a nice neat? Thanks that I Hmm – – on that as well three Come on Is a bonus action Wow Oh what do you 100 it kills itself It tries to self But for some reason that isn’t Looks at the ground around it and it just At all fact because he rolled a one he can’t even act because he focused on trying to sell Side step farther away from that window Straight line and and good old you skate. You’re a mess you Tommy this trick 83 No time we thought we were gonna go clear out the cave and finish the game by 6:30 no no no To fire oh yeah, I am Cheryl damage Shit go for a guest role I only take half though, right Alright, I’m alive And Vespers just you know we got other fires going the other way. Thank you the fire is going to Thank you the fires going the other way Golly there’s always just that one shadow at the end, but just messes up everyone the last time yeah I I do in a state as a bonus action, and I want to ready myself To distance to dismiss Nicodemus oh If that bitch gets near me I’m snapping my fingers But not going through that again ha ha ha that’s my bonus action, I’m ready I’m getting myself out Pairing okay. She’s that far away she gets closer Would you like to do Vespers you oh, she fell back asleep, no, I’m joking That’s not it oh wait, it doesn’t okay, however just do half name No life It’s not feeling very happy though is that multiple arrow suck and AB the few times I guess your turn all right. Let’s finish this let’s wrap this up shall we Yep, it’s alright Pretty simply I’m just gonna take my halberd and I’m gonna bring it up over my head and basically bring it down almost like I’m chopping wood and Just cut straight down top to bottom Driving it so hard it actually goes right into the ground And guys may do it Success Can I sleep now If you guys want we can either do just all mini session to finish up the Upcoming week three about that next session I’m good during the week except on Thursday nights

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