The Real Reason Popeyes Ran Out Of Chicken Sandwiches

The Real Reason Popeyes Ran Out Of Chicken Sandwiches

When Popeyes launched its fried chicken sandwich
on August 12, it got a lot of positive attention — the Twitter announcement got more than
31,000 likes, which is pretty impressive considering that their posts usually get less than 400. What the world didn’t know was that tragedy
was soon to strike. “If you didn’t jump on that Popeye’s chicken
sandwich craze, you’re too late.” Popeyes ran out of chicken sandwiches before
the month was over. But what’s the real reason it disappeared? And when will the Popeyes chicken sandwich
be available again, if ever? To find out, we have to go back to the beginning. For the longest time, Popeyes only sold chicken
pieces and tenders, with no sandwiches on their menu. They have a loyal fan following nonetheless,
including the late Anthony Bourdain, who is said to have once eaten at a Popeyes buffet
for three days in a row. The Popeyes chicken sandwich, made with their
signature crispy fried chicken on a spicy mayo-slathered brioche bun and topped with
pickles, was bound to be a hit with fans, but it had a few competitors who wanted to
make their presence known when the newcomer started getting attention. Chick-fil-A, a big name in the chicken sandwich
game, was compelled to tweet out an equation alluding to the fact that they have the original
chicken sandwich, stating: “Bun + Chicken + Pickles=all the [love]
for the original.” Popeyes wasn’t having it, tweeting a simple
“… y’all good?” in response. While Chick-fil-A’s tweet got more than 23,000
likes, the reply from Popeyes got almost 325,000. Round one goes to Popeyes. Wendy’s, with its notoriously on-point Twitter
game, also tried to get in the fight, posting a tweet that said: “Y’all out here fighting about which of these
fools has the second best chicken sandwich.” But once again Popeyes’ reply — “Sounds like someone just ate one of our biscuits. Cause y’all looking thirsty.” — got way more engagement from customers. The fast food chicken sandwich war has officially
begun. It’s not just social media hype, either. The masses seem to agree that Popeyes chicken
sandwich really is superior to Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich, calling it better and cheaper. CBS This Morning’s Gayle King, who called
15 different Popeyes locations trying to get her hands on one, said on her first bite, “It really lives up to the hype, it’s really
good.” “Popeyes, bravo.” Even celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse gave his
version of a five-star review. He posted on Twitter that he was about to
try the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and when a fan asked what he thought of it, Lagasse
replied with two explosion emojis, the picture version of his famous catchphrase. “Bam, that’s a little bam right there.” But not everyone managed to try one of the
chicken sandwiches. Just 15 days after they launched, Popeyes
made an announcement on Twitter, dashing the dreams of hopeful diners. “Y’all. We love that you love The Sandwich. Unfortunately we’re sold out (for now).” A Popeyes spokesperson told CBS why the sandwich
sold out so quickly, explaining: “The demand for the new Chicken Sandwich in
the first few weeks following its launch far exceeded our very optimistic expectations. In fact, Popeyes aggressively forecasted demand
through the end of September and has already sold through that inventory.” The chain hasn’t said exactly when the Popeyes
chicken sandwich is coming back, only that they, along with their suppliers, are quote,
“working tirelessly to bring the new sandwich back to guests as soon as possible.” If you want to know the second it becomes
available, you can download the Popeyes app and enable push notifications. You’ll get an alert as soon as the sandwich
hits stores, so keep gas in your car and a go-bag by the door, because you never know
when the call might come. “Phone, phone! Who is it? Answer it!” And don’t worry — once the Popeyes chicken
sandwich becomes available it won’t be disappearing again. According to a Popeyes spokesperson, the chicken
sandwich is permanently on the menu. That’s great for fans of the chain, but the
question remains: What are we going to do with ourselves while we wait for its return? “Hey, I’m just a sandwich. Some things you gotta figure out for yourself.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. People are jumping through drive- thru windows, fighting w Popeye employees all bc they sold out of the sandwich. Um. . .Y'all doing too much for a darn sandwich. Y'all doin' waaayyyy too much!!!

  2. I got the Popeyes sandwich before social media was talking about it in July I just ordered it as a side to my main meal. But I ended just eating the sandwich its the Best I have chic fila walking distance from my house but I drive 10miles to Popeyes.

  3. i know someone that works at popeyes (i don’t wanna say who for reasons) and he said that the company that makes the sandwiches and ships them sold out bc they are selling them to so many popeyes but come get more in a week or so

  4. I’m willing to bet there were two major reasons why they “sold out” 1. The employees most likely were getting over worked and probably started threatening to quit 2. I really wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere out there some people literally started fighting over the sandwiches and Popeyes dint want that kind of trouble on their hands but I could be wrong

  5. LMFAO. People are so fucking stupid. There's 100 cajillion chickens slaughtered for food every day and you think a place like Popeye's actually runs out. It's a planned marketing ploy, you morons, to cause drama and demand. Oldest trick in the book.



  7. That's b.s. they use to sell chicken sandwiches but they discontinued it and brought it back. They didn't run out they just discontinued it again cus unlike chic fi la their ratchet ass customer service couldn't keep up with all that publicity

  8. Why does the title say the “real” reason like there is some deep dark reason it went away? It went away cause there was a high demand and people bought it all up. Simple. No need to make a 5 minute video on it

  9. Popeyes always had a chicken sandwich , made from the tenders and hero bread . You guys gotta get your facts straight before post , smh .

  10. Because a bunch of retarded ass clowns were in there fighting each other, fighting the employees, and pulling guns because they ran out of chicken samiches LMAO 😂

  11. These stupid ass dumb ass idiotic ass niggas ran out of chicken…AT A CHICKEN PLACE!!!! I was just at that bitch a couple days ago and got a 5 piece JUST PUT THAT ON SOME BREAD…this is some mega dumb shit

  12. By the time they bring it back people will probably have moved on to another hyped food then Popeyes will be stuck with a massive inventory of sandwiches.

  13. Funny thing is… Popeyes always had the chicken sandwich. Y'all are just slaves and followers of social media and this is the result

  14. Literally been to 10 of these Popeyes in my travels as I’m a truck driver and I travel on the road and every single Popeyes I go to is always out of chicken sandwiches. They need to get their shit together if they’re going to advertise and try to jump into competition with Chick-fil-A because they’re not doing so good at all fuck Popeyes you can’t even have enough stock for something you’re advertising Chick-fil-A never runs out of shit

  15. 1. The chicken sandwiches didn't launch August 12; it's been on their menu for MONTHS prior. 2. The REAL reason was stated without the video expressly stating it: the REAL reason is to direct traffic through their app so it can generate more revenue from the app.

  16. All that hoopla about a chicken sandwich was nothing but crafty counsel by the powers-that-be this is bigger than Popeyes on an individual scale All that stuff was done as a distraction to keep people totally docile like they are about what really is about to happen in this country people are so silly

  17. This is truly a new Low 🤦🏽‍♂️…All this bullshit ..… Over a Fucking Chicken Sandwich 🥪 …. Lmao 😂 this has to be a joke. #iCANT ✌🏽 #DoBetter

  18. I'm a manager at bk.. and our pattys..are fresh cuse we r a busy store so patties never stay there not even for 2min when my guys make a new batch and every fish sandwich is made fresh when its ordered..

  19. What I wanna know is where the hell they getting all this chicken??? And ion trust that sandwich coming back because hell it's no tell what they are gonna do to them

  20. Had that chicken sandwich twice before the hup acured and its good but I aint that good now 😂 people out here fighting over a chicken sandwich it's just so funny 😂

  21. Easy, but Popeyes chicken and go buy some buttermilk buns or go to McDonald’s and ask for their buttermilk chicken sandwich and take chicken out and use those buns😛 EASY ASF

  22. I don't know what the hell people are talking about saying popeye's never had a chicken sandwich, I used to get the chicken poh boy all the time. In fact I remember about 3 months ago I went to the drive-through and got one, chicken, bun, pickles mayo. Poh boy = Sandwich

  23. Wow!! I never would have guessed that the real reason why Popeyes ran out of Chicken Sandwiches, is because they ran out of Chicken Sandwiches.

  24. They ran out of raw chicken breasts? Don't they season, bread and fry the chicken on site? I think they weren't ready for the demand and are trying to figure it out before starting again. They know waiting 30min for a sandwich is unacceptable.

  25. ..yall are hype crazed retards "yall" being anybody who gives 2 cares about a long ass line/wait for a MSG filled fried breast. WHO CARES! I really wish i would. I don't. I never even ate at popeyes a day in my life & if i go to the grave without it….im so good. Ppl of this world are puppets ready 2 jump on whatever the world tells u to jump on. No thanks. More popeyes 4 yall. However i def will eat my chic-fila tho. 😎

  26. All them chickens just dying see least when I eat at Wendy’s I know I’m eating some injected shit that’s mass produced but when I ate them Popeyes chicken sandwiches I was tasting them freshly killed chickens & they was to good

  27. I can’t even imagine a piece of Popeyes chicken being good if it is like a chicken strip .. I’m about to order some strips from our local one and show y all some pathetic mess lol

  28. So i guess all of these major corporations have ghetto, petty, black bitches handling there social media accounts? That's what they all read like! "Y'all " "thirsty " etc…fuck outta here.

  29. I do not understand what you mean by saying that Popeye's didn't have a chicken sandwich for the longest time. They sell 3 types of sandwiches in the ones I got to work at and they also introduce two special sandwiches every year.

    The hell?!🙃

  30. When the sandwhich comes back its gonna be some extra chemicals/ingredients that suddenly starts harming people mentally and physically. Smh. Popeyes couldve been did this. Why now?
    Whatever bastard is behind this: " If you wanna feed the people, feed thier mouth first."

  31. Buy some buns and pickles go to popeys and order Some Bonless Chickens and WALLAA You have your own fucking Popeys Chicken Sandwich Your Fucking Welcome

  32. That sandwich did not launch in August I've been on that sandwich since April this year matter fact I believe it was out a little longer than that I have proof

  33. How the FUCK are you not going to mentions Reviewbrah’s opinion? No one gives a damn about the people you listed. I pity your ignorance, it disgusts me. You better recognize and pay homage to Reviewbrah.

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