The Real Reason Walmart Is Closing Down Stores

The Real Reason Walmart Is Closing Down Stores

For a long time, Walmart seemed like the unstoppable
juggernaut of the retail world, but things haven’t been looking so great for the retail
giant. In fact, they just announced another round
of closures. So what’s going on with Walmart, and will
it get better or worse? In 2016, Walmart purchased and began
aggressively expanding their online presence. Why? Because Amazon, that’s why. The online retail giant was figuratively eating
Walmart’s lunch, so Walmart had to shift gears from a brick-and-mortar retail word to a digital
one. CEO Doug McMillon told Business Insider that
the resulting downturn in profits as they refocused their business was, quote, “planned
and expected.” But it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. Industry experts say that Walmart has had
issues figuring out how much to keep in stock to satisfy both online and in-store orders,
often resulting in physical locations being either overstocked with unwanted merchandise
or understocked on key goods. And considering the whole point of going to
Walmart is to get all the vital supplies in one place, not having those items when customers
need them is a big problem. “Amazon is now worth more than the nation’s
biggest retailer.” “You know why? ‘Cause they sell sex toys, and Walmart can’t,
or won’t. Nobody else will tell you this, but that’s
the reason!” “Okay.” According to Forbes, Walmart’s image has been
a major problem for them. Sure, they’re known for low prices, but they’re
also known for leaning on small retailers, dirty, messy, and disorganized stores, a complete
lack of training for employees, management that are out of touch, and some of the worst
customer service this side of S-Mart. “Lady, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask
you to leave the store.” “Who the hell are you?” “Name’s Ash. Housewares.” In 2018, the U.S. government and President
Donald Trump leveled a ton of tariffs on goods coming into the country from China. Hundreds of affected businesses appealed to
the government for relief, but it’s arguably Walmart that has been affected the most, as
they import a slew of goods from Asia. According to the Washington Examiner, Walmart
responded by absorbing as much of the cost as possible in order to keep their prices
relatively level. That’s good news for consumers, but bad news
for Walmart’s bottom line: with supply costs up 3.2 percent, their profit margin had declined
severely. With so many of their brick-and-mortar locations
struggling, Walmart has turned to rebranding and reformatting in order to try to find a
more profitable business model. In 2011, for instance, they rolled out Walmart
Express stores in urban markets across America. By 2014, though, the experiment was over,
and those locations had instead been replaced by a new brand: Neighborhood Markets. Designed to compete with chains like Trader
Joe’s, Neighborhood Markets primarily sell groceries. But while Walmart had close to 700 Neighborhood
Markets locations by 2019, they had also already closed more than 130 of them, with more closures
announced. Maybe it will work out in the long run, but
considering the massive costs associated with opening and closing store locations, trial
and error seems like an expensive way to do business. Walmart isn’t just closing down stores, though. Another metric of how much they are struggling
is the fact that they aren’t opening many new stores either. According to Yahoo! Finance, Walmart had more than 3,500 supercenters
in the U.S. at the beginning of 2019. Only 15 of those, though, opened in 2018,
and only ten new stores were planned for 2019. It seems that Walmart has reached market saturation,
as every location that can support a store seemingly has one already. It’s no wonder, then, that Walmart is reportedly
focusing on overhauling, or simply closing, their existing locations. And they are also looking for different ways
to expand. According to CNBC, Walmart has been buying
up brands like Flipkart, Bare Necessities, and Eloquii as well as partnering with corporations
like Advance Auto Parts, MGM, and Humana. It’s all part of a push to produce products
in house to reduce costs, just like their store closings. It’s a tough call, but you know what they
say: “The hardest choices require the strongest
wills.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. What Walmart Did:

  2. Going the way of Target: unclean, hardly any staff, no smiles, not even responding to Amber Alerts, empty shelves, food quality, ect.
    We do have a Wegmans here. I can attest to the quality of fruit and veggies. The best of all stores. Prices may be higher, but look at the size and choices. The only store in the 15 to 20 miles radius to carry rhubarb, cotton candy grapes, large, ripe pineapples, and more. Check out the self serve take out section. No, I don’t work for them, I am retired. Just comparing. My town has 2(two) Walmart’s . Do not want to lose either.
    Did I hear Kohl’s is in trouble, too? Sigh.

  3. I drove for walmart 22 years one problem i saw was they opened too many stores too close together i would deliver to stores less than a mile away i delivered to neighborhood markets across the parking lot from a regular walmart that carried the wxact groceries and had only 1 cashier because corperate made the manager cut employee hours to save money,in 2010 i seen a totaly different company then in the 90s heading down hill

  4. Its because the old Walmart Stores are being converted into Fema Camps the US is trillions in debt and the US Government knows a collapse is comming.

  5. Sounds like Walmart is being run by democrats. Maybe they should go on a six weeks vacation. Then when they come back they can blame Amazon and call them racist.

  6. It's a problem for me when does not enough checkers. You have to do your own groceries and check out yourself I have a disability were I don't understand how to even do it I have to get help every time I was in special education class when I was growing up Have a disability for the state unless thing help me I can't buy anything.

  7. 👋Bill Clinton took money from tax payers to put an airport in Arkansas that Wal Mart and the rest of the businesses like Tyson and JB Hunt could move stuff from China . This is where American jobs went . And up until now the playing field has been one sided in favor of other countries. They make and send it to America expecting us to buy it . What with ? .
    They also opened up one of their main Corporate offices and factories in China . This all the Chinese crap .
    When they started out their trucks all had signs on them telling Americans they were dealing with American products . When the airport was finished ! That’s when Wal Mart removed the made in America signs from their trucks .

  8. When you are fired can be black listed for life and unable to work for any company they own as well as future buy outs. AKA blacklisted nearly happened to me

  9. They need more Fema camps and community control sites and parking spots for the UN vehicles they are bringing in. A staging area within the community so they can control the people when martial law is declared, and a containment area for citizens who have been held captive until they transport you to a Fema camp.!

  10. Fema – mart Un control staging area close to town prison camp until transport to Fema one Death camps by train cars with restraints

  11. Black walmarts smell like air freshener and have new camera cops in parking lots with flashing lights and wireless cameras watching you!

  12. I heard a siren and a voice over loud speakers outside telling citizens that they would tell the people where to go and what to do in a emergency so people will obey the slave masters when crap hits the fan. It's coming to a Walmart near you!

  13. Wal mart is biggest pile of shit in U.S. id rather shop at. Goodwill at least i get name brand shoes pocket book , cloths !!!!!

  14. customer service and made in america…..greedy bastards forgot/ignored those two ideas. i know i avoide walmart, sams, murphy oil, neighborhood mkts and have no problem spending a little more somewhere else……more often than not, i actually spend less somewhere else

  15. I hope they close the one where I live , place is a joke 100% mark up on food and products have to make sure I have a half hour extra time for the wait in line ….15 registers only 3 open during the busiest time of day …I go to market basket and dollar general instead now.

  16. I'm not really impressed with Walmart, though I do shop there at times (two or three times a year). I find the majority of their food prices and selection about the same as any other supermarket. Paper and household products are cheaper (and just as good) at dollar stores. Half the time whatever I want has to be ordered. I mainly just shop there when picking up something I had to order online and pick up at the store.

  17. This is a lie because I recently found out that Walmart is the richest stores in the world!! These stores closed because of underground tunnels for the military/govt (NWO) remember Jade Helm? Don't allow yourselves to be deceived!!

  18. Last few years they stopped hiring full time… they ONLY hire part time…. I was a supervisor for the tle when Sam was alive… was a great place to work … right after he died it went down hill fast….. wht are they say walmart is struggling??? They are making billions a year…. way they treat people I hope they go out of business… advance auto just list my business

  19. I feel Walmart could do better by getting rid of all them self checkouts way to many and get some Mangers who gives a darn about the customers as well as the store stop hiding and not answering the phone when people call or comes in the store I love Walmart I shop at numeriics ones I just put up with the nonsense but I feel they need to do better and the folks whos ever running Walmart now they need to listen to the people an stop pocktin the cash and not caring ok

  20. I live in a small town and a small town next to me has a Super Walmart and on the other side of me is another small town that has a Super Walmart in that Town. The two Super Center Walmarts are only 10 miles apart. Guntersville, Albertville, and Boaz Alabama

  21. Wal-Mart now have automatic registers theyde rather put in automated cash registers than pay a human being ! Wal-Mart SUCKS !

  22. Stores are closing and people being laid off…but people are so excited in making a video that they don't even realise that they added music more suitable for the inauguration of a store than for it's closure…I'm not asking for a requiem, but there are less frivolous music than YouTube's themes.

  23. Maybe Wal-Mart will be a hybrid… maybe they are emptying some of their stores to convert them into "fulfillment centers" (that's what Amazon calls theirs).

  24. Don’t forget how they play games with peoples hours so that they can save money. At my store they already cut overnights and they are planning to get rid of all but two regular registers and replacing them with self check outs.

  25. They opened a neighborhood Walmart last year in my neighborhood. This year they closed the store. It was built from the ground, What a waste

  26. Fenced with barbed wires turning into concentration camps people pay attention they're not shutting down due to more or lack of products smh

  27. Look if you want cheap cut prices your gonna find corners cut. The product made cheap mean bad conditions for those who work in factory making product. You get what you pay for. I try to use local business's in the town i live in England UK but bc i can but everything in 1 store i find it faster to do that.

  28. No Walmart has big problem they are violating a amendment they are focusing on catching shop lifter then they are with hiring people. Walmart stores are also charging people with shop lifting when they have not been to that stores because some Walmart higher part time manger and make the other Walmart say they been to that store or a curse peiole of shop lifting when they have a rescipt. Walmart so stupid because when they do that the courts and attorneys get the money they do not. They di not see one dime. They also can stop it they will not because I seen other stores that have cashier only and baggers to prove the people did not steal also alarms and things marked with alarms. The other stores post it you shop lift un this store you could face 1500 fine and 3 years in jail and snile because you in camera. But Walmart does not do that it's the number one store for shop lifter rhe CEO ofcwakmart said when someone does this we call insurance . Somethibg needs to be dine about it walmaet they need to be find them self every time they charge sineobr

  29. Walmart stopped selling ammo; 4700 stores x $20 average box of ammo/ day x 52 weeks in yr x 25 boxes sold daily/store x 7 days/week. Almost $1Billion dollars in lost gross sales.

  30. I watched KMart go down hill for some time You could see their decline , like they didn't care anymore. ho hum , WallMart doing the same , Just got too big for their own good.

  31. I hope the sooner, the better. They are not the all American store that they started out as but, have became way too liberal on issues that stagger away from what the store used to be.

  32. In small rural towns, Walmart is the only place to shop. There are always many empty shelf spots in most of the grocery area. The fresh fruits and vegetables are wilting before fresh produce is brought in. The meat department has limited choices in meats.
    I am a crocheter and have been very disappointed in the limited choices and empty spots. When a colt and type of yarn is finally ordered, they only buy 3 skeins at a time. There is a lot to be desired of products available in my store. I have reported to the store mgr, and if nothing is done about it, I call corporate in Bentonville. Most of the time the issue is still not addressed.

  33. I for one got tired of waiting in line, by the time u get to the checkout you wish u never stopped foot in the store. Also they sell recalled items that will kill your dog! When walmart opened they claimed everything was made in the USA! That was a lie! Killary is on their board! Thats another downer!

  34. Well, and Walmart's not been making very smart decisions lately. Turning its back on gun owners wasn't the smartest decision they've ever made.. in fact I'd say it was the stupidest decision yet. Just goes to show that when a business decides to get political and lets politics rule the day in their stores.. well the financial landscape suddenly becomes a bleak desert as shoppers start looking for other locations to shop at. Walmart starts to realize that shooting itself in gut like that wasn't a very smart thing to do.


  36. We live in Wadena MN. We are a small town and have a Walmart. In summer, we can't hardly shop there because the cabin people fill it up almost all day. It's the same story with all Walmarts in surrounding towns. Empty shelves. For some reason Walmart determines what is shipped to it's stores rather than managers. Upper level management at Walmart is more concerned with profit margin than selling product for profit margin. Listen up Walmart, If it ain't on the shelf it can NOT be sold to a consumer. Get rid of half of your upper management (high paid, high load) and let the in store department managers (lower paid lower load) run their departments. When a store manager wants 9 cases of something and your Bentonville computer says send 6 cases over ride the computer and send 9 cases. Shelves won't be empty, more product will sell and margins will go up. We have stopped shopping Walmart because shelves usually are out of stock where as our local grocery store is always well stocked and has staff to keep shelves stocked up.

  37. Walmart has become a clusterfuck of a place. They announce theyre giving raises to save face and get themselves out of the hot seat. Those raises? Only a handful of positions got them and those positions have already been fazed out. The latest structure change has gotten rid of the department manager positions and a bunch of co manager positions. Now theres almost nowhere to advance. The new positions were given to the asst managers who had their positions cut. The supports and department managers had to step down to regular floor associates since thats the only positions left anymore. The new attendance policy is a joke. Its nearly impossible to get enough time built up to be able to take a sick day without getting a point. 4 points in 6 months and youre terminated unless youre buddies with management and they approve your absences so it doesnt give you a point. Theyve gotten rid of so many workers that they run on a skeleton crew now. Management threatening to write you up or terminate you if you cant do what used to be atleast a 3 person job. When you do get a day off, you get to come back to work to now 2 days worth of freight waiting for you to do. And forget about getting those bonuses they used to give. Now if you have 2 absences in the middle of the quarter youre screwed not only for that quarters bonus but next quarters as well since those 2 absences will still be on your record. And they wonder why the employees no longer take pride in their stores and end up on meth just to try and keep up so they dont lose their job. Management looks the other way because half of them are using it too and are the ones selling it to their employees. 10 years ive worked for walmart and ive finally reached the point where i cant make excuses why i stay. For the first time in a decade ive updated my resume and started applying elsewhere.

  38. People dont realize. Politics is to blame not only exclusive to walmart but all retail chains. Taxes and new taxes keep popping every year. The cost of health care isnt helping. The terriff war is driving up prices. Your local government isnt any better with the same agenda as the fed-Taxes. The cost of living is literally driving average working people homeless due to the fact that housing is not affordable as it use to. What do some of this has to do with store closimgs? Buying power. The value of the dollar has diminished to the point where even the simplest thing like 2 for a dollar or one for fifty cents has changed to or one for sixty nine to seventy nine cents. Years ago twenty dollats use to be able to feed one person for a week if spent wisely at a grocery store. Twenty dollars these days is like putting a quarter in a gumball machine. When you find away to save your money, there is always a tax hike or new tax that will take it away. When you get a cost of living raise, you will get thrown into a new tax bracket that make the raise seem pointless. We lost buying power. We cant afford to just give walmart our money and pay bill at the same time like we use to do. Products are being wasted of just collecting dust because we cant afford to spend money like that anymore and it is getting worse. These people in congress act like there is over 300,000,000 millionaires in America. News flash! Not everyone has a million dollars. Not everyone can buy a new car. Not everyone can pay rent starting off in the thousand dollar range. Not everyone can walk into walmart and spend two hundred dollars or more every other week without consequences. And then we have health care to worry about.

  39. Don’t y’all believe all this! They’re blaming Amazon but it’s much bigger than that! Well here we go again another one bites the dust!! 🙄😮🤦🏽‍♀️ This article I’ve recently read about a local closing doesn’t even make any sense!! How they gonna “close 15 then open 10 new ones??!” 🤔 These Walmart’s I keep telling folk are setting up for the New World 🌎rder and are being closed all over the country for FEMA concentration camps setting up for the mark of the beast! I have been saying this for the longest! Walmart ain’t bankrupt! 🤔 Walmart has PLENTY of money not to mention stock and business is flourishing and has been for years!! Yeah Amazon’s online process may be hot for now but Walmart isn’t closing for what they’d like us to believe in the above video. Amazon is a decoy just like the supposed “plumbing issues” was the reason. 🙄 The link I’ve attached under this caption will give some of you a clue if you don’t wanna take my word for it! The world dictator the Antichrist spoken of in Revelation 13-16 is soon to take his platform on world stage and the stage is being set and Walmart IS apart of the Agenda!! Don’t be deceived!! 😒

  40. I quit going to Walmart because of horrendous customer service…I was in the Walmart at Fort Myers Beach in Florida…A lazy ass check-out clerk refused to check me out because I had over 20 items and he was the only manual check out lane…I said there wasn't any other lane open so he tells me I HAVE to use self check-out….I HATE SELF CHECK-OUT…So I muck through it…I complained to the Manager and she just shrugged and could of care less!! Lazy POS employees…Fuck Walmart!!

  41. If you shop on line you have to wate for ever to get it i dont shop online its. Nothing but problems and takes to long to get you stuff

  42. Training sucks big time. Then expected to finish these CBLs online. They dont even give you anytime to finish them. Then youll get in trouble if they are not done. I would have to get carts in the scorching heat and move pallets into freezers and refrigerators (not what i was hired for]. Needless to say i got ill from this came down with near pnemonia episode and cant go to work. And walmart has a point system .5……..yup went over because i couldnt show up. Yup im done. I really miss some of the ppl i worked with not the place. I was really good to my coworkers and customers.

  43. Walmart is closing doors cause they are cheap with hiring and are for themselves. They rather go overseas to China than work where Walton wanted to be here in the United States.

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