The Real Reason You Should Stop Eating These Kinds Of Fish

The Real Reason You Should Stop Eating These Kinds Of Fish

We’re often told to eat fish for our health,
yet at the same time faced with constant warnings about some of our favorite varieties. So which types of fish should you really strive
to avoid? Let’s explore the real reasons you should
stop eating certain kinds of fish. The swordfish is a predatory fish. Good news if you are a swordfish, but bad
news for us, because mercury moves up the food chain, meaning this fish is full of it. Plus, overfishing has led to population decline,
while the long line fishing method used to catch swordfish often threatens endangered
species like turtles and sea birds. The largest of tuna, an adult Pacific bluefin
can reach 1,400 pounds or more. But they rarely get the chance. Demand is so high that the fish sell for outrageous
amounts. “A record $3.1 million has been paid for
a Pacific bluefin tuna fish in Japan.” That demand has led to many bluefin being
fished before they reach adulthood and reproduce. As of 2016, populations of Pacific bluefin
tuna had declined by 97 percent, and the fish is fast on its way to joining the official
list of endangered species. Chilean sea bass aren’t bass, and most aren’t
from Chile either. Properly called the toothfish, a wave of popularity
in the ‘90s drove the Chilean sea bass nearly to extinction. In 2002, chefs and fisheries banded together
to boycott toothfish until worldwide stocks have recovered. Some claim that has now happened, but even
if that is true, high mercury levels should place it on your “avoid” list anyway. A majority of the catfish imported into the
US comes from Vietnam, a country with lax regulations concerning the use of antibiotics
and pesticides in aquaculture. In 2016, Vietnamese swai …a cousin to the
American catfish …tested positive for Gentian Violet and Malachite Green, which are known
carcinogens and both banned in the US. If you decide to eat Catfish, make sure you
know the source! “Looks great, what is it?” “Catfish!” “Bottom feeders. My favorite.” Prized for being the number one choice for
fish and chips, cod is also used to extract cod liver oil, an in-demand supplement. As a result, Atlantic cod, also known as scrod,
has been severely overfished and was added to the endangered species list in 2000. So if you want cod, make sure you get Pacfic
cod, which is still plentiful! Shark fin soup is a delicacy in Hong Kong,
China, and other places. But the highly controversial method of obtaining
the fins, which involves lopping them off live sharks and then tossing the sharks back
in the ocean to die, is considered horribly inhumane by many, including celebrity chef
Gordon Ramsay. “It is without a doubt the worst act of
animal cruelty I have eer seen.” Additionally, sharks breed infrequently, making
overfishing a real danger. According to a 2013 report from The Guardian,
nearly 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins. And when sharks are overfished the species
they prey on go wild and unbalance the ecosystem. To top it off, sharks are very high in mercury. So do yourself and these sharks a favor and
take a chomp out of something else next time. American eel tend to have high levels of chemical
pollutants like dioxin, mirex, and PCBs, which is reason enough to avoid them. They are also endangered, which is a problem,
because without eels, river ecosystems go belly up, resulting in lower water quality. It’s a lose-lose for everyone. When it comes to Sole, the fish are fine. In fact, sometimes they’re a little too eager
to be eaten. “It shot out of my hand, into my mouth,
and basically swam straight down my throat. And I was completely choked out.” The problem is that Sole are found on the
bottom of the ocean. So trawlers use massive nets to just grab
everything on the ocean floor. They then keep the Sole and toss everything
else aside. It’s estimated that for every pound of marketable
Sole dredged up, about 16 pounds of other animals are killed and tossed aside. Plus, this method also damages the seabed,
destroying things like fragile coral reefs and entire ecosystems. It’s unconscionable. Finally, there’s escolar, which should be
avoided because it will make you sh-t your brains out. “Escolar, sometimes referred to as the X-Lax
Fish.” Escolar has a velvety, creamy texture. But that comes from something called wax ester,
which the human digestive system can’t process. So it comes out the other end in a way that
some describe as, quote, “seepage,” and The Kitchn describes as, quote, “explosive,
oily, orange diarrhea”. Escolar has been banned in countries like
Italy and Japan, but it’s still being served in America …and sometimes, it’s labelled
white tuna, walu, or butterfish, which can trick unwary diners. So unless you have an extra pair of pants
with you, you might want to skip this next time you see it on a menu under any of its
names. “There are no laws against serving escolar
or walu, but there are rules about making sure that restaurants and other business label the fish properly.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. This video as well other reasons why I don't eat fish to much or at all more so Sushi cause the Japanese well those that catch the fish and sell them don't give a damn about over fishing so I just make / buy vegetarian Sushi well also cause I got food poisoning.

  2. Surprised Puffer Fish isn’t on here, extremely poisonous and even with the most skilled chefs can be a huge risk to eat and with no reliable antidote

  3. If you want to save yourself the video.
    1: They are over harvest or unethically harvested
    2:They have high levels of mercury
    3:Escolar gives you diarrhea

  4. Ewwww I was hoping Escolar would be on the list. They're like the sugar free gummy bears of the fish world. Yes, you do have to label it with the right name, but most people don't know or don't care. Eating a little bit won't kill you, but eating a lot of it will make you wish it had. Also, eel is delicious and I wish they weren't so expensive to farm.

  5. Some people are worried about Mercury, others are worried about lethal radiation exposure….. Nothing scares me now….

  6. I don't eat fish 🐟 stopped eating fish years ago. I stick to sea vegetables instead. Looking forward to trying out a seaweed that has been claimed to taste like bacon.

  7. I will avoid escolar. Thankfully, I know of at least one teriyaki/sushi place that is very honest and actually lists 'escolar' as a sushi choice.

  8. I eat fish every single day and fortunately not the ones in this video. We usually have oxeye scad, red grouper, milkfish, skipjack tuna and yellowfin 🙂

  9. So you haven't provided any "real reasons" why I should stop eating these fish. All I hear is that I should go hungry or eat environmentally harmful beef or cruelly raised chicken instead of eating these fish. BTW just bc Gordon said it's bad doesn't make it so. He's no expert. He's barely a chef.

  10. Yeah, more reason to say humans suck and we should be vegan, even though farming does… Wait a second this is about fish.
    Humanity 2: Fishing, coming soon to the AltSciPlex near you!!! Copywriter Hemsec 4 productions 2503.

  11. Orange ROUGHY, lord knows when I have eaten this,<or EVEN SEEN IT, it comes from the southern pacific Australia, NewZeeland , I used to buy it by the case, whenever I saw it, as I did service calls, for refrigeration , for the A&P supermarkets ., when the price was right., its been OVERFISHED., Cheers from NJ

  12. Swordfish Steak is like my once a year treat, sometimes every couple of years I haven't had it since 2017. But its soooooo goooooood !!

  13. Either we stop eating fish willingly, or we'll stop eating them because they've become extinct. Escolar…jeez!!!

  14. Black people should stick to chicken because 90% of catfish is poisoned, hushpuppies are still ok thankfully.

  15. What if I bought these kinds of fish at Costco? Doesn't Mashed love stuff at Costco? Luckily for me, I buy all my stuff at Costco. 😀 Can you make another Costco video?

  16. hey we should all just starve 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 since this channel basically says everything we eat is bad for you period

  17. The ones who need to stop consuming the entire ocean and everything in it are asians. Many asian nations dont even give af about civilized laws, even so called civilized nations like japan just decimate the ocean endangered species or not.

  18. ONLY fish I eat is what I catch in Kansas.. Nice private ponds n lakes beautiful safe and great💯 and Kansas is growing its own Shrimp..You have to preorder and drive 45miles to get it..

  19. Haven’t had fish in years, it’s definitely not something I care for but these were interesting facts to be aware of!

  20. Minority: We will not eat this fish!

    Mayority: This fish is delicious!

    Now, It's not that i agree with you but, if there's a demand, there will be product. Unless some country ban this kind of practice, they will not stop bringing it. Like Shark Fins. I'm against them. I hate it when they kill the Sharks just because for their fins. But because some people wanna eat it just for "Medicine effect", they hunt the sharks like no tomorrow.

    It's maybe a grim future, but one day, people who eat them to the extinct will look at each other and said "What have we done" and blame themselves eventhough it will not bring them back.

    For now, let's us do what we can. Don't eat the wilds one and eat the farm one. Some of Bluefin Tuna are already farm so whenever you want to eat Tuna, ask if it's farm or not. if it's wild caught, better eat other fish than that. I know Japanese concern about the fish, but I can't tell about the others whole catch them blindly.

  21. Escolar sounds like a really good option instead of drinking prune juice when you're backed up. I looked it up, apparently you're suppose to avoid eating more than 2 portions of it ( 6 ounces) so I guess having just a little is fine, and all these people were just pigging out on it because it's cheap and apparently really tasty lol I'd try it, espeacially on days where i'm pretty backed up. Should offer this fish in retirement homes. I think it's a good idea.

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