The Real Truth About Chef Matty Matheson

The Real Truth About Chef Matty Matheson

TV and movies can often portray the life of
a famous chef as pretty rock ‘n roll. But Canadian chef, TV host and personality
Matty Matheson has experienced more than his share of struggles … and it’s been a long
road to landing his massive success. So who’s the guy behind this culinary tattooed
sneakerhead? Here’s the real truth about Matty Matheson. “I have a TV show, I’m the chef of many restaurants,
very successful, no. See all that stuff’s fake. That’s what you say” Never one to shy away from spilling the less-savory
details of his checkered past, Matty frequently entertains fans and interviewers with stories
of drug binges lasting days at a time. There was nothing he wouldn’t consume if offered
to him, and he often enjoyed taking multiple kinds of substances at once. “With the chef stuff and partying, everyone
knows what the f— goes on. Everyone goes out and parties every single
night and you show up and you’re hungover, and you cook” For 15 years, Matty soaked up as much alcohol,
snow, ecstasy, mushrooms, and acid as he could get his hands on. He was a self-appointed “garbage head” someone
who constantly dabbled in mind-altering substances. “I could easily drink a bottle of whiskey,
24 beers, half a bottle of vodka, like do grams and grams of snow, a few ecstasies” It was all fun and games until 2012, when
a heart attack landed the 29-year-old in the hospital. “Who has a heart attack at 29. I don’t know anyone” While a heart attack in someone’s twenties
would likely bring the party lifestyle to a screeching halt for most people, it would
take more than a terrifying medical scare to stop Matty’s urge to binge. Alcoholism is a disease, and anyone who’s
ever known someone in its grip can attest to the horror. It changes people, causing them to become
the worst versions of themselves. And despite the amount of treatment options
available, some fall victim and never return. Luckily, Matty climbed out of the abyss. But it wasn’t easy. “I feel worse today than I’ve ever felt in
my life. I feel like a f—— piece of s—” Before choosing a life of sobriety, Matty
solidified his reputation as a “party guy” early on. He was always the loudest and craziest, and
when fellow chefs came into town to rage, he welcomed them with open arms. However, as friends and coworkers around him
ditched the antics to pursue their careers, Matty stayed put, satisfied with the role
he carved out for himself knocking back copious amounts of alcohol and showboating everywhere
he went. “We got really wasted. We did a million shots.” But finally, someone stepped in. Tired of the ongoing shenanigans and drunken
stupors, three of his close friends staged an intervention and Matty accepted. Even though he disguised it well, he too was
tired of the exhausting existence. So these days, does he miss sipping a fine
wine with an extravagant meal? You bet. And Matty admits that every sober day takes
effort. But his passion for food filled the void left
by the booze, and he enthusiastically declares he’s now “the best version” of himself. One look at Matty and you can tell the dude
loves ink. Like, a lot. After spending that kind of moolah on decorating
your skin, you’d hope at least some of those designs would have a special meaning … and
you’d be right. “Just below my nipple, I have the worst tattoo
of my body, but it’s one of the most meaningful.” Oddly, his least favorite tattoo on his body,
in his opinion, also packs some major importance. Dedicated to his sister Sarah while she went
through a rocky patch with her ex-husband, Matty had an artist from New Mexico design
a heart with her name, on his torso. Although he hated the final result, it represents
just how much he loves his family. “Sarah. I love you. Still she’s the best” Across his right knuckles are the letters
D-S-O-L, an acronym for his VICE show Dead Set on Life, representing the moment he kicked
his out of control drinking habit, for life. And his most meaningful tattoo, not surprisingly,
is his son’s name, Macarthur, running down his chest. “I just got my son’s name tattooed on me. Mac. That means the most. That’s like the best one.” You’d think that a chef who holds the accolades
Matty does surely had dreams of making it big in the kitchen. But it turns out, that wasn’t exactly his
thing, originally. After high school, Matty found himself enrolling
in Toronto’s Humber College culinary school for one reason: It was literally the only
program willing to accept him. But it was soon apparent that handling knives
and pairing ingredients were his strong suit. For the first time in his entire academic
career, he earned decent grades and enjoyed doing it. “The response was like, give me more sir,
you ever see that movie with the orphans?” But Matty led a renegade lifestyle, and two
weeks prior to graduating, he abandoned school to tour with his friends’ metal band. After the substance-fueled tour ended, he
returned to Toronto, resume in hand, and started looking for a job. Le Select Bistro offered a position to the
culinary school dropout, and Matty accepted. There, he mastered the art of cooking classic
French cuisine. Our tattooed friend was hooked, and immediately
began his gradual climb to the top. “This kinda cooking really gets me going. Really tweeks my nipples. And if you know me, I’m a nipple guy” You’ve heard the expression “a way to a man’s
heart is through his stomach,” but men aren’t the only gender it applies to. Whipping up a delicious meal for any partner
is a sure-fire way to score some serious brownie points and according to Matty possibly get
a little bedroom action, as well. His dish of choice is lasagna. “If you don’t like lasagna, you’re probably
an idiot, you probably vote for people that you shouldn’t vote for.” So, listen up all you hopeful romantics who
also love Italian food. First, use nothing but fresh ingredients,
including a great olive oil. Once everything reduces down, the flavors
combine to create a gravy any Italian grandmother would brag about. “See these layers, see these things? This is what lasagna should look like.” Once all the ingredients are meticulously
layered into a deep pan pasta, meat, cheese, repeat throw that bad boy into the oven, and
let the magic happen. The golden brown crust that forms on top ends
the show, and now it’s a one-way trip into your rumbling bellies. “You make the lasagna for someone you love,
I guarantee you’ll get laid” Anyone who’s worked even one day in a kitchen
knows there’s a LOT to learn. Narrowing down all the tips and tricks to
just the essentials might seem like an impossible feat to lesser chefs, but Matty’s got your
back. “The foundation. The building blocks. Everything you need to know about cooking.” According to the chef, knives are the cornerstone
of any successful kitchen. If you plan on rising to the ranks of home
culinary wiz, splurge on a good one. Pair with it a solid cutting board, sturdy
pan, and capable spoon. While you can sometimes get away with using
cheap pantry items, always shell out for quality staple goods, like olive oil, flour, and salt. These ingredients alone crank a dish up from
ten to 11 real quick. Oh, and maple syrup. We can all agree our pancakes need tender
loving care, as well. “If you wanna put some seasonings, I do” Finally, don’t hang on to old spices forever. They dry out and dull flavors make for dull
meals. Get to know your supermarket’s spice aisle,
and keep things fresh in the pantry. “I’m building a landscape of flavor” In a perfect world, we’d all swim in fat stacks
of cash, able to afford whatever we want whenever we wanted it. But since that reality doesn’t exist, people
gravitate toward the affordable. Matty shops at local discount stores, but
there are a few things he’ll shell out top dollar for. And maybe you should, too. “Some fennel, some f—– kohlrabi, some daikon,
some f—– rapini.” First up, nab some super-charged olive oil. When Matty visits New York, he leaves with
Frankies 457 Spuntino Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At 18 bucks a pop, it might be a tough sell,
but Matty swears it’s the “perfect oil.” Then, you’ve gotta have some maple syrup on
hand. Societe Original Remonte-Pente Maple Syrup
is the real deal according to the big guy. He describes it as, “Pure, toasty, and made with such precision
and care.” Matty also is never without Hostess cupcakes. Although his wife prefers that he avoids these
rich sugar-laden snacks, Matty’s all in. And finally: you’ll need some real nice tomatoes. Matty claims each bite of Bianco DiNapoli
Whole Peeled Organic Tomatoes whisks you away to the hills of Tuscany. Developed by the head chef of Phoenix’s famous
Pizzeria Bianco, they supposedly taste like succulent strawberries. This is one chef who goes the extra mile to
ensure his Instagram account kicks major butt. And if you assume it’s inundated with curated
pics of Kobe beef or divine Michelin dishes, you’re wrong. Sure, he’s got enough drool-worthy posts to
satisfy any foodie, but it’s the other stuff that piques the interest of Insta addicts. For one thing, the guy’s not afraid to show
some skin. He’s large and in charge, and he posts the
photos to prove it. Are you bold enough to show the world what
a bird’s-eye view of you sitting on the toilet looks like? Matty is, and that’s why people love him. “Hi guys, I’m so excited.” His Instagram account’s also a fervent reminder
of how important family and friends are to him. Anyone in need of good vibes can fire up his
pictures and bask in the positive energy radiating off his contagious smile. A photo with Bill Nye, science’s coolest guy?
Yea, he’s got one. Are you a fan of the Trailer Park Boys? Well, so is Matty. Brag about your Instagram heroics all you
want, but you’ll find it nearly impossible to match Matty’s. “It’s my cookbook.” Knowledge isn’t something to hold secret,
no matter what it is. Matty agrees wholeheartedly with this, and
he blessed the culinary landscape with his aptly titled, Matty Matheson: A Cookbook. Inside its cover, you will find tons of great
Matheson family recipes, as well as a glimpse into the fond memories that laid the groundwork
of his eventual passion: good eating. “It’s selfish of me to keep these recipes
to myself.” This definitely isn’t your grandma’s cookbook. Need proof? He describes his maple bacon Jack Daniel’s
sauce by saying: “You could pour this on like a burning baby
diaper and suck it off like a soup dumpling from a Chinatown Chinese restaurant.” “I was just like this young punk being like
I don’t care about society man, and then I’d go sit at that table and have a chicken cacciatore
and be like I think I get society.” Matty emphasizes the book is an unfiltered
look into his childhood, reminiscing about the days he spent with his grandfather shucking
fresh oysters with a rusted knife or falling asleep in the booths every time he visited
the family restaurant. There’s an undeniable honesty in his words,
and it all comes from the heart. “Do do do…pancakes, pancakes.” Although nutritionists implore you to eat
breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day, Matty isn’t having any of
it. In the hierarchy of daily meals, breakfast
sits alone on the bottom. Instead, he’d rather start his day with a
rich bowl of pho. Since a hearty helping of delicate noodles
isn’t exactly what most places offer early risers in America, Matt does have a breakfast
go-to: hash. He nicknames the stuff “fridge-cleaner” because
you can throw in just about anything from your refrigerator. Time for a fridge purge? If the answer’s a resounding “yes,” there’s
no better time to fire up a helping of hash. “You should start your day off with a real
big ole heavy duty hash.” For a guy who avoids breakfast like Superman
avoids Kryptonite, there’s one pet peeve he finds hard to forgive: cold syrup on a stack
of hot pancakes. Do everyone a favor and heat that sugary nectar
up before dressing that stack. “I make the best pancakes in the world. Try to f— with me on this” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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