The Real Way How To Protect Your Gold & Silver Bullion From Tarnish, Milk Spots Coin Collecting w 4K

Hello today i am bring you a special presentation
on how to store your coins inside of a nuclear bunker
(just kidding) This is actually how to protect your coins
and silver and gold bullion This is how to prevent and stop toning and
tarnishing, as well as milk spots. The first thing is that you encapsulate the
coin or silver bar But then you put them inside of a safe. But what occurs inside of the safe is, large
temperature swings, and humidity, which is why you get a unit pak with your safe . After
a while these will start to absorb moisture and you can actually recharge them by putting
them into the oven for about 16 hours at 245 degrees. (Its probably more viable just to buy new
ones) Silica Gel Dessicants remove moisture from
your safe, and protect it from toning and spotting, I don’t know if you can see , but this ANACS
Sonically , Hermetically sealed capsule, has toning, AFTER being graded . The entire top
portion of the coin is turning brown . Things like browning, milk spots, can occur
inside of your safe, or inside of a capsule that has already been graded, There is a proper temperature in which to
keep your safe at, if you can, low 60 degrees farenheit and low 30s humidity Theres a website called that will
measure the amount of humidity and temperature and tell you at what point corrosion or metal
damage will begin occuring . It will tell you whether or not you need to
reduce or raise the temperature. It will tell you whether or not you will need
to reduce moisture even further (though its always good to reduce moisture, that is the
purpose of this video) You usually never want to add moisture . the
point of this video is to remove moisture. However, an overly dry area is not that great
either, but preventing humidity and moisture is the best unless you live in a region with
weird temperatures . There is also such a thing called a two – way
humidifier Other things to watch out for to make sure
that your coins do not tone or get milk spots is thngs like weather elements, light, and definitely
never ever touch the coins with your bare hands. higher humidity equals more condensation . hot
humid days follow by cold nights also will cause condensation accumulation , will cause
your safe to sweat and humidify . shows metal corrosion and mechanical / metal
damage after you input your local temperature .So yea this is actually how to properly store
and protect your coins and its not just about “opening and closing” your safe its about
putting the dessicant silica gel inside of your safe, or close to the item. And this is how you protect your things from
toning, not just encapsulation, but inside of a safe, with a dessicant and then you’re
good to go although after a few years the packages do accumulate moisture and you will
need to recharge the dessicants . and thats about it with this video .
This is the real way to keep your coins safe from toning and other types of issues like
that such as milk spots. OBviously never touch your coins with your
bare hands either .

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