The Reason Wendy’s Frostys Are So Delicious

Wendy’s serves millions of Frostys each year,
so there must be a reason we’re all so crazy for them. But what is it? What exactly makes Wendy’s Frostys so good? Don’t worry, we have the answers. This is why Wendy’s Frostys are so delicious. You know what they say: practice makes perfect. And since Wendy’s has been serving Frostys
for half a century now, it’s safe to say they have a lot of practice in getting it right. The Frosty, though, was basically perfect
from day one. Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas himself devised
the Frosty to fit very specific needs: he wanted something halfway between a milkshake
and soft serve ice cream, so thick that guests would need to eat it with a spoon. As part of that, Frostys are kept exactly
between 19 and 21 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the proper consistency. And Thomas also dictated just how much chocolate
would be put in the classic Frosty, mixing it with vanilla dairy products so it would
be thicker and less chocolatey. Why? Because he didn’t want chocolate to overpower
the other flavors from the meal. With that level of attention to detail, it’s
no wonder the Frosty has been so great for so long! Oh, and there’s one more small secret to the
success of the Frosty: it’s absolutely loaded with sugar. Here’s some fun context for you. According to Healthline, the max amount of
added sugar an adult man should eat in a day is 37.5 grams, while women should consume
25 grams or less. Meanwhile, a small Frosty has 47 grams of
sugar, while a large Frosty has a truly incredible 81 grams of sugar. Sugar is highly addictive, of course, and
according to BBC Science, our bodies have no way of telling when we’ve had enough — we
just know it makes us happy. No wonder a sugar-filled Frosty is always
able to hit the spot! “I see right here it says I shouldn’t have
given you sugar.” Despite the massive amount of sugar in a Frosty,
it’s actually not the top ingredient. In fact, milk is in that top spot, with cream
not far behind. Though some fans have complained about the
inclusion of a small amount of seaweed extract to help with smoothness, for the most part
Wendy’s uses real ingredients in their Frostys rather than fake substitutes — and you can
taste the difference. With so much milk and sugar and cream in it,
you’d think a Frosty would be about the worst thing you can eat. So it’s a surprise to learn that a Frosty
actually has fewer calories than a typical fast food milkshake. It’s true: while a small, 12-ounce Frosty
comes in at 350 calories, a 12-ounce milkshake from McDonald’s packs in 530 calories. And a Burger King shake, which is a bit bigger
at 16 ounces, delivers a whopping 760 calories. So when there’s a Frosty available, you’d
have to be crazy to drink a giant milkshake instead! “I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!” There’s just something so much sweeter about
getting a bargain. It’s actually science. Meir Statman, a behavioral economist at Santa
Clara University, told Money Crashers that when someone knows the amount of money saved,
even with something as simple as a meal at a restaurant, they experience immense pleasure. And Frostys are always a deal. Priced at just 35 cents when it was first
introduced in 1969, Frostys will still only set you back $1.09 in 2019, depending on your
location. And that’s if it’s not on sale — Wendy’s
regularly offers Frostys for just 50 cents, and they often release $2 key chains that
allow you to get free Frosty Juniors for an entire year. Now that a bargain worth getting happy over! You want some more science? Well, it turns out there’s a very good reason
why french fries go so well with your Frosty. Matt Hartings, professor of Chemistry at American
University, told Thrillist that it’s really just basic chemistry. “When you look at how chefs develop their
meals, they want to strike balance of flavors, and make sure everything play well together. This is an encapsulation of that. The fries have to be crispy and hot, the Frosty
has to be cold. The fries bring the savory and the Frosty
brings the sweet. It’s how food works, and part of the reason
why we love to eat.” Who knew science could be so delicious? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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