The Right Age to Transition to Silver Hair / Grey Hair

The Right Age to Transition to Silver Hair / Grey Hair

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel If this is your first time visiting me welcome. I always do that this exact same thing. I do it every single time So last week I was hanging out with my mom for the week and I did try to get her on camera But she was extremely camera shy I Don’t want you to seriously I don’t want you to put it in anything. I’m not gonna put it in anything No, I’m not I’m just filming us like going off to you don’t I’m not filming you we’re going off to gentle fit no because Okay, that’s good, okay Yeah, so my kids were off in camp last week and I got to spend the week with my my mom my dad I had a really good time mom, and I didn’t get to any auctions But we did manage to do some painting so that was kind of fun and I don’t have any finished product to show you but I was doing a landscape so That was fun So here in Toronto We are in a nice heatwave and I’m sitting outside and I I don’t know if the sound of the cicadas is Picking up in the background, but I love that sound like to me Usually we hear them in August, but we’ve been hearing them like all month of July. So Oh Little cicadas. It’s so nice. So There they are So if you hear this that buzzing sound in the background, that’s what it is it’s a cicada anyways So today I want to talk to you about the right time to transition to silver and I realized that that title is just a little bit of a clickbait in a way, but There really is no right time to transition. I’m sure you probably already realize it but maybe you don’t because there’s been a lot of of Comments not only on my YouTube channel, but I’ve also seen on on Pinterest as well Sorry not Pinterest on Instagram Amazing support networks on Instagram by the way, so if you don’t already have it I would sign up yeah, so I’ve heard some comments from Women in their 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s and so on and A lot of the comments I hear are it’s not the right time and the reasons why often are because of the pressure that we are receiving from our friends, right like these are our and I shouldn’t even go friends because these are our like closest closest friends often times that Really they do want the best for us and they truly believe that is an awful sound in the background. What is that? All right, so I brought you inside my house because it’s just too loud out there So first off I have to tell you what I did this morning before I get into some nitty-gritty about Nitty gritty, okay. So first I’m going to tell you what I did this morning So two weeks ago I had a video and It was my 16 month update I think and I said in it I’m gonna be patient and I’m not gonna cut my hair. I’m just gonna let it grow so I’m gonna try to worry less about the Yellow bits that I have in my hair I for some reason I wake up every single day and I look at them and think about cutting them and stuff and Yeah, I just think it’s it’s I need to have more patience So that’s what I’m gonna be working on for now for a month 17 Well literally lasted two weeks because this morning I woke up and I was just so tired of looking at those orange Ends that I took well, I took my my scissors and just chopped So the back now, I don’t know Everett can you see this in the… yeah… so the back now is pretty good But you can see this whole top area right here is Chopped short, so I literally I’m pretty sure I’m borderline mullet action right now. It’s not a nice haircut so I’m just gonna pull it back like this and I’ll book an appointment with my hair stylist to just fix it up a little bit for me. So anyway that aside lack of patience I swear that’s like a full other video because a lot of you comment about about that as well and Wanting to give up and all kinds of stuff. So we’ll save that for another video, but anyways yes, so right time to transition to silver so The thing is is there really is no right time to transition I think the right time is so individual for each one of us and you Know I could say to myself. I wish I had have done this like, you know Eight years ago or whatever when I was first thinking about it in my early 30s But truth be told I just I don’t think I would have been ready then so I think this is the right time for me And for all of you who are watching this It’s probably your right time as well but I find like If you are having so many doubts and you’re just not sure and this is the I’m talking about You’re not going through the transition right now, you’re thinking about transitioning if you’re having tons of doubts Then it probably isn’t the right time so for me I I was like a hundred percent. I’m like, that’s it. I am so sick of dyeing my hair. I cannot do this anymore and I knew but the problem is is that when you’re going through the transition Those doubts will start creeping in because you’ll look at yourself in the mirror one subscriber commented I think she’s like eight months into it and she said like I can’t handle this I hate it and that’s the part where you need that patience to just persevere and go through it because what you see in the mirror at six months or eight months or ten months is Not what the full look is going to be It isn’t unless you have like a really really short pixie cut and that’s how you style your hair Then it may just take a few months and you’re at your where you want to be So but even then if you’ve got like, you know, stay short in the back and a little longer in the front or something It’s still going to take a while to get that that growth so So a really lovely woman on Instagram she commented she’s in her 20s and So she’s trying to transition and her friends are basically saying to her You know what? I liked the way you looked Better with brunette hair like she’s actually transitioning right now and they’re telling her like you looked better that way so I felt Awful awful when I when I read that Post from her and I just had to comment back and I’m not gonna say her name on here just to keep her privacy I don’t know if she wants to me to say it. So I’m not going to but Yeah, what a lot. She’s a lovely person and I looked through some of her pictures to see what she looked like before cuz I was curious I was like does she look better like I you know, cuz I mean How can you comment when you don’t know and I actually looked through and I don’t think she does I think she looks absolutely stunning with the silver hair so I Want to say right now, I think You know there hasn’t been one person where I’ve looked at before and an after photo that I haven’t liked the silver hair more on them, and I don’t know why maybe it’s because The natural highlights of silver are just striking and they just make you brighter I don’t know, but there hasn’t been one person So I hope that that is a little bit inspiring to you and will help you keep pushing forward Yeah, so there’s no there’s the kind of a debate between Transitioning when you’re younger and transitioning when you’re older and it’s very interesting because a lot of women that are older and I’m gonna say probably 50s onward Have said to me Yeah, you know You’re lucky that you’re transitioning at a younger age when you’re maybe when your face is a little bit more youthful It’s so much easier there’s an you know, less pressure, whatever right because it’s trendy or whatever but I About that because there is a lot of societal pressure right now for Youth and young people to look young and gray is still In people’s minds not a youthful color. So yes, it’s a trendy color but not necessarily a youthful color and you know I think a big part of that is because we we do call it granny hair, right? So I think that that doesn’t help anything. It’s like oh we’ve got granny hair Oh, you’re so trendy and this will this I’ve had stylist before say that trend will pass, right? It’s not a trend It’s real and I think that the more women that are authentic out there. It’ll just become Normal I think for for people so yeah, so I don’t know I think that there isn’t a magic age when you’re transitioning, I think the key is is that you feel comfortable in your own hair and that confidence that Shines and that shows and you’re laughing and you’re having fun even with you know A few inches of growth and the rest is brunette or the rest is red or whatever But you’re laughing you’re having fun. You don’t look like you’re you know, moping around and grumpy I think it just doesn’t matter what color you have on your head. I don’t think…like people don’t care they want to they want to know you right so all right, so moving forward I’ve had a few different requests for videos and one of those requests is actually for fitness and health After my first son was born and I released from the military I Decided that I would be a personal trainer when he about a year old it was kind of funny because I started personal training and then I think three weeks after I had started I Realized I was pregnant with my second child, so I didn’t want to tell these new and potential clients I’m so sick. I had like the worst morning sickness and was training them and of course, I mean that first trimester, you know, you get out of breath and Yeah, so anywho but I liked I liked personal training and That’s why you’re strong Everett my youngest son that says that’s why why he’s strong so that’s kind of cute but anyways I I really still like Fitness is still my passion and Living a healthy life. So I just if you’re interested in I could even do fitness videos for you. Like if some of you just would rather work out at home and follow a Video, I’d be more than happy to create a little Workout routine for you a stretching routine. All right, so just let me know in the comment section below if you’re interested in that, okay, so just say a comment with Fitness and whatever you want stretching or fitness Weights or Whatever. So just just let me know if that’s something that you would be interested in I know that this is my my silver hair journey But you know, I have a lot of interests. Yeah fitness and and health are definitely definitely a big passion of mine so Anyways, so, I hope that this video Is a little bit of inspiration for you to take the plunge no matter where you are In your life your 20s or 30s or your 70s? If you are ready to to ditch the dye then it’s the right time and It doesn’t matter what your friends say. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks It’s what you think and just know that That beginning Transition is not always the prettiest that’s just the way it is and it takes a lot of patience and take it from me Who just chopped my hair off this morning, but I actually feel good. I just had to chop that stuff off I just I feel better even though I look like a shaggy shaggy dog right now Yeah, so it’s not always it’s a real test of patience and I wish you well If you enjoyed this video, please click the like button and subscribe For more videos from me every Tuesday. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week and I’ll see you next week Bye for now Filming yeah, good filming. Yeah My legs look like hot dogs The duchess cross? All right, so we just came inside out of the hot hot sizzling heat and the love that’s natural That’s not right the heat Sound okay. Don’t push you can’t push it’s not because the heat just gonna hit the sound All right, so I brought you back inside my house. Well, you were never inside the house to begin with… So I brought you back inside. No, why don’t we keep saying back inside? Okay


  1. Hi. First of all, I love your hair!!! It's so thick! I am 40- started transitioning over a yeae ago. People's rude opinions and comments still get under my skin but I know what I'm working toward, and that's all that matters. I feel liberated! Also, if you are rockin' a healthy lifestyle and maintain well-groomed personal style the silver/gray is downright chic and badass. That's what people who say negative things don't undetstand! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh and I forgot to say that as I've matured, my hair has changed. It's frizzier and breaks more easily. I prefer a long naturally curly mane, but since Im transitioning I feel like raimbow bright w/ bizarre layers. Lol, thst is why I admire your thick straight tresses. Anyway, I know it's about patience, progress, embracing my older, wiser self eith compassion and gratitude. That's what my natural hair represents to me. I eat healthy, do my yoga, drink that water…..those things turn back the clock waaaay better than stinky chemicals!

  3. You were a part of my inspiration to grow out the silvers. I'm only into it 6 mos. and it looks hideous with blonde ends; I was known for my long blonde hair ; I have been wearing it up and covering my roots with caps etc. It's become a "big secret". I'm not ashamed but I don't want my universe to see it until it's ready which is going to be a long time; I tried on a silvery bob wig….so beautifully cut and it doesn't look like a wig; I blended the sides into it & it looked good, to my surprise it flattered my skin tone. I might purchase it for Christmas and do the big reveal! I almost gave in considering to tint it blonde again…so glad I didn't! For your subscribers they might want to do the same and see if they like how the silvers look by their face…..just a suggestion….so glad I stopped by today to reinforce what I saw with silver framing my face. ps U chose the right time since it's a slow journey…it's all about time! Looking forward to more videos!

  4. Erika after I left the comment on your video 2 hours ago, I bobbed my blonde hair with 6 mos. of salt & pepper roots….hope I develop more silvers as I go own! Going to look for you on Instagram….same name? Hope to see U there too! Thanks again, my hair looks healthier already! I feel so much happier!

  5. How old where you when you decided to go silver? I’m currently 35 and 3 months into the transition…I love your hair btw!

  6. I think if I would have known about all the YouTube transitions to gray I might have done it sooner. There always seems to be an abundance of people that recommend you not do it because it will make you look old. So when I turned 60 last year that reasoning didn't make sense anymore. It's been fairly easy for me because I have a short layered pixie. I styled it back off my face to eliminate any parting of my hair and it's worked out great. I just have 1" ish to go so I'll be done by 61. I still get looks mainly from women older than my self but I get many more compliments than I did when my hair was colored

  7. Stop watching the idiot box, no idea magazines. Stop being brain washed by Hellyweird norms. Be natural! God Bless.♥️

  8. I had male and female friends tell me that if I went grey, and had short hair, there is no way I'd ever get anyone to date me again. 😢 They said men prefer longer and darker hair. I said, but I can't HAVE longer darker hair, it's impossible without TONS of work!

    In my mind I was thinking, "but who cares what these people think? Its MY HEAD!" I must be more secure, is what I'm thinking.

    I had gone blonde and long, but when I started to look like Garth from Wayne's World, it was clearly time for a change. 😂 So off came the hair first.

    So happy I did this! 🙂

  9. I think age is a mitigating issue meaning that the younger you are it can be harder because of societal pressure. If you are older because it is more acceptable to have gray hair I think it is easier.

    I am 55. I started 14-15months ago to grow out my processed hair. I had been thinking about it for maybe 12 months prior. One day around my 54th birthday I looked in the mirror I just said I'm done with the dye. I haven't looked back. I truly believe that when you are ready you will know it. I have said since then that it is reasonable to assume that a women who is in her mid fifties has gray hair. So for me it is easy except for the waiting for the new hair to grow in.

    I can only imagine that it is harder for women younger than I to transition to gray. I tip my hat to all of you. You rock.

    And when the chips get you down just remember your dog loves you no matter what your hair looks like. 🐕 😁

  10. Thank you for this, it's lovely to hear your kids, they sound lovely. I think you look great with your hair. As you can see from my photo, I also grew my natural hair through for a while but due to pressure, that I was to young to go grey, I dyed it again, and now it is dark brown.( I think because I look quite young for my age,so I am told!). But now, I feel at the age of 57 I don't want to be spendiind time dying my NATURAL HAIR and faking it, thanks again, and I would be interested in a fitness, stretching exercise vidio as I am getting stiffer in the morning and this is frightening me that old age is getting a hold on me. I am constantly on the move, gardening, growing veg, DIY, walking, swimming in the sea, and I try and do stretching every morning when I wake up(just like my cat) kind regards to you and yours.

  11. Im 31 and had my first silver hairs at 15. 4 years ago I stopped dying my hair because I destroyed it basically so now I have a big silver strand in the front and lots of silver everywhere. I had mixed opinions (unasked for) about my hair but everytime people tell me I have granny hair. Well, sorry but I dont have granny hair, I have elf hair. Legolas, prince of the elves hair.

  12. You look lovely, thank you for sharing. I started graying in my 20's, colored my hair for 15 years. I'm now 53. Had my last hair color on my 40th birthday. I cut it short and toughed out the transition for a few months. I'm mostly gray in front and still brunette in back and no regrets. My husband has always been supportive and says my hair looks better and healthier now than when I colored. I feel free and less stress now. I embrace my gray.

  13. I've watched a few of your videos and really appreciate them. I stopped dying my hair almost 4 months ago and decided not to dye anymore about 2 months ago. had it all ready and couldn't make myself do it and realized I hated everything about it, I didn't like the results anyway. I have curly hair and the dye was actually changing the curl pattern, an attempt at semi permanent dye made that even worse. I was so mad! I am 41 and I agree, the idea that there is a right age to do this is silly because we are all different. My grey hair is really pretty, not to brag or anything and yours looks great. I know my dyed portion doesn't look super awesome but honestly if I've cared for my hair it looks better so I've taken extra care. I suspect this is in my nature, i accepted having curly hair in my youth and it taught me something.

  14. I love this video! It really is all about how you feel in your own hair 👍🏼👍🏼 no matter what age we are.

  15. I'm 74 years old and let my Hair grow in 2 years ago I did't know about all these Web sides to help with the transition, so it was hard on me but I was ready for the grey it really looks nice. Most People guess me at 57 or 60. I'm also from Germany so please forgive the mistakes I might make writing this. I love your Videos I would like to have on lite Exercise for me . I have two Rods in my back and would like to have a Video on stretching my Body to become more limber.

  16. Here’s my worry , I work out ( hot yoga ) daily with 20 s something , I’m very fit and 64 , know I’m very silver and scared to do this but I Do Know I want to go gray naturally , your very helpful so thank you 😊👍

  17. Yes yes yes! At home fitness would be great! I am at home on maternity leave with 2 littles and squeezing in the gym between naps seems impossible!

  18. Absolutely silver needs to be normal whether you're 30 or 75. I have super long hair which is half white and half orange/blonde. Blended kinda pretty but still…..Patiently growing out but may cut off 3 inches. I am 70. You rock!

  19. Fitness weights and stretching please! Taking the plunge tomorrow morning. Im nervous but so over how things are. Thank you for your videos, they have been encouraging to me. Not sure how my hairdresser is going to start the process. Im brunette going silver. Hairdresser mentioned silver highlights and putting toner to start my transition. Im excited and so scared at the same time.

  20. I just turned 35 a couple of weeks ago and stopped dying my hair 3 months ago.
    I hate sitting in a salon, and I am pretty adept at doing my own hair but who the hell knows what is in hair dye and do I want that leaching into my scalp??
    Lots of friends have said I’m too young to stop dying, but whatever! It’s my hair 🙂

  21. Yes! Fitness and with weights, stretching everything! Just found you! Been gray since 16 and now 54. Thinking about going gray but just the first thought today. You look adorable today!

  22. I'm 71 yrs old, I have been contemplating for a few years to stop coloring my hair. A friend of mine has very pale blond hair, she decided to wing it, no more coloring, so she inspired me to take that giant step forward, so I winging it. You have a young face,

  23. Please do some fitness videos for beginners. Cardio and toning at home would be great. 20-30 minutes long. I am thinking on going grey and I will follow your videos for tips and motivation.

  24. As a retired hairdresser: the thing about "embrace your silver/grey" is that every vid I see on YouTube these people have already finished turning color. For me it's just not a good look at 50% grey on a great deal of my clients. Grey looks great when it's mostly solid and instead of adding age, it looks classy, but the 50/50 grey against naturally dark hair can really age people. That mix only looks good on blondes that can pull it off as looking as highlights.

  25. Glad that I found you! I keep thinking of transitioning to silver but then chicken out. Your hair looks amazing! If mine can look as lovely as yours I will be happy. 🙂

  26. I just turn 37 and decided to grow my grey out. I've stop dying my hair around 4 months now but I found the transitioning can be hard. I guess I just need time to get use to especially the grey is only like 5cm n the rest is black. Oh and my hair is at waist length and I don't want to cut my hair off but I'm determined to grow my grey/silver out ☺ and I'm loving your hair colour

  27. You’re such a beautiful humble lady. Thanks again for your videos. It’s been 6 since months since my last dye job.

  28. You are an inspiration, thank you! I cannot dye mine gray for easy transition, I must grow it in, since I'm an organic (dark red) user for 5 years…. long process and strength needed ahead… thank you!

  29. I have decided lately that I was going to transition to my grey hair and I am TERRIFIED even though I want it. I'm 43 and I look much younger, people usually assume I'm between late 20's and mid-30's so going grey is a big big leap of faith. I'm so scared to look old because I've never looked my age. I have long straight, thin hair that I've been dyeing since I was 19. I used to be red but I went brown in the past years because I wanted less maintenance but now that my hair is getting more and more grey it is even more maintenance than red hair! I have to go every 4 weeks now to get my hair done and after just 2 weeks the roots are an ugly copperish cheap looking thing even though there is no warmth in the brown I get done. So I've been binge watching grey transitions and I've told my hairstylist that I wanted to start transitioning. I think I'm ready. Your video has inspired me to go ahead even more. I just want to be as natural as I can. Thanks! Oh, and your son is funny at the end of the video, such a professionnal cameraman! 😉

  30. Lots of ppl hear "going gray" and think of church lady buns and grandmas. The world would be shocked if hair color was outlawed and we all had to go natural…lol…

  31. Yes! Fitness. Stretching.

    Going to finish the transition. I have been highlighting. It’s been better than colouring. Had to colour every 3 weeks. Now I can highlight every two months. Still growing tired of all the work. Said I would be done colouring by my next birthday (53) but may stop sooner.

  32. I'm about to turn 31 in January and started transitioning in my early 20's bc I got my first gray when I was a kid. I had completely natural hair at about 25 and then decided to dye it again but ended up regretting it. I now have longer than shoulder length completely natural hair again and have found that if I absolutely want to dye it I only use wash out dyes that do not lift or change my natural color and highly doubt I'll ever go back to using permanent hair dye.

  33. Silver hair looks good with your skin color..I let mine grow out(all gray)..I have gotten alot of compliments..Im 53 and loving it..Looks so much healthy and I love it..God bless.♡

  34. I'm stopping now at 42 years – been dyeing my hair since I was 18, and I'm so tired of it! I went blonde a year ago on my hairdressers advice, as the grey regrowth was so obvious on my dyed dark brown hair. I'm going to grow out the roots for a few months, get a pixie cut, and get rid of all the orange and yellow hair! I'm looking forward to stronger healthier hair, and no more ever changing hair shades throughout the 6 weeks between colours (dyed hair colour fade is awful). So excited for this journey!!

  35. Would love to see some of your fitness tips and healthy living videos. Great video's very inspiring. I am transitioning from coloured hair to grey also.

  36. Just found your channel & loving your videos! You are absolutely beautiful & I’d love to see fitness training videos because I’m not crazy about going to the gym. I’m 45 & have been thinking of transitioning for over a year. My husband is 4 years younger and looks so much more youthful in my mind. I have his full support to transition, but still like how my dyed hair looks and don’t want to look THAT much older than him. My family and friends (especially my school age kids) are not receptive to the idea at all. My husband is starting to gray, so I figure once he’s more gray, I’ll start transitioning. I don’t know… Thanks for letting me vent.

  37. I would love to have grey hair by now, I am 70. I only have grey hair framing my face, everything else is dark blonde? So for me no right time yet?

  38. So scary. I’m 48 and I honestly have white hair… but the dye just isn’t holding anymore. I need touch ups or spray color after a week or two. And my hair is getting so crunchy and damaged. But I can’t talk myself into it. But you look beautiful.

  39. I'm 33 and I'm going through this "transition". This silver hair runs through my family, so at this age, going gray is inevitable. I'm sick of covering it every 2-3 months. I already told my sisters (since we all have the same prob) my plan. I'm the willing guinea pig! 😁 I'll be cutting my hair short probably next week. I'm just convincing my 2-year old that I won't be having that long, braided, Elsa hair anymore. 😬

  40. I love your natural grey hair, are SOOOO AMAZING. Thank you anyway, I'm trasitioning to mt natural hair color wich is a sort of dirty blond. I know it's quite different but now my hair are a sort of brown green. I want to quit doing it.
    Your video help me a lot to stay "clean"

  41. Recently saw a young family walking by a road. Even from a moving car, I could see the young mother's head was covered with shiny silver grey hair in front and the bottom half was a dull blonde. Realised that she was actually transitioning and her silver hair looked more alive. A mother with three young kids and a husband who was obviously very supportive of her decision.

  42. I'm in transition phase of going silver purple shampoo helps and I see young girls dying their hair silver I think it looks beautiful

  43. Thank You for the encouragement!! 4 mos no dye . My natural hair color is dark brown mistakenly dyed it a fake black ( the box said auburn brown) now , I quit the hair color looks weird. Sometimes, family , friends (strangers ) make rude or mean comments about the gray hair. I like it but it took this long for me to get used to it myself. I’ve been trying to research how to strip old hair color out of the ends ( my hair is long) without bleaching it. I’m a “young” 58 . I think it’s time- I’m a Grandmother of 4 . Any suggestions from anyone I’d appreciate Thank you! Also, people tell me if I go gray I have to cut my hair really short , otherwise I’ll look dumb. I like my hair shoulder length. I refuse to shave my head to grow it out gray. Love your vids! YOU are Beautiful! So Lovely!

  44. It took a little over a year to grow my shoulder length layered hair to silver. I just had about 3 inches cut every 3 months.
    I’m 68 years old and when I was 65 I had a double mastectomy. After that I didn’t want any more chemicals in my body. Last year after my husband passed away I decided to just live my life naturally and enjoy my new hair color, natural silver/gray.
    The only shock was my driver’s license which made my hair look totally white!!

  45. I almost gave up already but I finally got my silver hair and I love it. My mom hates it but I don’t care since I just love it and that’s was I always wanted!! I also had a lot of supporters which made me feel more comfortable with myself. It helped me go thru this transition.

  46. Thank you for the inspiration that you give me to continue going gray I am on 7 month gray. Every time time that I want to color my hair I see one of your videos😆 and that keep me continue in my journey.

  47. I love your hair. I still have some orange ends. Cannot wait until they are gone. I am always tempted to snip them like you did. You look awesome in the silver. It really came in a great shade for your skin. Don't ever be pressured to dye it.

  48. I never have dyed my hair. I started going gray in high school and now in my 50’s. I get nothing but positive comments.

  49. I have a good friend, who owns a Salon 💇 I used to work for her, as the Shop Manager (She works alone) Anyway, these women would come into the Shop, with the most gorgeous silver (not that grey, yellow/white, or white) hair, and I’d ask them if they had dark hair, when they were younger, ‘cause I’d heard that dark haired people turn Silver, not that Grey, Yellow/White, or White, like blondes and Redheads do. Everyone of them said that they did have dark hair, when they were younger, so, I’m kinda looking forward to my hair changing, ‘cause I have, or rather I had dark brunette hair most of my life. Right now, it’s more of a light to medium brown, ‘cause my hairdresser friend says that the older you get and the darker your hair is, the older it makes you look, so as you age, you should, actually, go a shade or two lighter. I’ve learned quite a lot, about hair, from my friend, too. I’m thinking that after my hair starts to grow out, this time, I’m not going to dye it, anymore. I know it’s going to take quite awhile for it to grow out, ‘cause I have hair to the middle of my back (used to be almost to my waist) Anyway, I’m in my early 60’s, so I think, unless you’re lucky, and don’t start to turn grey, naturally, ‘til your 80’s (like my ex-Mother-In-Law, who still has her natural dark hair and is 81. {Her mother was 85 when she passed away, and still had her natural dark hair, at the time}) that it’s time to take the plunge, and go Silver! 😊 Also, if people don’t like it, I’ll just ignore them! LOL! My hair, my choice! 😁💕

  50. I had my first grey hair when i was 23, now im 27 and its starting to come a lot, some of my friends say omg you have so many grey hairs it doesn't look right, and i panic a bit but then i think is not that bad and im gona embrace it and accept this is a cicle of life and I see so many women and they look gorgeous, you are a inspiration for me and that's why I will just leave it and wait what is gona look like 🙂 love your videos
    PS: hope my hair gets like yours 🙂

  51. I’m naturally a brunette but have been coloring my hair red for over 10 years. For the past few years I’ve been wanting to regrow my natural hair color, which has a lot of gray. I find natural gray hair beautiful, both on men and women. My main concern is no longer being known as a redhead. Even family members can’t remember me not being a redhead. But I really feel that I’m ready to transition. Not having to dye it every month, not having to worry about the scalp irritation from the dye, not having so much breakage – I’m looking forward to that! Oh, im 31 by the way.

  52. I'm 53 and been colouring my hair various shades of blonde since I was 16….I've been obsessing with going with the grey on and off for a few years as I am tired of being dissapointed with my hair colour after a couple of weeks of spending a small fortune at the hairdressers. The colour just fades! My husband and daughter don't want me to let my natural grey come through but I'm not a young blonde anymore! I came across your YouTube videos which are inspirational and I'm obsessing with saying goodbye to the dye yet again!

  53. I am so ready I am tired of society trying to dictate how I should look at 58. My hair is done with it and I am going back to my curls also

  54. I am on day one of my journey to silver. It is exciting and scary. I would love to see your fitness with weights and step videos.

  55. I am 45 and want to do my hair platinum silver! I don’t know if it would look good on me, because I see a lot of beautiful women doing it in their 20’s and it looks great on them! It might just make me look old! So I don’t know what to do!

  56. My daughter told me…Mom, I did not think you would ever not color your hair. Well guess what? I love my silver hair! It’s like silver jewelry! It goes with so many nice colors! I enjoy it so much! I’m 70.

  57. I just started my transition and I’m one inch in. I started going gray in my late 20’s and now at 42 I am finally ready to do this!

  58. I’m 75 and can’t stand the pressure anymore. Enough with the hair dying. Friends and family will just have to deal with it….

  59. Hi Erica, so happy I found you. I'm halfway with the transition and I love the colors, it's silvery and white with grey mixed. What do you think of layers? It might make it easier to get rid of the blonde and yellow hallway through my hair. You might not answer but I'm hoping you do. Thank you for your channel

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