The Significance of LIBERTY COPPER

The Significance of LIBERTY COPPER

I think the most impactful thing when I
first met you that you said to me that day was it’s time for her to get off her
pedestal and meet the world. Liberty Enlightening the World. Liberty
Enlightening the World. Global Outreach. How does she touch the lives of other
people, how do you get her off of that pedestal, how do you move her forward, how did she touch the lives of people and offer them hope and inspiration. And I
knew just at a soulful level that we connect there. This is not just an
American thing, this is a universal thing. It’s all in the metal. Everything in this metal is what represents everything she literally stands for So for me, this was this is the treasure,
this is the gift, this is my gift, and what I get to do is put my talent all
over this, and share with all the other talented people around me, and make magic happen. And I so look forward to the future and I so look forward to what
Liberty can do through this beautiful company ALEX AND ANI and what were able to do for the world.

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