The Silver Experience [CSGO SFM]

The Silver Experience [CSGO SFM]

*Loud footsteps* *10 second warning* *Gently plants the bomb* *Sneaky Beaky-like SAS* *Amazing recoil control* Red Ninja: They are not here! *More amazing recoil control* SAS: *British Sarcasm* Aaah that’s brilliant shooting, lad Red Ninja: *Finally he’s aware of his surroundings* SAS: Stayb.. Stayb… S T A Y B..>:3 (This guy never heard of reloading) Red Ninja: Ah~! SAS: StaybStaybSTAYB>:3 Red Ninja: I don’t know what to do!! Red Ninja: Grenade! Red Ninja: Stahp! Red Ninja: Grenade 🙂 Red Ninja: Yes? :3 SAS: Okeh! :3 Red Ninja: Thank you my friend 😀 C4: Beep beep beep beep D:😀 *Impact sounds* Red Ninja: *Scared* Aaaah!!! *Kaboom* Bald Ninja: Guys..I dont have money drop me something.. I’m poor Bald Ninja: Alright.. Let’s eco Fancy Ninja: Shut up dude, we don’t understand you Bald Ninja: Ecoo!! Ecoo! Guys!! *stutters* Guys! Ec- Fancy Ninja: Can somebody kick.. This stupid piero- Yellow Ninja: *Polite Russian Speech* Bald Ninja: Shut up, k*rwa! You’re not cool Fancy Ninja: *Lost hope* Can somebody kick… this stupid pierogi
(Bald Ninja: You’re not cool, you’re stupid!) Red Ninja: What is going on?! Fancy Ninja: Yo, pass me an AWP *Passes Scout* (Fancy Ninja: Is this dude for real?) Red Ninja: *Gently pumps shotgun* Boom! Headshot Red Ninja: *Gently prepares SMG* OG Ninja: *Confidently* I’m prepared Boom! Headshot x2 OG Ninja: (Can’t decide between M249 and MAC) OG Ninja: (Choose MAC) Red Ninja: *Proudly* We will defeat the mercenaries! (Ninjas start defeating each other) Red Ninja: *Loses the will to live* Red Ninja: *Disappears out of existence* Thanks for watching! Enjoy the rest of your day


  1. 1:26 Translation: Guys I don't have money, Give me something, ye I am poor. So ok we are playing eco

    Eco eco guys guys ec-

    Shut the fuck up you are not re…-

  2. >M4A1-S with no silencer
    >R8 over Deagle
    >SG-553 over AK
    >Buys M249
    >Ecos on match point
    >Drops Scout when teammate asks for AWP
    >MAC-10 on match point

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