The Silver Fern Is More Than Just The All Blacks.

The Silver Fern Is More Than Just The All Blacks.

You know Rugby World Cup’s on at the
moment. We’re all aware of the silver fern as the sporting motif right? You
know if you represent New Zealand you get to wear the silver fern. What a lot
of us don’t know and what blew my mind right when I first found this out,
is that of course, the silver fern is a leadership motif. It comes from Maori bushcraft. It comes from the practice of having someone whose job it was to be in
the leadership position when Maori were trying to navigate uncharted territory. When they were trying to figure out the right path from A to B. So someone would
go ahead. Someone would have to make best guesses based on navigational principles
that would help guide them. But there’s no guarantees. This looks like a great
path, you go around the corner there’s a cliff there – you have to backtrack. It
requires learning, you can’t get it right all of the time. And once they had found
the right path for others to follow, they would find the green fern frond, and they
would turn it upside down to expose the silver underside and the silver
underside of the fern would mark the path for others to follow. So think about that right, the silver fern is not just a random motif. It’s
about courage, it’s about tenacity, it’s about being
brave enough to take chances, to risk failure, to learn as you go.

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