The Silver Sword Trailer

The Silver Sword Trailer

The Silver Sword is based on the novel by Ian Serraillier It was written in the 1950s. He wrote The Silver Sword for his children to help them understand the plight of the children in Europe post-Second World War. It’s about three Polish children and there they are going against the tide to find their parents in Switzerland. They meet a kitten, a dog called Ludwig, a chimpanzee called Bistro and a chicken. A very aggressive chicken called Jimpy. The Silver Sword for me comes from a very child friendly place in the sense that it’s telling a big story. The Silver Sword is a show for all the family generations can come and see this together. Although it sounds like a serious story it really will be something that hopefully you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and enjoy a happy


  1. I remember the BBC's adaption of "The Silver Sword" in the late 50's – as a children's drama serial. I recall Fraser Hines played "Jan".

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