THE SPORTS GUYS: Cowboys & Texans keep winning, drama in Golden State, & more!

THE SPORTS GUYS: Cowboys & Texans keep winning, drama in Golden State, & more!

Larry before he heads under the Cowboys annual Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins and before we get too far along on this our thoughts and prayers are with Alex Smith tonight because this could be a career ender it was for Joe Theismann in fact Eisen told us after he had the surgery his right leg was about that much shorter than his left that those of all the rebuilding they had to do to those two bones so this is a very serious injury all right what has been the biggest difference for Dallas in the two game win streak on the road first and foremost I feel it’s they got the running attack going blindly Zeke had two big games in a row he had 122 today 151 last week whereas the two games before that he only combined for 94 yards rushing so that’s huge getting him going and I really like as well the last two games how dak Prescott has just managed the football guy has I’ve really thought he’s really focused I don’t know what it is something’s improved the last two games that it’s just seemed to click formula and they’re making him more of a threat on the ground game as well I think that is help when you combine Ezekiel on the offensive line under mark Colombo playing much better because he used to play offensive line he knows how the players are gonna react to this but more importantly also when the Dallas defense and latent Banderas is playing that well that spells trouble right today victory in today’s victory over Washington the Texas tie franchise record with their seventh win a row when you look at the remaining six games on the schedule we talked about this before about how much further this can go I think they can run the table really giving the rest of their season oh man I’ll tell you what it’s gonna be tough seven in a row has been tough and they needed some help along the way you know a few things that go their way of ball bouncing their way but their next six games I don’t know Tennessee currently Indy at home at the Jets at the Eagles and then Jacksonville at home to close out the regular season I could see them beating Tennessee even though they lost to them already them beating Cleveland yep Indy that might be a little tough little tougher I could probably one of the Jets rightly it just depends on what Eagles team shows up right now the Eagles team yeah now Jacksonville today almost beat the Steelers in this tracker one of the good better team so I don’t know I see them maybe four and two the last six and I definitely can see them maybe going to more I think they can run the table hope you’re right sorry how far can the Warriors go this year with two of their top stars not talking to each other after the blowout that there was caught on camera on the silence between Kevin Durant and draymond Green who refuses to apologize you know what sometimes teams need to go through adversity and and we all know Steve Kerr learned from coach Parker he’s gonna get his guys under control and I still think they’re the best team in the Western Conference don’t think they’re gonna end up in the NBA Finals I just think there’s just a little hiccup for them right now okay I hope it’s more than that yeah just for the rover this more than that yes anything but a November to remember from the market soldiers who watched his shooting slump from 21 points a game in October to just 14 points on 37% shooting in November the worst of his career what could behind the loss of his shooting touch which by the way he got back tonight at least yeah he did get it back tonight and and first and foremost she figured when damar joined the team that his points per game would go down sure because his touches would go down the game right right I think last year was like 22 or 23 points a game somehow that so this series back to 17 but it’s his field goal percentage that’s gone down right you don’t expect that and honestly I think it’s just he’s missing shots that he normally makes through you know but look at his rebounding right now he’s a monster on the boards so maybe you know maybe he’s letting Dimauro those guys get used to the system while he’s working out his shooting woes but if that would be fine do all the rebounding and loose balls and that kind of stuff and then I think it’s okay how important is it to you to bring the back beat Aggies and Longhorns rivalry game in football well you know I’m not from the state of Texas but this is huge for me I remember seeing this game on TV before when I lived in California in Michigan in Florida so I can only imagine how it is for Aggies and long road born in Texas I would love to see you come back it’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon well no not anymore because they just booked Georgia in 25 28 and 2029 and yeah so 2025 20s they have got to settle their differences so they could get past the long horn Network because this is what caused the breakup and the Aggies going to the SEC to get away from the big 12 and specifically to get away from the Longhorns so hopefully they can work out their differences and that does it for the sports guy [Music]

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