The Stakeout – Night Pigeon (feat. Roy Wood Jr.)

The Stakeout – Night Pigeon (feat. Roy Wood Jr.)

(dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Night Pigeon, why your
ass sittin’ on the bench looking like your name Dolores? – Shh, Codename
Ruth, get over here. Sit down, sit the f down, here, put this on, put this on. – What the hell is going on? What is this about? – Remember those
missing packages? – Yeah, the kids,
the corner store, stolen boxes, what about it? – Turns out people
at my job are tipping off the thieves
on what to steal. – And that’s why you out
here looking like Madea? – I gave ’em a fake
address and a empty box, and I sent to this
location, now we just wait. – Oh, I like stakeouts, okay, I can do this, yeah, yeah. So how long we supposed to be– – Shh, until somebody shows up. I need complete silence, man. – Cool. – Shh! – Hey yo, ya’ll
fellas love hip hop? – Gosh!
– There you go, baby. Uh, God is dead, long live me. Gotta get that new hot mix
tape right there, baby. – I’m a old lady
undercover, shush. – Old ladies need hip-hop, too! Luke Rage?! Luke, that’s you? Ah, man, I know that
bullet hole hoodie from anywhere, man! – It’s Brandon. – My kids love you, dawg. – Always support the arts, here you go brother. – All right, thank–
it’s 10 though? – 10 doll– – It’s 10. – 10 doll– – Aye, there we
go, aye, all right. – No problem, man. – Support, you the hero. – Respect. – You the hero. What about you? With yo grumpy ass. – Sir, nobody listens
to CD’s anymore! Do you have a
SoundCloud or somethin’? – I’m off the grid, baby! – P, be nice to this
man, he’s a citizen! – A citizen? This guy’s a dinosaur! The fact that he
thinks I have a place I can play a CD
shows me he’s not up with the times,
which also shows me, he doesn’t read and
if he doesn’t read that means his rhymes
have no content! If he has rhymes
that have no content that means his
rhymes ain’t talkin’ about shit! You’ll never make
it as a rapper! – You need a freestyle,
that’s what you need baby! – OH MY GOD! – You got a beat? Can I get a beat? – I don’t have a beat! – Me and my homies
be in the crib and we get drip
drop, drippity drip, drippity drop and the pots– – Yo, yo, yo, we got
action, we got action! (high intensity music) (high intensity music) (high intensity music) (high intensity music) – Hey! That doesn’t belong to you! – How’d you know
to steal this box? Who sent you? – We are Gentrify! – Gentrifr– who? What does that even mean? – You’re new to super
hero interrogations, I’ll show you how to do it. Who is Gentrify? And what are yo– – Oh, oh, oh my God. – Can you stop
killing people before we get the information? He was cooperating! – That’s the fourth
one this week, that’s my bad, my
grip, I’m trying to work on it, man. – Gentrify… Gentrify? I knew this wasn’t random man, this package thing,
there’s somethin’– – Ugh! Ugh! – Oh, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? – Ugh, what do you
mean what to do? Punch them in the face! – It’s a woman! Super heroes don’t
punch women in the face! – You’re just scared to
get beat up by a girl! – Wait a minute, that,
that’s sexist, okay? Women can do things just as well as men and they’re
just as strong. – Ugh, I agree! – Thank you! – Which is why you should
punch her in the face! – Ugh! Ugh! (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Lorenzo? – The pigeon is a very
intelligent, smart animal. – The Night Pigeon? – Aye, miss lady, you
like hip hop? I got, oh– I guess not. – Hello, Gentrify. – Ah… Mr. Rage… – We got a problem.


  1. People needs to be stop selling their damn rap tape, you're not that good and nobody wants to listen to that garbage you try to pass off as music and go get a real job

  2. Women are not as strong as men!!! Stop that lying!! You going have a lot women get their ass whipped because of your lie.

  3. Ooh…ooh…my god.
    Thats the forth one this week, thats my bad.
    My grip, Im trying to work on it man.


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