The Story of Golden Parasite | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

The Story of Golden Parasite | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Father sacrificed his own life
to let Sunshine escape. It’s been an hour
since he got infected, but he didn’t transform
right away. That means, an infected person
has an hour before he turns
into a leech person. But that’s more
dangerous because you wouldn’t know
you’re infected until an hour has passed. Where did those leeches
come from anyway? Are they mutants or aliens? The devil has come. What? The leech is the
devil’s messenger. Let’s go, Jessie. – Hold on. Just a second!
– Come on. I saw it! You saw it? The golden leech! – A golden leech?
– The lake. The ground split open
and the leech came out and went inside
Miss Lucia’s body. She turned into a monster! Here! The golden leech
came from this lake with the other leeches,
then they went back! My dad also fell into the hole
with the leech woman. There was a man with Lucia. – They fell into the hole.
– Yes. You saw what happened
to Papa? Did you see the leech woman
attack him? I saw the leech go back
to where it came from. Don’t tell me you believe him. Just a second! A golden leech possessed
Lucia’s body? The golden leech
came from hell. The scriptures say that
in the last days, everyone will suffer greatly. But, it says– Andong! Eat up. Come on, eat! Don’t believe in
those fake prophecies. Just return the plate later. – It’s not real!
– Repent! Repent for your sins! You should repent! All of you should repent! Hide! Jessie! Hurry! Jessie! Jessie! He drowned. Jessie. Jessie! Jessie! Miss. What’s wrong? No, get away! Miss. Leech! Miss, what are you
doing to Papa? Papa! The woman! Papa! Papa! Papa! So you’re saying that a Golden
Leech came out of that hole and is taking control
of the people? and is taking control
of the people? It’s possible
he’s telling the truth! His story matches with
what happened before. I saw how the Leech Lady
attacked Papa. It’s the same way the
Leech People are attacking. Maybe that’s the worm that
entered the people’s bodies and bred more leeches. Maybe the Golden Leech
attacked Lucia. She tried attacking Papa,
but since they both died, maybe that’s why the leeches
didn’t spread through El Cuerpo. Recently, there was
another earthquake. The Golden Leech escaped. It spread throughout El Cuerpo. Hold on. I thought you said the
Golden Leech was inside Lucia. If Lucia died the night
Papa died, that means… The leech found another host. Who is that person?
They’re causing all this mess. I don’t know,
but we need to find them. You’re right.


  1. Hello mga small youtubers,..yakapan tau pls,.tulung tulungan lang po,..subscribe po at susubcribe din back ako,.thanks ng marami mga peps.

  2. Lumitaw na ang parasite queen sa parasite island mas gaganda pa yan kung lilitaw ang secret character na humahunting sa parasite queen.
    Sino ang mananalo sa dalawa.Si secret agent zero ba o si parasite ang aabangan ninyo.

  3. Awww, this story is believable if you are an 80's/90's kid, like mga below 7 year old. Kasi 7 years old naniniwala pako noon na totoo si big bird at elmo 😀

  4. Parang may pinagbasehan silang movie neto. Yung movie na dahil sa mga parasites na nanggagaling sa mga lamang dagat like isda na maraming napatay na mga tao dahil sa pagkain sa mga hilaw na isda like sushi? Nakalimutan ko nga lang yung title pero parang parasites un eh… Pero hindi naman ganitong nagiging zombie namamatay lang yung mga tao dun sa movie na yun.

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