uh (staring intently as reksai’s chest) is it just me or is rek’sai the dumbest looking champion in the game..Rek’sai is pretty ..(nah dude) the dumbest looking champion in the game What is the dumbest looking champion in the game? nah i think nunu is a pretty stupid looking champion *sad music 🙁 * Dom might seem stupid but But I love jungling and I’m climbing but still bit low elo that Everything is the jungler fault even when they’re solo killed how can I deal It puts me off jungling Alright, you just mute them because they’re probably retarded When I play in s.. like you can go back and watch like my videos like when I played in Silver and somebody says some stupid shit like people are just so fucking dumb like on average the Intelligence of people that are in silver is lower than the intelligence of people in diamond like that Just like I would bet my life if you took tests on it Generally speaking smarter people are higher elo. So you think i’m a fucking *beep* because I am a silver 4 in a video game No, it doesn’t mean you are stupid if you’re if you’re if you’re in silver, I just say it on average I…like the way people rage is like dumber too but I mean it doesn’t mean that you have to be stupid of you’re in silver And so just people that just don’t play the game a lot better in silver What’s your most hated champion? I fucking hate Fiora, fuck Fiora What the fuck happens in the *inaudible monkey noise* Oh my god my damn button wasn’t clicking so I thought I was going to dodge by accident. I haven’t played Olaf in so long, let’s do an Olaf game why not Holy shit. There’s this many chromas for Brolaf? Since when? This is gonna be fun. We can stay up late, swappin manly stories. And in the mornin? I’m makin waffles Dude I love how this guy plays sion support again uhh *the fuck are you saying?* What the fuck?.. We got mid to start E by ghosting. Which is actually pretty bad for his laning phase, he can’t push vs Zed now *Hey, Dom is it better to farm it out or try to force a gank?* Depends on the situation. * sometimes I have trouble finding a gankable lane. I play as Kha’zix usually* Then just farm. I mean, it’s situational, all right, like you want to gank as much as possible when the ganks are like available and free The Ganks aren’t available and free? You shouldn’t be ganking it up What the fuck was that? This is such a bad… He’s just getting shit on, our laners are just getting shit on Yeah, like he’s lower level than me, but he’s up 22 cs, isn’t that weird? Okay Let me just make sure he knows that they don’t stack *That’s fucked up dude* You’ve taken my donation virginity so less than three I’ve been playing a lot of Jax jungle lately But I’m not sure how to And why demise when going tanky? I’m not going to stay for their blue, it’s too risky I’m dead, second that arrow hits, I’m dead Well that was TP and tahm kench ult. I think that was a decent chase but He missed the fucking arrow Holy I’ve played that bad Yeah, he did all I’m saying that yeah yo it’s better when they say they played it bad than when I say they played it bad. When I say they played a bit ah Dom, you mother fucker How dare you blame your fucking teamates like, they just go off my chat just goes off But like if he says he plays it bad I can just put a smiley a passive-Aggressive smiley and we good Oh, I missed an axe. I fucking missed an axe. could have killed him if I hit that axe ah fuck man Worth dude. worth. One for one, one for one dude Oh man he missed, oh god Swiffer, oh boy.. Okay, that’s not bad oh Oh don’t keep on chasing dude, you had it. Oh fuck. You kept on going in Oh my God, I didn’t get my fucking E off I think staying there is better because then we get fire drag. I think you can live this pretty easy actually Oh my God. These axes are fucking terrible What happened to Teemo? I thought he would be like in the backline like fucking them up. He literally just like The Teemo God, oh god this is so ugly to watch Okay, he played that terrible God it was looking good for a second there Should have used Randouen’s Actually it wouldn’t have done anything because uh, there was no one who was auto attacking me that he would slow down Oh Xayah being fucking broken Xayah being fucking broken dude Yeah I should have just went Stoneplate this game Yeah, I’m still gonna go Stoneplate, but if the game’s gonna be over, I should have went Stoneplate third I think Okay So much for waiting for the dude just auto Holy shit, wait he went for fucking red buff that’s why he took so long He literally went and got red buff while we were fighting. Holy shit. He actually just let it do the red buff That’s so fuckin troll. I mean we’re gonna win the game either way, but it’s just so fucking troll We’re actually team fighting like shitting on them, and then like he’s doing the red buff


  1. that moment when you switch from hentai to this video and just watch dom with the biggest boner you've ever had….

  2. lol when you took a test to get into Mensa and it said you had an IQ of 148 but your S2…I don't know if the average Diamond IQ is higher then that Dom XD

  3. the one item in the game that it makes the most literal sense to stack and the changed it.. you gots 10 fingers dangit

  4. Being higher elo means you have more experience with the game, which may trick people in thinking that they are smarter, but in reality, you begin to know the game at such a level that most of your decision making won't take more than milliseconds.

  5. I agree on average for sure. I'm a grad student who doesn't have a ton of time for league and I play with a bunch of morons in silver lol.

  6. Dom:nunu looks like the dumbest champion….

    One week later,
    Wild yeti kills loser who plays world-wide known video game called league of legends after calling it dumb

  7. i actually respect lower elo in other severs.. ph server lower elo really suck..
    silver players vs diamond player is like
    krillin vs goku super saiyan 3

  8. That Rumble is the arguably the best top laner in OCE. I know its not saying heaps, but it probably is one of the reasons your top got so shit on

  9. a guy raged at my and said "i main flame for 11 years"
    after i diden´t gang my brand that had 200 hp and vs a Zed

  10. Whats the Outro track actually? Dom pls no trollerino bud, the link in the description is wrong :S

    Edit: Nvm I found it myself, its
    Rondé – Run (East & Young Remix)

  11. Im in silver and am really smart in a lot of areas like I got a 35 on my act…. i just suck at video games for some reason :'(

  12. Hahaha so people in Silver are probable retarded. And you would bet you're life that people in higher elos are smarter, which would mean that you are a really smart guy…
    Here is some ugly truth for you, you don't get to a high elo because you are smart you get to it because you spent way to much time in front of the computer.
    Speaking about something you have no clue about and wane spend you're life on it immediate….. sounds like you are a real smart ass too me.
    Here is a theory that's probably true, the more unattractive you are, the higher the elo. You will spend more time alone in front of the PC if you are ugly and so you will be good at league.
    Just take a look at some of the best players Imaqtpie, Scarra, Huni usw.. (I still like those guys)
    And if you think I am salty because I am hard stuck bronze, youre wrong I am Dia.

  13. The thing is you say this and the stupid people who don’t understand the game are the only ones muting people who tell them to do the right thing

  14. I came back after 2 years of not playing and went from plat to silver. Also I don’t know how to carry as AD anymore. Qtpie just says you have to fucking clobber your lane but even if I play well (and obviously I don’t about half the time) I have another person in my lane that I’m very dependent on to make plays. Normally they’re auto filled and I don’t play support so they don’t know when we’re strong and when we aren’t which means bot is just a fiesta 24/7 ESPECIALLY saturdays. I don’t know what it is with the weekend but so far I’ve had Qiyana support, 3 brands and a lb. send help

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