The Truth About What Makes Krispy Kreme Doughnuts So Delicious

The Truth About What Makes Krispy Kreme Doughnuts So Delicious

Is there any sight that sets your heart aflutter
more than the red neon glow of the Krispy Kreme Hot Light? We all know, without a doubt, that Krispy
Kreme doughnuts are downright delicious. And here’s why they taste so good! “This is your lucky day.” When Krispy Kreme first started slinging doughnuts
in 1937, founder Vernon Rudolph wasn’t trying to sell them directly to customers. But the smell was so compelling that people
stopped and asked if they could buy those piping hot doughnuts straight from the fryer. “It’s powdered sugar.” “Listen, Rod-” “It’s delicious.” The treats were so popular, Rudolph actually
cut a hole in the wall of the building to sell his Original Glazed to passersby. Even today, if you’re near a Krispy Kreme
store, one whiff of that delicious fried dough is all it takes to seal the deal. “Let’s just stay ahead of the wind.” If you’re on the fence as to whether it’s
Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ that reigns supreme, when it comes to how they’re made, Dunkin’
just can’t compete. “It’s actually pretty simple. It’s time and temperature.” Krispy Kreme makes and fries their doughnuts-in-house,
and that’s a big reason why they’re so dang good, especially compared to competitors who
bake their pre-made doughnuts in the oven. One former Dunkin’ employee dished in a Reddit
AMA, “Have you ever tried Donut King or Krispy
Kreme? Those places have steaming, fresh, high-quality
donuts…The Dunkin’ Donuts variety are significantly less appealing. Hell, the ones in my store came shipped frozen
only to be baked later.” Another Redditor spilled some similar doughnut-making
secrets, saying, “Used to work for [Dunkin’ Donuts] a few years
back…]Plain and simple, the donuts are shipped frozen and they are baked instead of fried.” Most shops you go to probably make their donuts
once a day, in the early hours of the morning. So if you’re grabbing a doughnut on the way
to work, it’s likely to be fresh. But should a craving hit mid-afternoon, chances
are, your donut will be old news. “I also want it fresh. You know, I don’t really, I don’t think I
want it frozen. Who wants frozen?” That’s not the case with Krispy Kreme, though. Reader’s Digest spoke to a Krispy Kreme rep
who confirmed that Original Glazed are made twice a day, and that’s because they only
have a 12 hour shelf life. This means that any time you pop in, you’re
going to get a pretty fresh doughnut. But there’s one way to guarantee your donut’s
definitely at peak freshness. There is simply nothing better than a Krispy
Kreme doughnut fresh from the fryer. And you know that when the Hot Light is on,
that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. “At this point, this is when you want to grab
them, and enjoy. It’s ready for the Hot Light.” But you don’t have to wait around in the parking
lot all day, praying for that light to turn on. The Hot Light feature on their app will let
you know when you can get the freshest, hottest Original Glazed, no matter where you are. It can even send you a notification whenever
your local store is slinging those piping hot beauties. When someone posted the question “What makes
Krispy Kreme doughnuts so delicious?” one Reddit user got right to the point, explaining, “It’s the glaze. Once I asked the baker for a [Krispy Kreme]
right out of the fryer, no glaze. Bland to the point of tastelessness, and didn’t
have that wonderful combination of crisp, soft, and gooey that a [Krispy Kreme] has.” “There is no finer donut than a Krispy Kreme
glazed donut.” “Yes, sir!” “Can’t be beat.” That perfect coating of sweet yet not-too-sweet
glaze is certainly a game-changer. It gives that light, fluffy fried dough something
to live for. And why wouldn’t it? Let’s be honest, sugar just makes food taste
better, and sends pleasure signals to our brains. So yeah, of course a sugary glazed Krispy
Kreme is more delicious than a plain one. Don’t we always want something more when we
can’t have it? Krispy Kreme no doubt knows that, and aside
from keeping their trade secrets from competitors, it’s probably one of the reasons that the
company keeps their Original Glazed doughnut recipe under lock and key. And that’s literal lock and key. The decades-old recipe is kept in a safe at
their plant. What the company will divulge, however, is
that, in their opinion, the thing that makes Krispy Kreme doughnuts so delicious is a combination
of their mix and equipment. A senior VP told the Chicago Tribune that
the same dry mix is used by every location, and it’s all produced by one plant in North
Carolina. This proprietary blend is mixed in-house at
each store before the dough heads into a proprietary air-pressurized extruder that pops out those
perfect proprietary rings every time. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I was a production specialist and the glaze ingredients was 2 bags of 40lbs Refined sugar and a cub of stabilizer (yes it’s a lot of sugar) and it’s hard as hell to keep up with hot light Especially when you’re the only one doing em!! Cleaning the machine was hell though all for Minimum wage was not worth it at all

  2. About 25 yrs ago they opened a few Krispy Kreme donut stores in Indy and they were busy but who ever owned them closed them and had the donuts shipped in from a central cooking facility, now we get the donuts from god nowhere and set in a grocery store or gas station convenience store for about a week looking at the sell by date.

  3. Theyre yeeeughhh! Whats that weird toothpaste filling? Whats that powder on too? It aint sugar. Why dont they just use sugar and whipped cream amd jam like normal donuts? When l bought them l had to get sugat and jam to flavour them up before l could eat them. That brown topping tastes like earwax. Yeeeughhh NO THANKS

  4. I love Kristina Kreme, the store near my home shut down unfortunately. Very bad service and ran out of donuts after 3 hours of being open one time.

  5. I noticed if I eat half dozen or more, the after taste is terrible. Perhaps its the bicarbonate or something like that in it where it has a fizzy after taste.

  6. Honestly, I don't think they are "delicious". I think they are corporate BLAND.
    Sure, they are "okay", but not "good"… There's a non-corporate doughnut shop in my area, and their donuts are 10 times better tasting, like I would have expected from something popular like Krispy Kreme. Seriously disappointed with Krispy Kreme, and I don't get people either, it's like they don't know what a good doughnut should taste like anymore. Sure, they are better than Walmart Donuts, or corner store, but again, just POOR. BTW, to be clear, their "Glazed" is close to being one of the best, but their other donuts are frankly very poor.

  7. My last visit to Krispy Kreme‘s was such a disappointment I’m sure they have changed their ingredients and just wasn’t the same! Not to mention there are very expensive. I doubt that I’ll be buying any more of their product. Goodbye Krispy Kreme😳

  8. I love me some KK donuts, but not all the time. They taste as if they put a kilo of sugar in a single donut. They're so sweet I can have Diabetes Mellitus 4, and there are only 2 types of Diabetes.

  9. When I was in Las Vegas I went to a Place called Don's Donuts. He put Mayonnaise in the Batter to increase the Size of the Donuts to 25% bigger than any other donut Shop. And 3x Bigger than any crappy Crispy Creme Donut…they are just Terrible

  10. Go! Everybody Go! Run to Krispy Kreme! Their giving away free donuts! Y'all better sleep outside of Krispy Kreme so you can get some! JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! The Kardashians had Krispy Kreme….. here go the lines again. Will it take me two hours to get a donut?

  11. I'm surprised Mashed didn't get into Krispy Kreme's history of problems: overexpansion, restaurants that left the "hot fresh" light on all the time, bad management, etc. It also has a pretty good comeback story in the last few years.

  12. At Krispy Cream you can watch them being made fresh then after you watch them being made go to the front and they give ya one of the fresh glazed donuts for free.. they do here anyway.. 🍩

  13. I don't get it. These so called donuts are mostly air. I like the good old fashioned ones from the local cider mills, and the original duncan donuts aren't bad.

  14. I’m dying watching this. My favorite part is watching them on the conveyor belt sliding underneath the cascade of fresh hot glaze 🤤

  15. The problem with Krispy Kreme is some of us who like glazed donuts also like chocolate, maple, and even PLAIN donuts without glaze on them. Otherwise Krispy Kreme is ok. I have tasted other glazed donuts that taste just as good, are bigger and cost less.

  16. I've never understood the popularity of these crappy toroidal pastries. They don't taste like real donuts, they have a funny aftertaste, and their internal texture is heavy and chewy. At least in the South, there are tons of little white-painted, locally-owned donut shops that make everything fresh and whose product actually tastes like a donut. I suppose taste is an individual thing, but these are the only commercially sold "fresh" (as opposed to packaged, shrink-wrapped, etc.) donuts I've ever eaten that I actively dislike. So, I'll watch the video and hope to learn what horrid thing they do to their donuts that others don't and that makes them taste so repulsive.

  17. Krispy Kreme donuts are the best only topped by their super employees. I don't know how the company manages to find the nicest sweetest people in every town. I love them!!

  18. I am a professional compatible firefighter, now retired. Far more qualified to determine which are or not the donuts in the entire Universe! Even more than cops, who will eat any donut put in front of them, as long as it's free. Krispy Kreme are the best! The very best!! Because I Say So! Now, get back to work!

  19. make your glaze with powdered sugar, vanilla extract, a teenie pinch of salt, a little bit of melted butter, and instead of water use milk. It's not exact but its really good and much better than powdered sugar and water.

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