The ultimate bespoke jewellery by Maison Giampiero Bodino

The ultimate bespoke jewellery by Maison Giampiero Bodino

There are very few high jewellery
houses that can make a piece of jewellery specifically for you from a blank page and
this is exactly what Maison Giampiero Bodino specialises in because as an artist, Bodino
approaches everything in a very personal way. Giampiero Bodino: I like listening to people.
Probably I like to listen more than talk. People express themselves, talk about themselves,
the way they move, the way they are dressed transmits you some messages. Subliminal messages, I would say. I collect all these elements together, which gives you an idea of the people
you have in front of you and what this person wants. Maria Doulton: The Maison offers a bespoke
service or ad personam, as they call it,and this is when Bodino focuses all his skills,
sensitivity and talent on creating a jewel that is just for you. So personal is Giampiero
Bodino’s approach that the only place to see Bodino himself is either to visit Milan
where, in the Villa Mozart, you can see him in his design studio and showroom, or to come
to an event like this in Paris because, like any artist, creator and creation are very
closely intertwined. Giampiero Bodino: The stones talk to you in
a way and say, “I want to be something” and we are there just to keep the voice of
the stone and transform it into something real. It’s a triumph of colour. For me,
it’s the most important thing or, I would say, the reason for buying something. It’s
not showing the power or the wealth. You’re wearing something that is emotional and that
must give you emotional joy. I have something even classical that I like
very much in my mind and when I sketch, there is a transformation. Your mind transforms
and until the object is finished, you can’t consider that your work is finished. Maria Doulton: When there is a dialogue between
the artist and subject, then bespoke or ad personam truly comes alive and that’s when
a jewel is both exquisite and full of emotion. Giampiero Bodino: Making jewellery is like
doing a portrait for people. It’s a kind of soul portrait. If you want to know all that’s
happening in the world of jewellery and watches, visit my website,


  1. I have never heard anything either more obvious or more falsely inspiring: 'the creator and creation are closely intertwined' – Really? in which cases are they not? If you are going to put out garbage camouflaged as inspired intellectualism, expect reactions

  2. The way the presenter is dressed, ruins the whole video. Bad taste and wrong choice in clothing compared to the elegance of the jeweller and the masterpieces he introduces.

  3. This message is for people who decide to post negative comments. It is never helpful for anyone to be commented in such a way. Instead give more constructive feedback that will help people rather than leaving them feeling saddened. Overall it is a difficult process to commit so much time and money into a channel such as this, it is very informative and brings to light people that are lesser known and that alone should be commended.

  4. Hola amiga. Te cuento que veo sus videos. No entiendo el ingles pero me gusta . Mucho esas bellas joyas. Lo elegante que se ve usted. Yo vivo en chile y desde aqui umildemente miro sus videos gracias por esas bellezas. Un gran abrazo.

  5. Just my opinion but I find the presenter is more concerned about her camera time than the actual jewellery.

  6. Very Glamorous I love this presentation. Maria Doulton has the sweetest most adorable dimples:) she reminds me of my friend Jenni.

  7. I am speechless… such beautiful creations… 🌸
    Thanks for introducing Giampiero Bodino here… I must check out more of his art.

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