The Untold Truth Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend

The Untold Truth Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez​
is a rising star in politics, but we don’t know much about her long-time boyfriend, Riley
Roberts. He’s been likened to a raccoon and a Game
of Thrones warrior, but let’s go beyond the digs and dig deeper into the untold truth
of AOC’s leading man. AOC’s mom, Blanca, definitely considers Riley
Roberts marriage material. Blanca told the Daily Mail in March 2019, “I love him! He is the most loving, supporting person I’ve
seen. He helped [Alexandria] tremendously during
the election. They’ve been together for four years now,
after they reconnected from a college breakup.” Blanca hopes to hear wedding bells in the
couples’ future, but can’t confirm anything, telling the tabloid, “I know they love children, and they do very
well with children from the family. So, I hope they get married soon. Although they haven’t told me anything about
their plans.” Roberts was raised in the affluent community
of Paradise Valley, Arizona, which Forbes ranked as one of the “25 Top Places to Retire
Rich.” The New York Post reports that Roberts graduated
from Chaparral High School in nearby Scottsdale in 2008, after winning statewide honors in
public-forum debate. After graduating from Boston University with
a double major in sociology and finance, he reportedly returned to Arizona where he built
websites for small businesses. Roberts’ mom appears to be as smitten with
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as AOC’s mom is with her daughter’s match. In fact, Connie Roberts, a well-known realtor
in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area, gifted her a beaded, handcrafted “statement necklace”
made by a family friend. AOC wore the black, white, and silver pearl-drop
necklace during her 2018 campaign, much to the delight of Connie, who told a local newspaper,
quote, “It was given to her with love.” Roberts has a lengthy resume from working
in the tech industry as a web consultant, but right-wing conspiracy types have claimed
he’s actually secretly working for his girlfriend, now that she’s a U.S. Representative. National Review writer Luke Thompson accused
AOC of quietly putting Roberts on her payroll by tweeting a screenshot from an unknown source
that showed Roberts with what appears to be a government email. AOC’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti,
responded to Thompson via Twitter, insisting that Roberts is “not paid” and “not doing
any government work.” Chakrabarti tweeted that spouses and partners
normally get government email addresses for the purpose of getting calendar access. AOC also responded to the claim on Twitter,
writing, “Next time check your facts before you tweet
nonsense.” Although AOC generally avoids talking about
Roberts in interviews and on social media, she did shed some light on the beginning of
their courtship in an interview with Vogue. The two Boston University students reportedly
met, quote, “in true nerdy fashion” at a weekly gathering hosted by the university’s dean. The world learned more about Roberts via the
Netflix documentary Knock Down the House, but not much. “One of these core, core issues with the Democratic
establishment is that their consultants are garbage.” The film depicts AOC and Roberts going about
their daily lives in their tiny apartment; him supporting her seconds before her big
win; and a tender scene where he wipes away tears in front of the Capitol building. The film’s director, Rachel Lears, suggested
that AOC leans heavily on her strong, silent-type boyfriend. Lears told Business Insider, “He was a big support system for her. He was emotionally supportive to her and a
good partner, but he’s also a social media-marketing expert by profession, so he contributed strategic
advice and dialogue. I heard a lot of rants in that apartment about
politics they would talk with each other about ideas. So in everything from the emotional to the
strategic to the practical he’s been a really important partner to her.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s man often gets
mistaken for another Riley Roberts, a well-known political speechwriter who also resides in
D.C. Not only do AOC’s beau and the Obama administration
veteran share the same name, but they also resemble one another. The similarities have confused some, including
Beltway-based author Dannielle Blumenthal, who tweeted: “I thought I had discovered a connection between
Eric Holder and AOC’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts but that turned out to be incorrect. Eric Holder’s speechwriter Riley Roberts is
a different person. They look similar and it is easy to confuse
them.” French feminist writer Marie Le Conte, meanwhile,
thought Roberts resembled another species, tweeting, “Apologies for the blatantly mean tweet but
THIS is what AOC’s boyfriend looks like? incredible scenes [in Knock Down the House],
truly representing all the ambitious and stunning millennial women shackled to boyfriends who
look like bin raccoons out there” Others came to his defense, suggesting more
favorable comparisons, like Wildling warrior Tormund from Game of Thrones. Roberts was eventually “Twitter-shamed” into
getting a makeover, although AOC seemed to make light of the hairy situation in an Instagram
story showcasing his fresh trim, writing, “The internet roasted Riley into getting a
haircut/glow up after #KnockDownTheHouse.” Despite being called everything from an “exotic
beard oil enthusiast” to a “bin raccoon,” Riley Roberts has also become a dream boyfriend
to some, lauded for his support and dedication to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s personal and
professional life. Feminist author Liz Plank tweeted: “After watching the AOC doc I keep thinking
about how crucial it is for women to have partners that celebrate rather than co-op
their successes and how little we encourage or prepare men to fill that role.” Nylon writer Bailey Calfee addressed the hate
directed at Roberts in a stern editorial, writing, “The way a person looks says pretty much nothing
about them […] If Roberts didn’t support AOC’s journey to Congress, then, sure, he
would be pretty representative of the s—– men that straight women sometimes choose to
date, but he did.” “I’m proud of you.” “I love you too.” “So proud of you. Whatever happens, okay?” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  6. 2:31 lmao! Who is she to tell anybody else to check their facts. She's been stumped every time she's confronted for fabricating false info. I've never seen her come out on top in any debate/confrontation on things she claims. She's labled as a liar (aka a socialist aka a democrat.)

  7. Wait a minute…She’s picked a rich white man over a POC? Her mom wants them to marry and have babies? There’s a clear message in her behavior….her anti-white ramblings are just a political tool. smh

  8. Wait, I'm confused.. AOC's b/f is white? She hates white men, she must kick his white privileged rear to the curb or she looks like a hypocrite 😀

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