The Untold Truth Of Golden Corral

The Untold Truth Of Golden Corral

Whatever your feelings about Golden Corral,
there are quite a few interesting facts you might never have suspected about this temple
to all-American overindulgence. Here’s a look at the untold truth of Golden
Corral. The early Golden Corrals were basic family
steakhouses, along the lines of Bonanza, Ponderosa, Sizzler, and Beefsteak Charlie’s. Hey, it was the ’70s, and cheap meat was definitely
having a moment. The moment didn’t last, though, and by the
80’s Golden Corral was looking for a new gimmick. They rebranded and expanded, adding a new
buffet that offered a “Golden Choice” of 160 different hot and cold-items, including a
carving station for roast beef, ham and turkey. And the rest is history. With Golden Corral’s ’80s-era expansion came
what remains one of its most popular features, an in-house bakery. This new addition was later named the Brass
Bell Bakery, after the real bell that was supposed to be rung every 15 minutes. Why? “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets
its wings!” No, actually, it was to let people know that
a fresh batch of hot rolls had come out of the oven. This continued into the early 21st century,
but seems to have faded away. The bakery, though, is still going strong,
and that’s the important part. Golden Corral is always advertising their
latest and newest delicious goodies. But it turns out that old favorites are still
just that. According to The Food Network, the three most
popular menu items at Golden Corral are fried chicken, pot roast, and good old meatloaf. According to MSN, the popularity of Golden
Corral’s meatloaf is only matched by the love for their Chocolate Wonderfall. But that can actually be a problem… Golden Corral provides items for dipping such
as fruit, marshmallows and cookies. That’s all yummy. What’s not nearly as yummy, though, is the
fact that some people stick their fingers, hands, or other body parts into the fountain
as well. “I’m going in!” Hey, if you want to get freaky with a Hershey
bar at home, that’s fine. But contaminating the Wonderfall isn’t just
gross, it’s a health hazard, so next time you’re in Golden Corral, you might want to
think twice before using it. “I’ll forgive you for not taking me out for
Chocolate Wonderfall” 2013 wasn’t the best year for Golden Corral,
public relations-wise. The year began with the temporary closure
of a Tampa restaurant due to a huge cockroach infestation, numerous food temperature violations,
and employees who did not wash their hands. Then, in July, an employee at the Port Orange,
Florida restaurant posted a vomit-inducing video showing trays of uncooked burgers and
ribs stacked out back by the dumpsters. That same month photos surfaced on Reddit
posted by another Golden Corral employee of an absolutely filthy restaurant kitchen. The chain issued statements assuring customers
that everything was clean and healthy, but it definitely wasn’t a good look. Golden Corral’s buffet is like a cornucopia
of delicious food. But some crazy patrons treat the restaurant
like the Cornucopia in The Hunger Games. In 2018, two men were arrested in Peoria,
Illinois, after starting a brawl in a Golden Corral. More recently, two huge fights made headlines
in March of 2019 — a reported 15-person battle royale inside a Brooklyn, Ohio Golden
Corral, and possible a 20-person rumble at a Syracuse, New York location. Hey, people are passionate about their buffets! Yes, Golden Corral is usually open on Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And things can get pretty weird at the holidays,
even when giant brawls don’t break out. On Christmas Eve, 2016, for instance, a waitress
in Kentucky discovered that the couple had left a thousand dollar tip. And the waitstaff deserves it: on Thanksgiving
day, 2018, a 7-month-old in North Carolina began choking. A quick thinking waitress shouted for help,
and a patron who knew first aid rushed forward and saved the child’s life. It was literally a holiday miracle! Times are tough all over for most buffet chains. HomeTown Buffet, Western Sizzlin’, Furr’s,
Souplantation, Sweet Tomatoes, Ryan’s Buffet and others have all experienced plummeting
profits, leading to numerous bankruptcies. By contrast, Golden Corral is still, well,
golden. Their sales actually rose in 2017 and they’ve
opened several new locations over the past few years. So how do they do it? Partly it’s the way the company is organized
— they’re privately held, and have had remarkably little turnover in leadership over the nearly
50 years they’ve been in business. The real secret to their success, however,
may be their willingness to keep changing with the times. New menu items, new restaurant designs, whatever
it takes to stay fresh and relevant. Not to mention all of its competitors helpfully
putting themselves out of business. Soon Golden Corral might be the only game
in town for those who value quantity over quality. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I don’t mess with buffets! Used to drive trucks and seen ppl go straight from the toilet to the serving utensils without batting an eye at the soap and sink. My last time in Golden Coral was no different. I took all the women in my family there for mother’s day years ago. A guy came out of the stall, walked right pass me and the sinks, went to the buffet and started serving himself food. I said never again…

  2. i brag about how great golden corral is, i really do, a great bargain. however, the bait and switch they do with the prime rib made me give them a 6 month time out. management instructs the cooks to cook the prime rib so rare that most people will pass it up. you can literally see marks where the jockey was hitting it. solution : GIVE ME A SLICE AND PUT IT ON THE GRILL FOR 2 MINUTES !!!!. i have had 4 separate locations tell me they cant do that. what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooo, i see, the bait, advertise all you can eat prime rib…..the switch, you cant eat it. come on management, do the right thing !

  3. Cold meat EVERY WEEKEND
    NEVER GO BACK !!!!

  4. The beef stew is my favorite. But at mine Hispanics bake the desserts and they're not done right. They cook things they have no idea how to cook. Not cool!

  5. I went to Golden Corral and this lil boy bit a cookie and put it back and spit the part he bit off of beside it

  6. I used to visit Golden Corral frequently. My mother knew this and would occasionally send me gift cards to pay for my meals. That was very sweet of her to do that. On one visit, the register was unable to read one of the gift cards. The cashier said it had no value and threw it in the trash can. I had already used that card and knew that there was still a lot of money on it so I demanded she retrieve my card and she returned it to me. I was later able to confirm I was correct about the balance of that card through their website. I was later able to return and use the card without incident. Over the years, this happened several more times with other cards. The last time it happened, I tried to confirm it through their website but the website couldn't determine the value. I emailed them and was told that they, the home office of Golden Corral, could not determine its value so I should return to the restaurant and try it again! I have explained this to my mother who agreed she will never send me another card since I will never go back to Golden Corral. Yes, I know that means they get to keep the balance of that card. I hope they choke on it.

  7. please forgive me for bursting your bubbles. I'm a former Golden Corral employee from Fort Pierce Florida and I can tell you now it is Not What It Seems. all your vegetables that everybody Bragg them or can we don't cook Jack doodly squat. It comes in a can or bag and is heated up in the story on that 2 Lee's Kitchen scene you sing with all the dirty dishes in the stacked up in the floor that is accurate especially at that one. also the bakery banana pudding is bag pudding nothing is baked there except for the cakes and the cakes are pre-made better all I do is throw him I love him fudge is fake comes in a can excuse me a bucket I lied. managers do not make sure employees wash their hands cuz they really don't care. and if You Buck the system and you work there they will systematically get rid of you and I know that for sure. You can complain to the managers about crap going on they don't want to hear it. all I want to do is get people in the door make money and go home what gets me is people are paying $17.99 now. and as of now they're using instant potatoes so you no longer get real mashed potatoes everything they serve you can buy in the grocery store and cook have the same Golden Corral meal all those recipes hanging on the wall are pretty much horse crap

  8. If you have never gone in, expect to find many of the patrons are 350 lbs or even more…..Oh and if you want coffee, expect slow refills

  9. I have worked for Golden Corral for about a year and recently quit due to a better opportunity. I have a few things to say about them:
    1. PLEASE do not work there. The hours you work are basically trash (I was getting two 10-hour shifts max…not a lot of hours, but terrible work days).
    2. The management is VERY disorganized. They can’t keep things straight regarding days you can’t work, and I have spent SIX MONTHS tracking down a paycheck I didn’t receive in JANUARY.
    3. The kitchen in the back is pretty gross. There is trays of food prep laying all over, the floors are only cleaned at the end of the night so if you drop something it stays there, and there is garbage all over the place.

    Mini-rant over.

  10. I only been to two golden corral places (Springfield, Massachusetts & *Salisbury, Maryland (*before they closed down in September 2018) and always thought the food was good. Never got sick from them so far.

  11. Our local Golden Corral closed do to the staff not knowing how to clean dishes or cook food right. Sad when you have to go through a stack of dishes to find a clean one!

  12. This is why I refuse to eat buffets / pig bins where people eat anything and the most of them should stay away from buffets!

  13. As soon as they said a fight broke out I immediately knew they were black.
    Low IQ's and lack of self control and no impulse control…

  14. The food is utterly disgusting, to me. Yuck (: That chocolate fountain, gross. How many kids have stuck boogers in them? The food doesn't even look appealing.

  15. Sounds good but I'm no fool. The only thing I trust, that you are heartless n cruel. I don't believe you, I cant. Give you my heart, girl I ain't. When I did, all you wanted to do was humiliate me in front of your friends. Shit. BITCH. All you ever did was take my ends. Not giving a Fuck bout my kid. The only thing I fucking did, was rejected you on some sex, but in your fucked up mind, you feel justified, to rally up your buddies just to target my life. Now, I'm supposed to trust you when you say you have a soft spot for my kind? Bitch yeah right.

  16. buffets are hit and miss. sometimes i love GC and sometimes i get cold and old food. sometimes the steak is perfect and sometimes it would take a chain saw to get though it. lol. most buffets are like that.

  17. I worked for Spokane golden corral. It is exactly as it sounds. Hard labor, fast pace, few breaks, and wages are not fair for cooks. No tips and minimum wage keeps going up. It's hard to keep a good cook at those conditions

  18. Either way, black ,white,spanish or asian you as a grown ass person should never get into a whole brawl at golden corral especially over the food when they obviously have plenty more in the back. Now if someone was rude and disrespectful to you and yours then ill see a brawl breaking out,but over the last piece of meatloaf or crab cluster??? Naw thats just ignorant on all levels no matter what your race is.

  19. Went to one a while ago. Noticed how the kids would get their dirty fingers into a lot of the food then walk on never taking it.

  20. Went once, I was so disgusted with the 4 and 500 pound children and parents, I had a cup of black coffee, waited for my skinny wife to finish her slop, and left.

  21. the first time i went to golden corral was in 2016 when i visited my friend in jacksonville FL and the food was very good and cheap.

  22. Golden Corral is one of the nastiest places you can eat. The last one I was in I walked past three vomit piles before reaching the front door. The only persons who get any value from it is the morbidly obese. Luby's and Furr's offer a cleaner, healthier place to eat and priced better for those who care about eating a healthy and balanced diet.

  23. cook it your self just know this some people in the prosecution plant do bad stuff to your food be for it gets to the grocery store

  24. It's dirty, unsanitary, and a classic case of food waste.
    People load up on plate after plate of food, only eating small portions of each one then start it all over with desserts….piled high and tons of food left over.
    Everything feels greasy and the staff/servers hardly have time to replenish drinks and clear mile-high plates, let alone properly clean tables and bottles of sauces, salt and pepper shakers, tables and seats.
    Most of the food is not cooked correctly which also leads to uneaten mountains left on plates.
    I don't understand these people.

  25. The Syracuse Ny one had just opened in March. There were lines out the door into the parking lot for at least 2 or 3 months.

  26. A buffet and plastic cups, salmonella poisoning, food poisoning waiting to happen. Never eat at a buffet disgusting places.

  27. Being vegan/vegetarian, they have the worst salad bar in the food industry. Salad is always dripping wet, produce is rock hard, tons of salad bar stuff in every single one of the dressings. Thumbs down >:(

  28. In. Albuqerque. On. San. Mateo. Goldren. Corral. Is. Clean. And. The. Staff. Is. Friendly. I. Love. Golden. Corral

  29. Went to one of Golden Corral restaurants in the south near the border, will never set foot in another Golden Corral again, tables with dirty dishes everywhere, people serving themselves and eating at the same time, some even coughing with food in their mouths,kids sticking strawberries in the chocolate with their hands instead of using a pick, I rather pay more for a meal, than go to Golden Corral and get sick

  30. I love Golden Corral in please don't close it down just change Clean Employees in gets employees that's take there Job serious see people's make things bad for everyone in they don't deserve that like Me, see (Mash ) they have so many Variables of FOODS in that's why i love going there and the Chocolate Bar they need to Put a sign up there NO CHILDRENS ALLOWED, that's my opinion, they need to do it's that's the Kids doesn't go up there to the Foods bar unleast they 9 And Up so manys kids young then that be up there getting foods touch stuff THAT'S JUST MY own Opinion Thank you GOLDEN CORAL in FT MYERS FL and (MASH)

  31. I'm fat and I eat anything in fact I'll even eat at the Golden Corral but I know that after I eat at the Golden Corral I'm going to lay on the floor of my living room and wish I was dead for 2 and 1/2 hours

  32. If you think food should be fresh, clean, properly prepared and free of artificial enhancements never eat in a restaurant . Just that simple really.

  33. How many of your videos do you have to ruin until you've learned how to speak and enunciate coherently?

    That out of the way, the filthy kitchen @ 2:25 is the Bakersfield, Cali GC store two weeks after it opened in 2011. The vid was made by an irate customer who walked directly into the kitchen with his phone. He turned the tape over to the health dept. This GC, which was just built to accommodate 500 patrons, was closed for three weeks, the time it took to clean it up. One patron reported observing fat women stuffing food into their over-sized purses and jackets, and little kids licking their fingers in the chocolate waterfall.

    The GC in Mesa, AZ, had food that was perhaps 9 on a scale of 10, until they created "Steak Thursday" where, after 4 pm, they offer all you can eat steaks. These are hardly worthy of being called steaks. They're thin, overcooked, dried out and not even lukewarm. When they come off the grill, they're just tossed onto a cold metal surface to wait for some unlucky fool to try to choose one that's edible. Ones that are left over at the end of the day, rumor has it, are sold to the NHL for practice pucks.

    And never trust GC's slick ads with mouth-watering pieces of steak being served! Those are ALL fake.

  34. I don't know if you realize it or not, but Golden Corral feeds all veterans on Veterans Day free including their drinks. Eat as much as you want drink as much as you want non-alcoholic of course and stay bring your friends they have to pay, but all the veterans have it all for free. The wonderful time for meet a lot of your military friends and make new acquaintances never seen a fight or even an argument.

  35. Real dude party. I agree need more education..but u got the keeps out of order. By me not to familiar with the keys function on the phone. I miss it.. But JUST keeping it real..

  36. If they got REAL mashed potatoes and good chicken I will be there, I've almost given up on steak but if theirs is good I'll try it

  37. Have 3 Golden Corrals near me, and all of them are good. They are clean, the dishes are clean, and the food is excellent. They put your flatware into a paper holder now, and put it on your table, so no more worries about that. It is about $15 dollars per person, under 12 is less, and Senior discount. A meal at a fast food joint is about the same, but you get better food from Golden Corral.
    It all has to do with Management. If you get crappy, uncaring managers, who hire uncaring workers, then you get a crappy restaurant. That is true for any restaurant, not just Golden Corral. If the ones near you are crappy, then report them to corporate, If they are a franchise, then corporate will cancel their contract, if they don't shape up. If they are really bad, then report them to the Health Department.
    The quality of the restaurants in your area is up to the customer in the end. If you do not report them, then they will continue to be crappy. Don't assume someone else will report them, because everyone else is assuming the same thing, and nothing will get done.
    I will continue to eat at Golden Corral. Good food, at a comparable price to fast food. Sure, it aint fancy, but thats the point.

  38. This place is less expensive thanmost the steak restaurants but I can't get my family to go here because it's the Golden Corral..ewww! Steaks are great here and you get all u want steaks!

  39. The Food at golden Corral is great,but the verity of food items seems to be liking compared to lets say the Wood Grill and theirs only a small difference in price.Seem in the past golden Corral had more verity than it does now.And the Breakfast also is liking in verity and appeal including eye appeal.I was in food service for 40 years before semi retiring into the retail service

  40. Like all these other fast food franchises, when they hire all Mexican staff the quality goes down. Not being mean just something I have noticed. At least where I live .

  41. Golden Corral is the cleanest, best run buffet I have ever been to. The food is tasty and reasonable…it is a weekly stop for us. In fact with the selection, it’s cheaper than eating a similar meal at home.

  42. It's easy to see that "The Last of America's Buffets" is in it's Final Days. Home Town Buffet went the way of Circuit City & very Soon, Fry's Electronics. 80's Concept stores not making the 3rd Millennium.

  43. We stopped eating there. They cut choices and quality. Cleaning the place continued to be an issue. We switched to Pizza Ranch! Much better for seniors…cleaner and there's a points card as well. Forget about eating at the GC…

  44. You can always tell the food hustlers that eat 3 plates of food and are waiting to burp so they can eat some more . They're obese, there kids are running around like wild pigs , the adults have tooth picks in between obese lips, their drink glass has watered the table down . The waitress wipes it down but it's still wet and if you sit too close ,they smell sour and the air around them smell like old farts . And they are belligerent .

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