There’s NOTHING that comes close to a SILVER Bull Market!

There’s NOTHING that comes close to a SILVER Bull Market!

David Morgan: If there’s only one thing I
could teach you about the upcoming silver bull market, it’s this: Ninety percent of
the move comes in the last 10 percent of the time. And, factually, I don’t know if that’s true.
What I do know is that it is true from the last bull market. And what we also know is
it’s true from past markets; bull markets. All markets go from undervalue to fair value
to overvalue. But I’m getting ahead of the story. Think about that statement. Would you be happy
to capture 90 percent of any market move? What this means is you could be waking up
right now to the precious metal story and build your wealth, even starting after what
appears to be a 10-year bull market and a long, long two-year consolidation. What if the entire precious metals market,
that averages 17 years, is about 12 years into the cycle with five years to go? And
perhaps the last year making, perhaps, 90 percent of that move? That’s a full four years
from now. If the last year or so, this market is the most explosive, and gold explodes,
are you ready to take those gains? And if you were, how would you feel at the end of
that year? Now, is the market really gonna make the major
move in the last year? Probably not. However, the more you know about the facts, the better
you’re able to prepare yourselves for what’s coming. Take a look at the past. Look at the housing
bubble. The most excitement, largest gain, happened going into the top. And then a few
months later, after the move peaked, houses dropped. Think about the technology bubble. How about
the Japanese stock bubble? Or any other market. This is simply market behavior. However, this time it’s different. Why? Certainly,
you’ve heard that statement before and it’s almost always proven to be wrong. But it’s
different this time because it’s not being a smart real estate investor or understanding
technologies; the best sector to be in. Or understanding the growth cycle, that the Japanese
have something over the Americans or any other market. This one’s gonna be different because it’s
for one reason and one reason alone: that it’s a word I seldom use and that’s “fear.”
Yes, you heard me right. Fear. There is going to be fear throughout the world and it will
be concerned with a lot of things, primarily money. Money for retirement or your pension
or your employer or the government. Concern of the dollar or the euro or the yen or any
government script or currency will not be worth tomorrow what it is today. Worried that
the system is truly cracking up and the plans you made based on solid evidence a decade
ago are now invalid and you need to take action yourself, put real money in your own hands,
instead of relying on your financial planner, stockbroker, defined benefits package plan,
pension, or anyone else outside of yourself. In other words, governments at large or any
of the quote-unquote “system” to take care of you. When that shift in psychology takes place,
what I call the tipping point, when just enough people on a global basis say, collectively,
“We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.” And they’re moving into the precious
metals because they understand one thing and one thing only: They can trust them. There’s
no confidence game. There’s no con game. Once that happens, look for a buying frenzy. And
that buying frenzy will be like none other. You’ve probably heard the expression, “There’s
no fever like gold fever.” This may be true, but bear in mind there is nothing that comes
close to a silver bull market. Silver shines the light of truth about the corrupt financial
system better than gold, and the reason being is that more people own it and it means it’s
more steady via the people. They understand the dynamics of the silver market. And, of
course, we’re talking about a very few, very, very small minority of the people. But it
doesn’t take a lot more to move into this market. So, how high could silver go? As we brace
ourselves for the final chapter in the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency of the world,
let’s take a look at history. In the 1980s, the nation was still reeling from the Carter-era
inflation and investors were buying up precious metals. Silver peaked at about $50 an ounce.
Adjusted for inflation, using CPI numbers, that’s about $143 today. There’s still an opportunity in the market,
even at $30 silver. Why? Because if I’m correct and the majority of the move lies ahead, if
you didn’t capture that run from 5 to 30, and you’re willing to buy at 30 and it goes
from 30 to 300, as an example, I think you’d be quite happy with that kind of return. Buy real. Get real. Be real.


  1. COMEX = Hologram – stack, go long juniors (they need the help due to institutional manipulation destroying their logistical production vectors – i mean hell, gold and silver should be 3-4x spot at minimum right now, the writing is on the wall)

  2. only problem with the junior space today is lack of consolidation investment (incoming), money-heads both on boards of companies and in the markets (from technicals to institutional manipulators), and not enough good geologists

    the rest is just "america must be destroyed to make way for a NWO" etc.

    but the long-term fundamentals of that story should tell you all One Thing:

    All roads lead to Ag/Au

  3. Money is a medium of exchange. It is honest if based in real commodities, and it is voluntary if unregulated. Real, good money is the opposite of force. It represents uncoerced, voluntary exchange. Government is force. Force is slavery. And all slavery in history has been backed by government force. Now debt… that just might be a lot closer to slavery. And debt is the lack of money. The opposite of what you say.

  4. Everything seems on schedule except for the fact that silver is a measley 28 bucks,really??? I been hearin this song and dance now since early 2010..I understand SOME manipulation,but 28 bucks?? its been 2 years of nothing,2 years ago it was 46 this time….just something to think about,,,silver should at least be 130-190 right now,it was supposed to hit 3 or 4 hundred in 2014,possibly 2013…the future is here and nothin has changed..what gives….

  5. The 1980 high is kind of a 'false high' though right? – i mean that – in the way that to actually USE that data in charting as if it had some long (or even short) term significance is a non event. as the market was being cornered and people just panic bought. all over very quickly

  6. You said Silver has been at his lowest in the month of June for the last several years so that's what Im waiting for

  7. Silver and gold long term hold value. I don't plan on ever turning mine in for cash/trash. I will give mine to my children. Just buy a little every month. It is called saving money. This was something your ancestors did. I couldn't care less about a one year return. Stop expecting short term trades to pay off. They most likely won't.

  8. …And I believe our financial debt system will eventually lay over and die. I don't know when. No one does. I do think Obama has put us a lot closer with this 16 trillion we owe now.

  9. Meh, basically the argument I'm hearing from OWS socialists is that ALL money is inherently debt based. Not quite sure how they can say that with a straight face, though. I gave up on trying to reason with the common senseless a long time ago.

  10. will, it is, how do you give somthing vaule in a market that has no vaule, supply + demand, you lather people up in debts that the intrest is taking away from supply, so the supply lowers as demand to pay off debt increases, thus the dollar has some vaule/purpose… its about breaking that, and having true vaule in some form or another, not always metals…

  11. Dead right. He's been doing this for years. Peddling this idea that silver is going to the moon in 2 / 3 yrs. Still at it.

  12. You can get almost 58 ounces of silver for 1 oz of gold.
    Do it.
    In a sane world, the silver gold ratio should be around. 10:1, 12:1, or maybe 15:1.

  13. Buy cheap sell High is the rule! Silver will continue to drop till middle of 2014 reaching a low of $15. The Elitist shall buy it up while idiots that are scared out or wore out of the market. $75 Dollars a Troy ounce will result as demand excels. They will have a meeting and Globalists will then shut you out as its value will be declared $750 an ounce for silver. Gold figure it out 10:1 Ratio Silver to gold. Says who Elitist From London. Hail Moloch! Illuminati. The Federal Banks! Occultist NOW

  14. With the government in control of interest rates, bubbles ALWAYS form. It's inevitable the precious metals will see their bubble day. I would like to take advantage of it when it comes, not when it goes..

  15. Gold is the money of kings, Silver is the money of gentlemen, Barter is the money of peasants, Debt is the money of slaves. Ask yourself, where are you at?

  16. There is no fear here, i wish I could buy more… Silver and Gold has been use as money through out history and I use paper money to buy real money. If you own any form of insurance, you would understand. Unless you wanna line up with your family for a loaf of bread.

  17. Although this guy's title can't be disputed (NOTHING like…a bull mkt) the fact is it has been three yrs since this posting and we don't see anything like a bull mkt in silver

  18. You are wrong about the rise if Silver in 1980, it was the Hunt Brothers that made it go to $50.00 an oz.  It will rise, but how much is anyone's guess!

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