Things At McDonald’s Even The Staff Won’t Eat

When lunch time rolls around, you’d think
that McDonald’s employees have it made. But they also have inside information, and
there are some items on their own menu that they just won’t touch. What are these forbidden foods? Here are some things at McDonald’s even the
staff won’t eat. No one goes to McDonald’s just for a dessert,
but while you’re there, you might be tempted to add something sweet onto the end of your
order. But according to what employees told Reader’s
Digest, you might want to skip the apple pie. Why? Well, according to employees, people don’t
really order many apple pies, so they often sit on the shelves for a long time. That might not be mom’s apple pie under those
heat lamps — it might be grandma’s apple pie. It might be better to order something fresher. In one particularly revealing Reddit Ask Me
Anything thread, a Redditor claiming to be a former McDonald’s employee warned against
ordering the standard hamburgers and cheeseburgers, because it turns out you may just get raw
meat if you do. That’s because they intentionally undercook
the burgers with the idea that they will finish cooking while sitting under the heat lamps. “Those things come off of the grill still
red with blood and then we would shove them in the trays where they would stay for hours.” However, if you order during rush hour, the
burgers often don’t stay under the lamps long enough to finish cooking, leading to seriously
undercooked meat. Which isn’t just gross, it’s potentially a
health hazard. No thanks! There’s nothing in the world as delicious
as ketchup. Seriously, ketchup makes the entire meal. Can you imagine french fries without ketchup? “You can see the woman in pink barge into
the back of this McDonald’s. employees say she was demanding ketchup. When the manager in blue asks her to leave,
the woman starts hitting her.” Well, you should start imagining it, because
according to former McDonald’s employees on Quora, those big dispensers that most locations
have are almost never cleaned. Instead, to save time, employees often just
add new ketchup to the old stuff already in there. As one manager said, “Who knows when the bags were last changed.” If you really need ketchup, make sure you
ask for those little packets. They may be annoying, but they’re probably
a lot cleaner — and a whole lot safer than trying to find a ketchup substitute. “I’m going to dip this potato in some crushed
vicodin. And there’s nobody who can stop me.” McDonald’s employees who spoke to Australia’s said that anything that’s just been added to the menu or is only on for a short
amount of time is likely to be made fairly badly — and probably wrong. According to the former employee, “Nobody knows how [to] make it and I can guarantee
you it will be made wrong or missing ingredients.” It’s not entirely surprising, after all — adding
items and changing a menu means there’s a learning curve, and it’s not like the kitchens
at McD’s have the time to slow down. But no one likes that feeling of disappointment
when they get back to their desk, only to discover that the lunch in front of them is
nowhere near the lunch they thought they were going to order. So just stick to those tried-and-true favorites
until the beta testing is over. McDonald’s food may not be great, but there’s
one thing even worse; old McDonald’s food. Which is why according to some employees and
ex-employees, you shouldn’t order anything without taking a few extra minutes to specify
you want it made fresh. You wouldn’t think that would be necessary,
but actually it is. Though McDonald’s has a policy that food is
only supposed to sit out for a certain amount of time, one Redditor said that it had been
their experience that their coworkers didn’t care how long something had been sitting there,
they’d just keep resetting the timers… for hours on end. “… 9/10 times when that timer goes off,
people just reset the timer…” That’s why you should ask for your food to
be made fresh. It might take a few minutes, but your stomach
will thank you later. In 2017, social media had a meltdown when
a McDonald’s employee from Louisiana posted pictures of the drip tray he pulled out of
the ice cream machine at his location. According to the employee only identified
as Nick, the drip trays were pretty much never cleaned, and were filled with a moldy, rotten
goo. McDonald’s issued a formal response that said,
in part, “This is a part of our soft serve equipment
that does not come into contact with any food and is required to undergo regular and timely
cleaning.” Nick was fired not long after his post, but
he’s not alone in his warning. On Reddit, one 5-year employee said the machines
were always dirty, too — and they suggested heading somewhere else for an ice cream fix. Another employee spoke to their location’s
true problems: employees who didn’t care enough about any part of their job, including the
complicated process of cleaning an ice cream machine. Which is weird, because it’s so easy, even
kids can do it. “McKids! McFlurry! McKids McFlurry maker!” “You can make a McFlurry, any time, any place!” C’mon, Mickey D’s, figure it out! Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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