This Is Why Costco’s Hot Dogs Are So Delicious

This Is Why Costco’s Hot Dogs Are So Delicious

The $1.50 hot dog and soda combo at the Costco
food court represents one of the best fast food values in history. This quarter-pound all-beef behemoth isn’t
just a great value; it’s downright delicious. Here are the reasons why the hot dogs at Costco
are so, so good. Up until 2008, the hot dogs being served at
the Costco food court were standard-issue Hebrew National all-beef, kosher hot dogs. Around that time though, the supply of those
kosher hot dogs began to dwindle, and costs began to rise. That’s when Costco decided to step up its
hot dog game even further, and start throwing some of their annual operating budget at moving
their hot dog manufacturing operations in-house. According to the company’s explanation, the
Kirkland brand hot dogs you’ll get at a Costco food court today are “10 percent heavier and
longer than the old,” and they’re a better quality. That’s a win! In order to keep up with demand, Costco constructed
a dedicated hot dog manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, and when that wasn’t enough,
later added a second facility in Chicago. That oughta be enough to keep the dogs coming
for a long, long time. Inspiring feelings of shame and inadequacy
in lesser hot dogs everywhere, the first thing you notice about Costco hot dogs is their
size. Weighing in at more than a quarter of a pound,
or four ounces, this is a hot dog that eats more like a meal. As a point of reference, a standard-issue
hot dog from the arguably more famous Oscar Mayer clocks in at just 1.58 ounces. According to My Fitness Pal, this hulking
meat tube with bun will add 552 calories and 32 grams of fat to your daily intake, and
that’s before you heap on the complimentary ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, and sauerkraut. That’s dinner sorted! Ask any of your woke vegan friends about their
lifestyle choices, and they’ll probably start lecturing you on the hidden evils of hot dogs. Their argument isn’t totally without merit:
Lots of hot dogs are made with some sketchy ingredients, which probably wouldn’t even
legally qualify as food in some more evolved societies. Bargain-basement hot dogs are unholy chemical
mashups of spare chicken trimmings, discarded scrapheap organs including ground-up livers,
kidneys, and hearts, and apparently at least 2 percent of the time, traces of human DNA. That ringing you hear is every single one
of your mental alarm bells sounding at the exact same time. Not at Costco, though. The big box giant’s signature Kirkland hot
dogs are made of 100 percent beef, with no questionable “variety meats” included, people-based
or otherwise. Questionable meat isn’t the only problem plaguing
competing value-brand hot dogs; many of them are loaded with additional chemical additives
and stabilizers, which can start to sound a lot more like a chemistry experiment gone
awry than an actual food product intended for humans. Unlike the cut-rate hot dogs sold at many
venues however, Costco controls the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that their
hot dogs contain no by-products, corn syrup, phosphates, fillers, or artificial colors
or flavors. There’s not a lot to be confident in, in this
crazy, mixed-up world, but the ingredients in the hot dogs at the Costco food court aren’t
a bad place to start. Ask any armchair expert about the wisest way
to stretch a dime into a dollar when it comes to food budget and maximizing your caloric
intake at the lowest possible price, and most will give you the same answer: You’ve gotta
work your free topping game to its maximum possible potential. While many Costcos turn the straightforward
application of ketchup, yellow mustard, and sweet pickle relish into an all-you-can-squirt
self-service situation, don’t be fooled into thinking those are your only topping options. Many Costcos also keep a semi-secret stash
of diced raw onions alongside a briney vat of sauerkraut behind the counter, and all
you have to do is ask the helpful counter clerk to hook you up. Best of all, these add-ons are completely
free for the asking. As you might expect, Costco isn’t making a
ton of money on their $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. In fact, the company loses money on every
combo sold, to the tune of more than 100 million hot dog meals each year. And according to the company, that’s just
fine. Shocking, right? Why this commitment to a product that costs
the company money with every sale? The answer is twofold. First, losing a few cents on a hot dog combo
that may lure shoppers into a store that sells everything from $1,000 big-screen TVs to cruises
makes a ton of financial sense. Just one sale of a big-ticket item instantly
wipes out the losses on hundreds or even thousands of hot dogs. But there’s another reason to keep the discount
hot dog train rolling: A busy food court creates a buzzing family-friendly atmosphere, and
that cheap meal for the whole family helps shoppers justify the yearly cost of membership. And for you, the loyal customer, you just
know that hot dog tastes so, so much better since you know you’re getting a crazy good
deal on that full meal. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. When I worked in a grocery store a butcher was using a meat slicer. In stead of pushing the meat to the spinning blade with a paddle he used his hand. 3 fingertips got packaged with the meat while he was taken to the hospital. The meat was sold before it was taken off the shelf. Somebody got a little extra protean.

  2. Ate one hot dog with mustard ketchup relish and onions.. stuffed.. great place to go if you only have a few bucks and want something hot and yummy

  3. Costco has decent sounding hotdogs. More beef rather than other inedible things in them. Sound good to me.

  4. They aren’t losing money at all. The hotdogs cost like 0.70 and the drink cost 0.10 they are making probably 0.50 profit on each one.

  5. The food processing line looked gross more like concrete mortar mix than real red meat. Now every time I see a hot dog I have a vision of that.

  6. They’re delicious cause they’re fucking polish. Normal hot dogs make me feel nauseous and make me feel like I wanna throw up. Not with polish, they’re amazing, and just plain delicious

  7. I came across an online article a couple of years ago about Costco's food court. In the article, it said that Costco serves more hot dogs each year than all of the Major League Baseball stadiums combined. Wellllllll Doggggies…..

  8. WHY did they stop serving the Kosher dog AND no more Kirkland jeans? I have no reason to go there. I can NOW order my jeans from Amazon….Thanks Costco, great job. AND Amazon has no membership fees.

  9. Hot dogs are cancer causing trash. Why would anyone love putting NITRATE-LOADED crap in their bodies. Then wonder why millions each year die from cancer. Hot Dogs are filled with so many different animal parts to the point of disgust.

  10. No Cosco stores in this end of the state. It's a 290 mile round-trip to the closest one, a bit far for a hot dog…

  11. you're not from this country this country we don't put ketchup on hotdogs that was implemented here by South American people came over here thinking that they posed to put ketchup on hotdogs but I'm from this country we never put ketchup on hotdogs here

  12. Livers, kidneys, hearts are premium, compared to the ears, snouts, testicles, etc, which make up the bulk of the meat.

  13. Eating hot-dogs is like eating pu55y, you know there’s some nasty shit in it, but you’re going to eat it anyway.

  14. my local COSTCO the DOGs are ALWAYS COLD , buns soggy ,now and again the OINIONS are cooked , stopped eating them , best thing COSTCO did was the HOT TURKEY SANDWICH

  15. I hate it when you go to Costco and you buy a hotdog and it is so good you wish you had bought two! 😂

  16. That's a myth about them losing money on this product. $1.50 for a dog and soda still leaves PLENTY of profit. Fountain soda is basically free for them to purchase, so lets say its 50 cents. That leaves $1 for the dog and there is NO way they cost one dollar to make. I would guess they make at least 50 cents of profit from each combo.

  17. We get it! You hate hot dogs except for maybe Costco. Sketchy ingredients that a civilized society would never take part in. Wow! What do you mean by human DNA? That doesn't say much.

  18. Lefty’s will
    Never let up on a place like Costco where working folks can feed their families and save a few bucks,,,
    There always has to be some rotten deeds behind it
    Coastal lefty’s really do hate us ya know
    Our kids too

  19. wow… ANOTHER Costco video by Mashed. how original…. 🙄

    When the stalker who slits the throat of the MASHED staff dumps their corpses in the city dump, he'll make sure to place a SAM'S CLUB hot dog in their throats…..


  20. Yeah….no. Their hot dogs are terrible. Dog to bun ratio is important and there is just too much dog for the bun, resulting in oversaltiness and blech.

  21. Is this really true? Or did Costco make up an excuse why they couldn't use Hebrew National because they were participating in Boycott and Divest sanctions against Israel. I think that's more likely the real truth. Also…Hebrew National is still a better hot dog.

  22. FYI, McDonald's has the highest Human DNA % of any similar Drive In business! Look it up! I'll never eat @ McDonald's again!

  23. Growth hormones, preservatives, gluten, fluoride, & insecticides in the GMO corn syrup. Not to mention all the garbage in the fraud-fries. We will not bring flowers to your funeral.

  24. The Costco Hotdog and Soft drink combo are $1.99 here in Queensland Australia…..and there Flamin Excellent ….. < 🙂

  25. I swear on my life I ate two Costco hot dogs and went home as soon as I got home I threw up all the hot dog came out ! COME ON EVERYONE ITS GROUND UP Putrefying
    dead animal parts, GROSS !

  26. You k. I've had hotdogs all my life and I am still living and never new anyone who died from hot dog!!!! Who cares what it's made from!!! Keep them coming!!!!!

  27. The best hot dogs I ever tasted over my 50+ years as a butcher was a Texas Red hot colored dark red sold by Tops in 1980, about 3/4 inch in diameter 7” long, 1/4 veal 1/4 beef 1/2 pork with secret spice recipe. I ate probably 400 of them per year until 1986 when Dog Bros. Bought them out and the recipe changed. I had to find a new favorite hot dog

  28. These are the best hot dogs on the planet. As a Costco member, I never miss having one and taking one home. I also take a package full of them along.

  29. "People and cultures who do not eat what I eat are unevolved, uncivilized": Mashed

    Fucking racists pieces of shit, dumb fucking braindead, bimbo 🖕🏻

  30. I wonder how much this website paid to advertise their food because I'm telling you everything there is terrible including the hotdogs in the she like hotdogs that are in rolling around on those little bars and bread that is stale.

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