This is why you’re stuck in Bronze and Silver

This is why you’re stuck in Bronze and Silver

Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head? Why you mad? It’s my p***y pops severely, and yours don’t hehe respect wamen FUCK YOU TOO BITCH WoW Don’t bother using the report feature because it doesn’t actually do anything Today we’re going on an adventure to bronze and silver you’re probably wondering Well I noticed a lot of people in the comments talking about being stuck at a certain rank I’ve always wanted to help them but to be honest I have no idea because I don’t know the playstyle at that Elo I didn’t want to do vod reviews because that’s boring so I Took a trip down to bronze myself. I know you’re probably thinking you going down to that elo that can’t be good and you’re right I fucked up Nice kills six You’re still the only best tracer I know I don’t know why they’re saying im owning. I’m literally like Eating a bowl full of noodles. I’m walking around doing dumb shit. “Whatever you were doing was working” So I quickly realized this wasn’t working my intention wasn’t to carry games so I told myself that from here on out at only place Support, and if that was taken at fill as any tank except roadhog “Can you heal six” do you want a tank? I can you which supports you guys want “Let’s push on if we get a pick. Let’s push in nobody’s pushing in.” guys Let’s just group up top left We could take it top left and go from height advantage zen come top. Zen come over here. Hello? Roadhog come top *explicit screaming* *even more explicit screaming* Roadhog go in. Roadhog go in Why are you baiting me let’s go, Roadhog please please walk in. Roadhog I can appreciate it If zarya walks in you could just follow up with her. if you go in first before her she can stay behind you bubble you And I can heal There’s a reaper coming bottom left reapers bottom left Theres a genji to our left Should have saved that for the team We’re to split up, we’re way to split up Hey I’ll fill for you guys Does anybody want to play tank Does anybody have a mic *crickets* reaper peak i can heal you reaper if you peak me i can heal you. come towards the front of the point the front of the point reaper I’m just keep dying I will just keep dieing They’re coming towards right careful careful back up back up back up back up guys. Let’s just try going Right side let’s group up here Torb behind I can’t do Winston. They’re fucking me up pretty bad here Cuz they got the Reapers that they got that symmetra I’m just gonna go to heavy sheilding *FUCKING REKTS* both of their supports are down Reaperult.mp3 Reaper we need a to eat Reaper and the torb we need a…Rein would be a good pick You guys weren’t able to come in there? I’m gonna be behind I’m Popping popping .there’s somebody behind this ORISA turn around for the Reaper turn around for the reaper Our d.vas in. Our d.vas in. Help her .Help her Orisas one Torbs discord help our Orisa you need to walk on point you’re healed up Don’t be scared. Help me help me This is fucking stressful This is the part of the video where I talk about what people who are stuck in bronze or silver Should do to rank up. if you’re not interested in that and thanks for watching and feel free to click off the video Okay for everyone else still here get a mic to communicate with your team. You’re limiting both yourself and your team with no communication Use your mic to call out when you or your supports need help when you’re being flanked by genji or tracer and use it to coordinate A team push lack of team coordination can be fixed with communication. secondly be aware of your surroundings Judging by the intro you could probably tell how many people in the rank just walk off the map I’ve noticed people in this elo. Don’t really listen to sound cues in the game, too You should pay attention to what you’re hearing for example You can hear a tracer blink behind you and alert your teammates So they can react accordingly you should also know where your healers are positioned so you can backup from a sticky situation Into their line of sight for heals a lot of people in bronze and silver have very poor game sense There’s a lot of C9’ing in this elo as well people tend to leave the objective to chase kills and a lot of players Tend to overextend players have this elo use ults when half their team is dead They stagger a lot. they push in by themselves and pretty much play their own game you can’t really win alone it helps to coordinate a team push and even talk about what ults you’re going to combo going into the teamfight Otherwise every person on your team uses ult whenever they feel like it. when a fight could have been won with just one or two Ultimates. you should learn which ults combo with one another for example zarya with junkrat and Hanzo learn which heroes counter what the enemy is playing if they have a widow or Symetra Switch a tank to Winston and lastly don’t one-trick a hero especially not mercy I know your favorite Grandmaster junkrat main tells you it’s perfectly acceptable to be a one-trick But it’s not it’s cool to have a hero that you play more than others, but by playing only one hero And ranking up with it You’re a burden on your team when that hero gets taken by somebody else and you’re forced to fill a role that you can’t even Play at your own. SR. I hope you enjoyed this, and if you’d like me to continue this series Let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching Fuck it right in the pussy


  1. This video was so painful to watch as a silver player and I've been stuck in silver for 4 seasons

    Communication is 0 in most of my games and I probably have a 20% win rate. Whenever I try to group up with my team by pressing the group up command/talking in vc or kill myself to prevent staggering most players just solo rush to the point because what the fuck is grouping up

    Team coordination is so poor and whenever I try to make things work my teammates love to make it harder. You don't know how many times I had to solo capture a point as Mercy and was forced to stay behind, alone and vulnerable because my team over extended, ignoring the point to chase more kills. I feel like Silver players don't understand that you win the game by standing on the objective, not by killing.

    And because i die so much from flankers or staying behind, staggering because my team doesn't group up I get people telling me I'm a useless healer and the only thing I do is die.

    In general, Competitive Silver ist just stressful, smashes down my self-esteem and makes me hate other people for existing. Competitive overwatch should be ranked by skill, not by winrate.
    Because most of the time you can't dominate the game.

  2. at this point, I just need to have an actual team no one ever communicates man I've been stuck in silver since season 4

  3. But what happens if you don't do these things and you carry your team and your team just walks in by themselves

  4. Do you have any advice for denial I’m in high/med gold and my friend is low silver and he turned off team chat he only plays dps he used the word fag a lot when he had team chat on and his aim isn’t that good and mains mcree and Yet he still says theses exact words (isn’t it funny that I’m a lower rank but I’m the one carrying you 😂😂) =^._.^= so do you have evidence for dealing with just a straight up toxic person

  5. That was really informing man! I am stuck at the same SR like your smurf and yesterday i drop 100 SR because we didnt communicating and bad decisions from tanks. Blizzard showed us as crystal clear with the Rein's "Honor and Glory" clip what happens when you take the train and go enemy down town. Keep the series going whenever you can. Thank you as a fan.

  6. there are so many players that deserve to be in a higher rank but because of leavers, throwers, and just bad teammates they don't get to. hopefully I can rank out of silver someday 🙂

  7. im in bronze and this is literally me as a fucking support main EVERY FUCKING GAME. its so annoying. im rlly trying to communicate and improve but no one caress

  8. As you can see being a good support and being in those ranks they just keep your there and it’s a trap. This is all you see in silver.

  9. bro this is me, i try to do calls out but no one listen and they just die, btw i play mercy with 8K+ healing avarage per 10 minutes, but wont do shit if one of my tanks or damage dealer try to push to far or "trys" to flank by themself using the wrong hero to do it with, and good flanker that i use is reaper, and sometimes junks(depends the situation) but yet im stuck in silver, ugh

  10. I’m a high silver/low gold Mercy/Tracer main but almost always end up going Mercy since no one wants to go healer. Lately I’ve been having really toxic games with people blaming others and throwers. I’m also really cautious about talking ever since an incident where I was told by two guys that they were going to find where I live and r*pe me. I always group up with my friends when playing comp now, but even when we go voice chat and try to communicate no one talks 😭

  11. If you've been playing a while and have outskilled your rank but can't climb, just buy a new account, you will get placed higher

  12. Whats weird is…When I join teamchat, people either don't talk, or they complain and ultimately we lose. When I don't join it, 70% of the time people just stick to their jobs and we win.

    But the worst part of Overwatch are people who leave mid-match, or people who enter the game angry and throw because of it. Had several people now say at the start "I legit don't care anymore."

  13. So many good points that I didn’t really think about or realize, I’ll try and work on the communication one especially because I’m not confident in my shotcalling at all so hopefully knowing this it will help ^-^

  14. Fucking finally someone actually shows what it’s like in bronze and silver I’m stuck because teams just don’t know how to work together it’s so aggravating so I just don’t play comp

  15. Competitive in Overwatch feels like russian roulette when queueing…
    You never know if your teammates use microphones, voicechat for at least ‚hearing‘, communication, good hero picks, BRAIN …
    When u call out everything but your team wont fucking listen it‘s not possibly to carry a game when the other 5 stupid ass teammates pick what they want and do what they want…
    Started at silver, peaked dia and now i‘m almost back to gold…
    Oh man i love this game but i‘m super tilted why some people are not able to use their brain…

  16. I'm stuck in silver, because I suck! 😀
    But perhaps also because I only play to have fun, not to "git gud" 🙂
    And I'm okay with that.

  17. Not gonna lie this is so true but I'm getting really lucky because my friend is playing with me and he in gold which let's me play in gold which is WAY better

  18. I'm a high silver all the time and I often see golds and other silvers doing this so thanks for the advice so i can tell my team

  19. im really getting sick of these videos 'this is why your stuck in' and 'what i learned as a GM in' well i know i know , but its because your not playing with premade group with friends, its blizzard battlegrounds 'the game' so ofcourse its tilted for premades just like BG's in WoW, no matter how good you are as 1 person the game will put you in a PUG with other people you have to carry as only 1 person with 5 other noob players if you play real good since it picks and wants to balance the team, and you will lose to pre-mades every game unless your dam lucky, never play without a full team ready to play in comp: is the moral of the story..

  20. I was once tasked with helping a new player.
    After charging at the point alone with the entire enemy team guarding it, he for some reason deemed me at fault and kicked me out of the party.

  21. 5:25 this literally pisses me off so much he’s trying to tell people to switch and doesn’t even realize what’s going on wtf

  22. i playedd comp for the first time last season and got gold. NOW IM FUCKING STUCK IN ASS SILVER REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  23. For a support player, Brigitte has been a blessing, being able to heal, be a pseudo frontline, and 1v1 flankers like genji and tracer without feeling worthless brings me joy beyond words. Such a shame she's getting nerfed to the ground next patch.

  24. i dont even watch any tips/videos i learn by playing. got the game season 13. placed silver but i ended in bronze. next season i ranked to high silver, next season gold, next season i got to plat, this season im diamond

  25. If you truly don’t think you’re bad and you understand game mechanics just play road until gold or silver and flex from there. It’s how I got from bronze to plat in one season btw

  26. Well I was plat and when I ranked I got silver I won 4 lost 6 all with most Elims and now everything is so easy that I don’t wanna play overwatch.

  27. On the Europe servers most people can’t even speak English so I don’t use the mic
    And if they do their English is limited so like what do I do

  28. Fam, I literally get diamond in my friends XBOX placements. Go on my Ps and get given silver cause of a 5 set of teammates in everygame doing what your saying not to do! Fml

  29. no the reason why i am stuck in silver is because i dont play enough lol. positioning is easy in overwatch. just dont be an idiot and jump in frond of people

  30. Sadly stuck in bronze, but I just started playing in comp around April. I still want to get out of bronze badly because it’s hard to get teammates who actually want to win. I one trick DVa and I play Orisa if they need a shield. It’s super stressful when no one is cooperating.

  31. I honestly feel like I'll never get out of bronze, at least not as a support main because all I can do is stand there and watch my teams not push in oof
    Will do my next placements with a tank, we'll see how that goes

  32. I'm a gold player.What I have seen is that bronze player are always on attack mode and always end up getting killed and don't believe in grouping up.Another thing is playing on the weekends that's when all the kids play

  33. i like how people in bronze and silver say their good and deserve diamond or masters jesus christ no the fuck you dont. You play like a bot but hopefully you get better at the game so you can get to gold. I was terrible stuck at silver till i got better learned to play the game right an boom im in high diamond low masters

  34. It took everything in my power to actually suck enough to get put in bronze, they are the most funny type of ppl on earth

  35. I climbed out of silver and gold with mercy. I just really like the character's skill set. I had to use my pistol allot though. Now I'm diamond and I realize her pistol is just meh against most other characters who can aim and have faster projectiles.

  36. I placed Gold after placing silver and bronze, it's mainly a matter of being lucky and getting teammates that are reasonably decent when you solo que

  37. every rank game I play in they do not play like that at all, some enemy teams can just own and we are trying our best my sr is around 1950 to 2100

  38. Im a level 4 hundred because when I was low level I played comp when I was still learning g the abilities🤦‍♀️ And now I'm stuck at silver and nobody communicates and its very stressful 🙁

  39. The reason im stuck in bronze is this. This season i won 3/5 placements in support and i got 1200sr and i get +10 Sr per win. It just takes so mutch time to climb out as a support main

  40. You may not see this. this is an older video but bronze is the same as was before. But as crazy as it is I do love so much more than only ranks and I miss it. People were nicer and not as toxic.

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