This Poor Retriever Was Born Without Eyes, But Now He’s Brightening Lives In The Most Beautiful Way

This Poor Retriever Was Born Without Eyes, But Now He’s Brightening Lives In The Most Beautiful Way

when rescuers found smiley the dog he’d
spent his whole life alone in the dark literally and the golden retriever born
without eyes and a barbaric puppy farm had almost certainly never known
happiness although no one could take away the one thing that made him special
his smile puppy mills pretty much anywhere are
brutal places for dogs to be born the commercial breeding facilities are
notorious for their squalid living conditions and lack of basic animal care
for any canine living there with a disability though life is even tougher
but in 2004 Smiley’s own life in these cruel conditions would finally change
and that was all down to Joann George who was working as a veterinarian
technician in Ontario Canada that year she and a colleague at the
task of visiting a nearby puppy mill under investigation sadly though their
job was to euthanize 20 of the mills sick dogs we were in a barn with about
85 dogs it took us five tries to go in there
because we were trying not to vomit from the smell George told The Washington
Post once inside the barn however the technician spotted smiley and what she
saw was heartbreaking little smiley had been born with no eyes
most likely the defect was a result of the dog’s dwarfism we’re still somewhat
had sown as I shut giving him a constantly happy look but that wasn’t
all George noted that the dog also had boat legs and oversized jaw and a
crooked gait but smiley was far from being the happy camper that his name
suggests not least because the two-year-old pup had further injuries on
his face and ears no doubt he’d been in some fights with other dogs of the mill
and the devastated George couldn’t help but rescue the poor animal along with
her ten other pups there of course though each and every rescue dog would
need a home and as a result George and her colleague posted adverts for the
pups in an Ontario veterinary clinic one by one then each pooch found a home
until finally just one dog remained smiling until smiley found his perfect
family he went to live with George and dog was not without his problems he was
extremely destructive and had zero house training the technician revealed on her
website he was nervous and had many anxieties about coming into a home he
cowered at the sound of another dog eating George continued the scars on his
face and ears told me the stories of what it was like living with so many
dogs in such deplorable conditions but after months had passed was smiley under
George’s charge the dog still remained homeless I couldn’t find a perfect home
for him it wasn’t out there which seems strange because now I could find him a
home a thousand times over George told The Washington Post then I realized why
am I looking so hard why don’t I keep him
I just thought he’s mine so smiley settled down permanently with George and
her partially deaf Great Dane Tyler and thanks to his boundless energy
Tyler brought smiley out of his shell Tyler was so bouncy and crazy and
happy-go-lucky and smiley turned into the same dog George explained ABC news
indeed as George slowly got to see more of Smiley’s personality she knew he was
a special dog in particular the canine was especially good at interacting with
humans he does something to people George told off even post people say
they feel like a different person after meeting smiling and Smiley’s seemingly
magical abilities with humans led George to decide to train the golden retriever
as a therapy dog people were so drawn to him so inspired by him George told CBS
News I realized this dog has to be a therapy dog I have to share him
as a consequence Georgian smiley began working with the st. John Ambulance
therapy dog program and the adorable retriever now spends his days visiting
hospitals schools and care homes according to his owner
smiley connects well with people because being blind he’s more attuned to their
emotions because he needs to feel you he sits there forever waiting to be patted
and stroked George revealed in her Huffington Post interview he leans
upright against you she continued he’s never been able to see so he’s had to
learn to understand his other amazing senses
smiley just makes people smile much of Smiley’s work meanwhile is with children
in particular as a support dog for kids experience in bereavement in addition
he’s also visited children with autism and other special needs the kids who
were born with different disabilities are able to see that dogs too are born
with the same disabilities George explained to The Huffington Post it’s
important for them to see that smiley has overcome and that he’s happy
and during Smiley’s work it seemed that the cute canine was a natural at putting
people it ease during one visit to a nursing home moreover George realized
her dog could touch even the hardest to reach people this ability was pointedly
demonstrated with a resident named Teddy Teddy had no way of communicating he
couldn’t speak and some members of staff said they’d never even seen him smile
that of course until smiling came along according to George Teddy couldn’t help
but grin at the mere sight of the doggy once more while seeing smiley in action
it’s easy to forget that he’s had to overcome his own disability and this
alone is enough for George to consider her pet and inspiration dogs can come
back from anything they forget their past
she told CBS News we as humans dwell on the past
Smiley’s now been helping other people for almost a decade and although his fur
may be slightly gray and his steps are becoming even slower the dog can still
make people happy with a wag of his tail simply through an infectious cheer in
fact Smiley’s changed hundreds of lives and his own life has changed too
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  1. My dog has ish you s too, he is still over coming them, he will never be as a real dog but I'm doing my best,💕💕💕💕

  2. Smiley's start in life was just awful, what he had to live through in that hellish puppy mill but now that's over he has his mom that rescued him. Now smiley is helping others with his adorable and trademark smile. What a cutie.

  3. Making him a therapy dog is an insanely BEAUTIFUL idea. His PAIN has brought JOY to others. I'm so glad to see someone had the c
    Courage to keep him

  4. beautiful dog. glad he got out and has love. I wish all the animals of the world could have love food and a home and never be hurt or go hungry. thank u for loving animals

  5. I have the book about Smiley. Heartbreaking…and yet heartwarming for the work he does as a therapy dog. Smiley is so very beautiful, so kind-hearted. He is an angel in a fur coat, perfection on furry paws. God bless you who take care of her and other dogs.

  6. The story reminds me of motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs yet lead a happy and successful life. Go Smiley.

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