This ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SHADOW II is the best of the seventies

This ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SHADOW II is the best of the seventies

Welcome to the Silent D Motor Show.
I’m your host Silent D. Today I’m being very comfortably and luxuriously
chauffeured around the beautiful English countryside, in this the best of the 70s
Rolls Royce. My chauffeur for the day is the owner Simon, and Simon welcome to the
show! Thank you, my pleasure. Tell me, what is this, what’s this
car? 1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II. Okay, how long are you had it for? Since
February this year, so not long at all. Oh, it’s pretty fresh. Very fresh indeed, very
fresh indeed. And what made you get this car then because, you know, this is not
the most common car? Well I do you have ten cars so… Oh! I like a car for every mood and every
occasion. I’ve always wanted a Silver Shadow II, ever since I was a child.
Family friends had two of them in Honey Gold, so I’ve just always been fascinated
by a brightly colored Silver Shadow II. And what’s the story? So, I bought the car,
it had been sitting in a garage close to my office for the last two years. The
fellow hadn’t done much mileage at all before that the owner had it in 1982 until
2014. I’ve had some communication with his son
and grandson and they’ve told me some lovely stories. And the grandfather bought it
in 1992 he thought the car was a little bit too yellow so he had the ever flex
roof put on, and also a pioneer cassette player with graphic equaliser as well. So yes it’s great to have all the stories of the previous owners and also
amazing to have such a unique car as well in this color.
Yeah, it looks really and in this yellow. Yeah, it’s actually
called Champagne on the build sheet. Not that you’d want to drink champagne
that looks like this color, but it is unique and it’s the only one that I
have seen. This wood is like mirror finish. Stunning! It is. It’s
it’s never been restored. It’s walnut. The glovebox
is super thick, with walnut, that’s a solid piece of walnut it even has a Yale
stainless steel lock on that and yeah the attention to detail in this is
amazing. You’ve got the leather headlining,
leather sun visors, solid chrome lighters and door mountings, lambswool over rugs
as well. The lambswool rugs were designed so ladies could take off their
high heels and have their feet caressed as well, so that that was an
amazing thing in its day. In the rear you’ve also got moveable foot rests as
well just in case you’re a little shorter and when I have your feet
angled off the floor as well. What’s the engine in this? 6.75 litre V8
with a three-speed automatic transmission. And horsepower?
Horsepower.. Rolls-Royce never published their horsepower, they always just said that
the power was adequate, so there’s no public figures for horsepower for Rolls-Royce of this era. Okay, I love that. Yeah. That’s funny. So, Simon are you gonna let me try driving
in this beauty? I think I will let you, not a problem at all. Okay, thank you.
Let me just pull in up here and the keys are yours. Oh, this is smoothe! Oh wow! No rpm reader neither, I guess just us they wouldn’t tell the
horsepower, I guess they think it’s tacky to show off… Tacky to have a tacho. Yeah. Well this is great. Thank you so much for letting me feature your beautiful Rolls-Royce, thank you for letting me drive it. It’s been a pleasure. My pleasure as well. And thank you so much to you for watching if you enjoy these kind of videos then
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  1. I'd love to let you have a go in my volvo 240 estate if the brakes weren't knackered! Do you live in the UK or just visiting? Lovely Rolls aswell

  2. I wonder how that one’s driving feel compares to a modern rolls.
    Very pretty car, ai like the color. I also think the owner that put the top on it made a good call as the black goes well with the rest of the car.

  3. They are much better than the modern Rolls, which feels cheap in comparison. I have a 1965 Cloud 3, and thought about a Phantom. The door handle was wobbly and it was just an over made up BMW with too many gimmicks.

  4. Wonderful Silver Shadow II. I would consider the colour as 'primrose yellow'! – This is my video-answer with the last Rolls-Royce Bentley: the fabulous Continental R from 1995:

  5. Great videos and interesting and beautiful cars on your channel Silent D. While I like your short format it would be great if you could tell us a bit more about the cars (like you did with your 2 door Volvo) and include a more in depth walk around the car before you start driving – like Jay Leno or Doug Demuro.

  6. I'd have one but I need a gated drive first as ignorant people where I live would key it even though most cars around me cost more to buy and even run (tax free, classic insurance, independent rr servicing similar cost to BMW 3 series). This one is a real minter – probs close to double the value of a good example.

  7. Wonderful car. I too used to adore these from child hood. Do you know if this car was owned at all by an owner residing in North London and prior to that I believe Northwest London, I believe Wembley, as this number plate looks very familiar to me?

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