THOUSANDS IN GOLD HUGE PROFIT FROM $1500 STORAGE LOCKER! I bought an abandoned storage unit

THOUSANDS IN GOLD HUGE PROFIT FROM $1500 STORAGE LOCKER!  I bought an abandoned storage unit

I think there’s more jewelry but I can’t
even stop because all this whole box is full of dang jewelry is that real
what do pirates love gold silver and gems ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
favorites of all ages I think this might be the last video in this $1,500 unit –
UH one more coming with the reveal of the goods etc and a total everything we
spent or so to the flea markets etc don’t forget to watch the previous in
this and don’t forget the like button share button subscribe say something
beautiful like pirate I love this unit and I make sure you notifications are on
with that being said I want to get started cuz I’ve had a feeling since I
got through these boxes I thought somewhere in here was gonna be a good
box so many people never believe that I am
able to look in a box and I can feel the box and I know what’s in the box before
I ever get into it oh look at that it’s me and Alex Alex loves Snoopy and
there’s me it’s not where you go it’s where who you travel with I’m giving
that to you Alex when you see this video know that’s coming your way did I tell
him I told him oh he knew that’s probably why I was buying it so he he’s
actually watched me do this for a few years and he’s the one of the few people
that understand that I’m always able to tell you what’s in a box before I get to
it and I had a feeling that there was one coming and I wasn’t even the one and
they lived happily ever after oh my god wouldn’t it be the case right there I
love this this is this is being kept right here this is mine
loving that I’m excited we have something great to go to at the end of
this video and we keep finding gold silver and and a coin collection
actually if we found a gold coin in this yeah that’s the first gold point I found
in a long time I’m gonna lay all this out aside ladies gentlemen so just bear
with me bear with me Joan Rivers live over in the Joan Rivers pile because we
have all things to all the ladies and gentlemen this exciting it’s coming oh
yeah look at that it just keeps coming first off we’re gonna be shopping basket
Arian Calistoga jewelry’s 14 karat embrace pendant let’s find that hello kitty that’s a good one your
daughter’s like hello kitty Benji oh you like I’m gonna set all this jewelry is
sine theta J I’m a good tease look at oh oh yeah look at that look at the oh look
at this ladies and gentlemen it’s a whole damn box of jewelry elevating let
the vegie over here in occasional please please give us an education okay on hot
wheels they have things called Tricia nuts treasure hunts are very limited and
in each case there’s only like one maybe yeah and this is one of these treasure
hunts I used to actually run for these and saw them on eBay
this one right here see the treasure hunt yeah yeah this one else is this 44
to 50 yeah but it’s just a series okay I see this treasure hunts right now the
2019 to have a Lamborghini is probably about $200 oh well so these you need to
research if you have time yeah but I can’t even stop because all this whole
box is full of dang jewelry arthur court hashtag don’t take it personal ladies
and gentlemen i’m gonna save this box to the end look i just want to show you
guys I’m flabbergasted I knew there was some jewelry in this unit whoa ladies
Jim I’m so excited right now I really am what is this speaking of hello kitty
hello kitty the sack this is a nice Hello Kitty bag
right here I’m gonna have to have that come on thousand dollars personal lady’s
gonna love me that’s a nice purse hello kitty I’ll try to make this a little
more exciting so I’m not trying to just go through every box is that real is
that real Benji to ask the same watch I found before check that bad boy out remember to Vicente we’re gonna look at
the rest of that box at the end here but remember I found out one in the $4,200
unit look at that 14-karat gold what do
pirates love gold silver and gems whoa all right so what do we got here gentlemen this is absurd well do this at
the end as I open the box up when I got the camera oh and if it looks like junk
I’m just like scratch that video so I’m speeding through these boxes I told you
I felt something good in these boxes you guys don’t know if I’m trying to explain
it since the day I’ve been doing this there’s no way to tell you why I buy a
storage unit or how I do is something that I think is here what’s the word
when you can’t copy something I don’t have slate but yeah it’s crazy because
there’s literally like two good boxes and the
has just been Christmas household with cetera etc and I’m not gonna slow you
guys down and bore you with just nonsense see like I said you learn all
the trivial stuff that’s kind of cool Bohemia crystal you might like this
Benjy nude women hand painted by M Linder people know here’s a fence in
peace she said look at that ugly piece you agree now that is kind of cute
Fenton yeah we say Fenton we brought Fenton to life he had Stanton earlier
laws of attraction I need y’all to focus on gold coins take that with you yeah
but you don’t want to do this break it I’m gonna wrap this up for Christmas and
give it to my wife Oh and watch it beat me up late I hope she
doesn’t watch my videos now this is a nice pension piece here look at that
ladies and gentlemen it’s been a while since we found fencing yeah
I don’t know much about unions a bass well I think this is the bottom of that
stand right there yeah that is cute oh look at this this is precious all these
movements sugar – sugar – grandfather nativity figurine is a whole box of them
this is one of things that Jack like weightlifting here is he saw the
precious moments in that made him like he’s a very exciting one hi big cuz it
kept him from eating but now if you watch these videos but I did get myself
a new TV I had to sell call Michael my TV for his daughter recently so I’ve
been out of a TV that made my day Thanksgiving and then we’re gonna be
able to go back one last box here and it’s probably Christmas yep I may be
naughty that sounds like something I’m gonna wear this year okay well good
happy to do this back at the lab this is too much of spread out everywhere we’re
gonna go back and howl and finish going through jewelry like I said most of that
there was dishes and stuff I just could have show you guys all this stuff is
kind of too boring that’s the easel right there very odd
stuff like you find a bike tire and no bike I don’t think I’ve seen the glass
shelves for this but it’s hard to say I get this weird feeling that this unit
was kind of like a they moved everything out they had to get out want to sell
some of it left it here got tired of paying because they had too much money
and they’re like screw it but I could be wrong that’s my feeling cuz it was like
kind of like a mixture of different levels of family stuff it’s gold silver
and gems even got a small coin collection not sure if it’s good coins
but it’s definitely oh make a good coin star video so let’s just get right to
cuz we got a lot of work to get through all of this jewelry right now
so let’s get started right off the bat we’ll start going through stuff we’ll
put aside gold and silver for a quick recap at the end and look at this right
off the bat that is gold there is gold oh we can’t even see come on come on
pirate tease the people up here so we got a pair of these a pair of these
let’s put this down and let’s look at this is this gold no it almost had me
almost thought that was gold fake don’t like fake on my list of turn offs is
fake does it possibly go right there I like this
alright so let’s for now set our gold back in there and let’s go we have real
California cows not to be confused with fake California cows Christmas that’s
kind of nice it is a Joan Rivers out out to that I’ve been getting a lot of Joan
Rivers in this lot we will be sending all this off to our jewelry dealer and
our jewelry dealer will be listing these pieces alright a little bit of costume
costume is better than nothing let’s knock it I don’t like to be
spoiled this Nolan Miller that’s the name of the Barbie doll I just listed
recently China I believe that’s possibly silver but if
not whatever it’s still cute what do we have here yeah I am worn out you guys
have sometimes I don’t think emphasize this enough but storage units cost a lot
of energy when you go to a storage unit this unit had my adrenaline through the
roof I kept finding jewelry boxes etc etc and it’s just sent you through the
roof with your energy so your exhaust stood by the time you’re done just going
through this stuff it’s crazy we got it Aries don’t think that’s silver this
explains a lot recovery house for years survivor recovery house one year
survivor that’s a two years I love America okay Anson our jewelry seller is
gonna be swamped that almost looks like gold but I don’t think it is bright star
press a three a three months in memory of a native a minute passed
away Stockton California now let’s turn our camera like so silver
and the silver mate a silver a Tellier come on be gold
because you are heavy I tell yer lot of silver thanks but the one little gold possibly
two little gold pieces on there got a mate to it that’s a nice set right there
very heavy where’s our Lupin 14 karat nice look at that that is
14-karat white gold I love gold let’s double check these says 10 karat on it
nice those are heavy right there I’m loving it I’m loving it it pays to have
a loop so you got these are silver I could see that 9:00 to 5:00 yep so we
got silver all right let’s make some room here no we got costume right here
but this I didn’t see nothing on these ones today
what are those same since we’re looping it we’re gonna loop it let’s get loopy
9:00 to 5:00 in Mexico all right carrying let’s see what’s in Heidi daus
I don’t know nothing about Heidi daus all right some costume not bad not bad
oh wow and that is silver nice that is a nice piece of silver that’s not putting
those silver way over here because I’m gonna be going through and finding lots
of silver so silvers over there costing a bag of gems gold silver pin Jim
pirates life okay we got a Heidi Heidi you got some good stuff here we are
really getting a little rambunctious here pirate let’s calm down carrying on
another Heidi daus we’re gonna have to look this up Oh imagine that it is a
watch very costumey thank you I kind of discussed this before I ended the video
but I found that watch recently this is this is nice
14 karat gold five eight five how are these Reese’s ones a few hundred dollars
of scrap I know that already I could tell you that much without even looking
at it because I looked those up when I found the other one the other one if you
remember I scrapped for $800 oh look at this
can I get it yes we do nice it’s like the matching make kind of no this
matches the watchers and matches something I just saw a minute ago we’re
getting a lot of jewelry here oh dang it look at this China
klm oh wow look at all this silver right here that’s so where’s our loop we’re
gonna get loopy 9 to 5 so we got some silver rings right
here let’s kind of speed through these a little bit I think these are all pretty
much silver I will have them tested to see if any are white gold because well
so we do we test things black goes this studio please say platinum rlm no we
have to have a lot of these testers cuz I don’t want white gold and silver to
slip through or a gold to slip through that Mississippian fingers that is a
nice pile of gold and silver look at this piece right here
silver Wow I think I scored in this one lady and gentlemen we thought I was nuts
at the auction I can’t believe you paid that much money 1,500 that’s why I am
the storage auction pirate look at these those are nice those are nice well
that’s a whole bag of silver love it he’s gonna remind me pirate you already
went through this Joan Rivers more Joan Rivers that is nice I like this okay
that is pretty no one ever does this anything just no another not silver gold Joan Rivers man I am pooped out here on
this Sunday afternoon been a long day I went to go pick up this unit and wore me
out been a long week got a lot going on in
the pirate life I wish those pieces piece nice Egyptian lots of possible
that looks like some silver right there but not a lot but that is definitely
silver okay but then the silver pile this is costume to spend our costume
dealer okay that is nice 9 to 5 holy silver almost a heart not a gremlin
nope that is almost the only diamond pieces we’re watching taco right now
trying to film and I’m watching talk to at the same time multitasking is an
essential aspect to this business I don’t never have a break in my entire
everything round the clock is dedicated to work if I got a moment hang out my
kids hang out with a loved one but if I have any time to give better be doing
thankful that I gave you my time cuz time is money
I spent all of mine doing this type of stuff around the clock okay sometimes
people underestimate time and how valuable it is look at that that is
pretty it says silver of 95 well that’s nice okay we’re just gonna
keep humming along here what is this chief Fire Department big cheater these
gold no that would have been nice a little charm bracelet some type of Fire
Department charm bracelet that is pretty cool it’s in this nasty little container
that thing is disgusting in there it’s falling apart check every container the
compartment you can called gold silver and gems this isn’t gold
that has a hermit crab shell this is gold okay that’s cold pretty sure that’s
gold look at that that is gold nice it’s a matching piece for it right
there that is gold Oh ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna heaven
right now there’s the mate to it so we got three
pieces right there that are gold those are pretty nice these balls are
potentially called we’ll have them tested because those are often gold often overlooked but those could be
going I don’t think any of these are gold silver Billy Jim’s okay carrying on
this is gonna be a long video so I hope everybody is able to stay with me don’t
know what that is okay l KJ l Kenneth J Lane man I am whupped I’m telling you
right now I’m just sitting here thinking myself I am whupped have courage and be
kind Wow priceless priceless priceless priceless
Chelsea Taylor I don’t know nothing about you Chelsea Taylor I hope you got
good stuff carrying on we have lots of silver here you know I think I’m gonna
use this to display all the silver at the end here 9:00 to 5:00 to 9:00 to
5:00 9:00 to 5:00 we’re getting to it look at that 9 to 5 that’s cute Tiffany that is nice is that what this
one was what’s that Tiffany to never think about it no China this is Tiffany
though that is a nice ring leave it in art it’s not a lot of silver but
anything that the words Tiffany on it automatically become it’s like higher
hope we drop and stuff don’t yell at me ladies gentlemen that’s a no whoo look at that 9 to 5
that is kind of dope I like the shininess of it what we got
here nothing 9:00 to 5:00 Italy probably gold plated silver there silver very cute what do we got here 14
karat oh man where is that diamond that would have been fat right there
dang it that would have been fat nine-to-five some type of white stone
that is beautiful right there I like that are SC not marked anything but RS
see when I have that tested that is nice right there that is a cute ring carrying on the oh
these are made to like mate with each other that’s what they are silver that is nice 9 to 5 cubic zirconium big ring that’s a
kind of a cool ring room 9 to 5 Indonesia this is gonna be a long video
ladies and gentlemen all jewelry so look at that Joan Rivers all right carrying on right
here 14 karat Costa Rica look at that that is freaking 14-karat gold
dang it I’m diggin this jewelry pile here is a long collection of religious pieces all silver yes yep and they say
pirates don’t know what they’re doing heed for stainless steel this is
interesting that’d be nice if that was gold Jem’s
oh we’re breaking stuff okay they’re rabbits oh do we have gold oh yeah oh yeah look at that look at that this is
not hge it says that is 14-karat with one little diamond that is nice we have
met all standards we have gold silver and Wow if that was a real diamond right
there it’s not I can tell you right now by looking a bit that was a real diamond
I’ll take the rest of this month off that much is true that is a little bit
ridiculous the sack look at when the world is
wearing this baby gold ring who is putting that on
oh the hearts hearts the hearts the hearts that go now was that same 120th what does it always
say about one-twentieth gold ladies and gentlemen if you remember comment below
ooh look at those hoop those are gold right there
bleak Ireland diggin it we’re getting a fair amount of gold in
this freaking unit right now what is this is this silver that looks like
silver mmm the way the classics are broken nope that’s silver looked at Wow
that is a heavy piece of silver I will almost rock that it’s kind of girly but
that is a that’s like a hundred grams of silver right there well I’m a Liam
pregnant impressed all right we’re gonna real quick we’re gonna go through a
bunch of these because I kind of was filming and I wasn’t filming so I had to
come back a little bit we got a yin yang silver ring we got a silver ring here
with the Anthony Mack on it and we got this other silver ring here then we have
this ring that I just found out was ten karat gold loving that and we have this
here that is also gold who I’m still irritated when you start filming and
then it just turns to not this I thought was gold but it’s really still ten karat
gold what is this one China 925 we really gotta learn to pay attention
Michael you’re sitting here doing this stuff and that is gold look at that it
is another one of those little ribbons but different but I love that
butterflies nope costume costume silver wish that was gold who love love love no I’m at hearts
right now I love love nine-to-five you got enough silver here to choke a t-rex
I know I say that all the time now I know what that box went inside of costume I love you that is beautiful just to remind myself that I love me Wow okay we are getting all sorts of cool
costume jewelry I’m loving Boston jewelry today Oh what do we got here
look at that that is a nice piece of silver right there Michael Dawkins
Thailand 925 if my memory serves me correct that is a good brand it looks to
be broken yeah dang that’s a bummer that’s a good piece of silver steel very
heavy then what do we got here Hello Kitty who doesn’t like Hello Kitty
that’s kind of cool Sanrio nine-to-five you know I know
somebody who might like that I have a friend who is she is very into hello
King you’ll have to call her up and we have to say hey for you and then what do
we have here pasta denim whoo that’s a nice piece of
silver there I’m trying to hurry up because I gotta get up out of my storage
right now guys and on with my day my storage closes early here five o’clock
so we don’t get to stay here very late we got a piece of silver that was real
let’s get the diamond tester out warm it up no no this could be all right it does cute little hearts No bummer that would have been tight those
are been a nice size right there we gotta hurry up no close but no cigar it’s close but
it’s no cigar on the back of milk cartons and it’s no reward nice Harris one dollar tokens in a
recovery service silver possibly silver possibly gold not
really though no Joan Rivers okay nice that is silver right there beautiful
ring there’s the other one of those silver pieces there so we’ll put that
silver in our pile a heart some want to be silver another one of those rings
Joan Rivers that’s what that is okay all right we’ve been getting a lot
of Joan Rivers this lady must have really adored Joan Rivers cuz she had
tons think we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty here look at that hearts Joan Rivers as it is
no yep yeah Joan Rivers was definitely to go to
jewelry girl when we got here let’s see tiny pieces inside of here those are
iffy we’re gonna have to check those and the check that is gold precious mom
shout out so precious moms of the world you all be out there doing your job
being precious moms that is priceless okay no no silver silver well like I’ve been
just touching gold and silver for days lately I’m just flabbergasted that is
silver not gold silver oh is that a real diamond right there and if so where’s
your mate we’re gonna have to test you we’re going to test you bummer
only one where’s the other one want to scour through looking for that again now pocket watch it’s not gold bummer
steal a cool pocket watch we got a Bulova l7 that’s not gold I can tell you
right off the bat cuz I found a bazillion oh those ab endless we’ve got
costume those are faithful not bad
these sands not bad these sands and some more costume jewelry we got just Boston
coming everywhere everywhere we look is costume jewelry it’s one guy man I want
to get tested okay we’re almost done Nolan Miller again lots of Nolan Miller ladies and gentlemen I think that is it
the Hello Kitty set I thought that was pretty nice for different watch bands
plus the one that’s on it not bad this is all the silver we found several
pieces that was nice but it’s broken this is a heavy chain we got a lot of
silver right here adds up five ten fifteen twenty dollars a piece on the
Rings some are little some are small lots of nice pieces of silver here that
way she starts keeping silver we are in a position where we don’t need to just
go scrap or silver right now I’ve been doing really well lately
got a lot of money in our pocket but then again we can always find more and
more of this it just varies what y’all think what do you think this
right here is worth the viateur comment below so I’m gonna sell this probably
pretty soon to buy B before the end of this video then we have right here all
the gold this is all gold right here white gold yellow gold very cool 10
karat gold 14 karat gold bracelet gold rings nice 14 karat white gold ring but
it’s missing the stone 14 karat yellow gold watch just wow once again comp below what you think all
this is worth I’m very happy this is well worth it I almost forgot all of
this silver here well we got so much over it’s not even funny I am just
shocked with this amount hoo hoo I am unsure of what I will sell the gold and
silver for we’ll have a video at the end of this unit it’ll be a wrap-up of
everything when I sell at the flea market how much I made total in the unit
what the profit margin is and etc etc so don’t forget to watch that video if you
haven’t watched the previous videos in this $1,500 unit don’t forget to go back
and watch them and with that being said I love y’all hit the like button the
share button and subscribe say some pretty and don’t forget to hit that
notification button make sure your bells are turned on so you get all the updates
when new videos come out with that being said don’t forget pirates love gold
silver and gems


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