THOUSANDS IN GOLD! THE MOTHERLOAD! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found gold

THOUSANDS IN GOLD! THE MOTHERLOAD! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found gold

look at this daddy hasn’t found a nice
silver set in a while can it be kicks them Dacey’s what is this AHA well I
paid 1104 this unit I really wasn’t trying to spend too much I really wasn’t
I look at that I’d even noticed that silver chain in the front what drew me
to like this unit was a style of furniture you could see a grandfather
clock back there I think you see the antique cabinet I just like the way that
this stuff looks all right whining costume jewelry it is actual sewing
stuff yeah okay I paid 1104 this there’s a coach
purse I kind of went a little hog wild today quitsies PQ I like that they look like gold right there I’m taking this unit something my gut
told me I like the sella machine I usually don’t like I’ve been trying to
stay away from sewers but look that’s a pretty decent sewing machine I think
baby law that cabinet screens old person that’s what it streams to me I love old
people stuff all right we are back here at the storage unit and we’re about to
go through this nice little pile of jewelry boxes I found I was just
stopping to pick up a quick little load out of that unit you see here as you see
here I just wanted to fill up the back of my truck so I had a full loaf or the
flea market tomorrow so I like cool we’ll just grab a little bit out the
front of that unit little did I know that I was gonna come across this huge
score of jewelry right here this is what we’re about to unbox right here jewelry
boxes jewelry jewelry possible silverware Jewelry jewelry jewelry
jewelry look at that they ain’t no teaser we got jewelry but
to go through this all right now not to mention it with some cool little do to
my dad or artwork there I want to check my on why I said doing amaretto or
whatever I said but they have this the nice old name they’re gonna check that
out and it was cool little purses let’s get on with this jewelry reveal and
right now real quick if you like Joey just say I love jewelry Pyatt
hashtag jewelry hashtag pirate something real quick in the comments and like this
video alright let’s do this right off the bit
right off the bat let’s go this one feels heavy interest to see what’s in
here I’m not gonna lie kind of peek so I
already know but I didn’t check every little pocket it’s got excited this is
the bag that was like this just throw everything and go Uncle Michael let’s
just throw everything in anger we got in here a quarter hauntin is dump this out
alright we got a little more cane look at that anything in here okay no no
we have anything in this $100 bills no okay now for the big reveal
I was excited about for look at this who what is that right there
what is that that’s a receipt limited edition ten dollar gaming token Lake
Tahoe fine silver one ounce of fine silver one ounce of fine silver circus
circus one ounce of fine silver silver legacy one ounce of fine silver circus
circus one ounce of fine silver circus circus one ounce of fine silver the
Atlantis home their 1999 Olympics or something no Skyway grand opening look
like the Olympics in with my bed don’t don’t be mean to me in the comments for
that silver legacy one fine ounce of silver Caesars Tahoe Cleopatra the brew
brother that just sounds like a fun place at the Eldorado I want to go there
and hang out the brew Brothers Circus Circus one fine ounce of silver the
Atlantis nice I have no idea what these are worth but I knew they were silver
got me giddy Atlantis Silver’s were like 16 17 ounce
right now silver legacy the Atlantis the silver legacy that is one two three four
five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 and I think this is silver too not
one percent positive that sure looks like it next we have these right here
they were inside of another bag whoo nice all right
this makes sense because we have this one over here this one I think fellow
asks what uh when I pulled it out now remember it slipped out of the other one
let’s see yep all right this was in this was laying loosely in the bag and these
were in there with the other jewelry boxes so this must go in here
like whoa interesting I know what that’s worth it’s a Bicentennial Proof Set
silver dollars I usually get like 20 for these ten for these in like five or
seven for these loose loose scrap type value but I don’t know these ones are
worth as they are pretty much uncirculated flawless like it should be
real diamond that’s real gold I don’t know what flavor yet it is nice hey how
much 14-karat right on you know no more jewelry in there okay let’s set this
over here looks to be silver right there we gonna able to see us free let’s
adjust this a little bit yep nine to five look at that that’s actually a
pretty cool ring okay we got some costing jewelry
concoction jewelry that the Cheshire Cat clowns le it’s not silver dating it sounds like
costume I usually put this type of stuff in lots usually Mary beats everybody to
it somehow she is on point this is a rubber band me that’s thank you will Tik
Tok Kitty then tik tok tik tok tok tik tok a little a bit that looks sterling right there
so you’ve another windows I’m gonna don’t see one in it once looks nice little metal earrings cannot silver
will rabbit like another tik tok tik tok tik tok all the pins
I don’t want you to wear pins like that – little pig some earrings nice costume
jewelry I almost looked at gold the metal is at the back this piece right
here is gold not this piece but this piece there it’s actually 14 apparent
okay so let’s see if we have anything in here oh we got another sterling silver
that’s what you gonna pair those those are nice I can see myself wearing two
like that not that not like I was a guy course but I was a girl I think as type
of stuff anyway so nice with those cute little ruby earrings
with pink there’s their lift like their silver craziness was a golden ring coming out
of everywhere this was falling off the back no silver look at that seals who
don’t love seals you love seals in the comment below I love seals and I like
jewelry pirate is this craziness that’s cute we’re gonna dollar a piece I got a
lot of money here what I pay for this unit paid $1,100 let’s look at go they
think their decision that’s not I know you guys like gold and silver
I know there’s a lot of very much costume jewelry that has extreme value
because it’s got good names and stuff and I get that I’m not I look for that
stuff but I also just do a lot of selling my jewelry in the bulk to other
people because I don’t like to go sit out and try to sell the stuff looks like
gold at the end of that but it’s not alright I want you guys know these
videos take me some time when I make these videos like this eats up a large
portion my dad spent four or five six hours a day making these who what does
that say there I can’t read it 925 I like those two pairs of kilt
that’s not it that’s a big one it’s a cowbell and it says 925 Mexico a lot of
people I know will not buy silver that says Mexico they say it’s not legit
silver but I still set aside anyway just don’t sterling silver
that’s cute let’s swap costume costume that is nice actually that says silver
on it I don’t know if those are real those are pretty it’s a necklace pendant
no Tiffany no I wish that’s what it says says I wish yep
I did wish that it was Tiffany don’t get me wrong this is neat just a little
Thomas Kinkade light I love Thomas Kinkade very prolific artist very
prolific look at this it’s not very thick but it is 14k I
don’t feel I could see that yeah look at that
it’s got a heart that’s got diamonds on it too
you all know that I love hearts 14k I meant that – definitely everyone’s
checked out there’s fair amounts of little ones so those are really might
got a good little piece there then we got another heart this one’s warm this
one’s fake as it probably says 925 then it’s gonna be gold-plated which makes
those absolutely not real because silver is almost never in our diamonds almost
never in gold silver dumb think of too much diamonds are very rarely in silver
nice little cherubs I’m excited and I want to look in here because I like
silver and we just said silver and silver silver silver’ daddy hasn’t found
a nice silver set in a while can it be mm-hmm bakelite looking handle eastern silver
company yes almost looks like silver that’s crazy it’s too stiff Rogers Rogers Rogers vacation in the
containers Rogers oh well still happy still happy see the
way it’s cut right there you see that little cut in the second ring it’s
always a dead giveaway I’ll have my guy testify
honey doubt that it’s let’s say 18k this looks to be more costumey so I put
this in are costing my $1.00 gavel sterling silver as a crown I like that
I’m a king I’m a king so they can keep that almost put it on the necklace find
this quality trying to 95 looks like it’s gold plated some type of religious this was probably Shalini sterling
Vermeil so I think that means it’s plated maybe what’s the better side
still not 100 has advertised on TV that’s always a
good sign when you see them you’re gonna gooey it’s funny 14 karat gold field I
still need them don’t get me wrong another one of these horns this one
looks to be gold yeah it is nice a tooth maybe silver with a nice piece of jade
in it I guess they like dolphins we’re not really talking in our favorite
animals 14 karat gold dolphin this looks to be in 18 karat just by the judging of
it I can’t tell them Niclas oho look at this dolphin necklace 14 karat gold
right there still not the greatest most fondness
person of dolphins long story short and just don’t like them that much compared
to other animals there’s a specific reason we won’t get into it nothing
personal against dolphins look at this Wow getting a little bit intrigued by
some of this I can’t read them it looks like the other one no but secrecy it’s
plated seeing what this is sterling may be nice
eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by its toe my mom told me to pick the very
best one and you are not it all right Wayne taking you I know this one who
remembers that game comment below if you’ve been playing that camp what is
that it says nine to five it’s gold plated nine to five nice silver is still
better than nothing it’s gold plated but I thought it was gonna be gold for a
second look at this antique piece right here this one intrigues me you got like
what looks like rubies there but if you look it’s really old it could be gold
might they have this one left them at least have my specialist if you’re
watching specialists comment below okay and oh two dollar bills also my least
favorite of the bills you’re not taking this special two dollar bill will have
to sell it to somebody and we got a $1 bill silver certificate nice interesting
I’m digging this unit guys we only like four feet is that it oh I got a little
bit little bit nervous there look at this in god we trust’
1922 it was a peace dollar I don’t see a mint
mark e pluribus unum that’s a few bucks they’re too nice look at this this is
just like every one of you out there in this world each and every one of you are
a star in my world and now we have to pick you up the difference between
coffee and jewelry and coal that’s definitely you know u.s.a u.s.a right
carrying on a whole bunch of roaches it’s it’s
broaching all right this bunch of lower end pieces don’t be on me in the
comments now pyrite you don’t understand some of those are $20 a piece
JJ I usually sell lots of these I was putting up in Lots JJ it’s like the JJ
bag right I know how jewelry goes I will be putting this on my eBay
so you know in lots lots of lots after my jeweler guy goes through it once look
at these we’re gonna have a party these are kind of cute let’s see we got here
we got operator we got operator Desert Storm okay those are nice we’re getting
military stuff yeah we’re getting whiskey wild turkey and Jack Daniels
nice put them back in here like so does look like gold isn’t it thank God look at this on the shelf I got the
world’s first Elf on the Shelf Christmas nope this minute baby kicks them daisies
what is this this looks like gold but I don’t think that one is this one it’s
gone you sure well we don’t have this one checked
we’ll put that knife to the check pile we always have everything checked oh ho
ho what is this Oh Elgin come on baby be very careful and Scratchy it doesn’t say
sure looks like it down I think this is gold I think this one is gold doesn’t
say anything hmm interesting does it work huh
does it work let’s be careful I’m taking my time – I think it’s frozen hmm isn’t
this way right here doesn’t want to turn it’s frozen I said may I take these guys
to the wash that’s all they do they pour a little bit of lighter fluid in here
they tap on a little bit make you think they’re gonna break your watch it says Elgin safety pinion who what are
these these sterling silver they sure look at they look like they might be though
let’s see if it says doesn’t say anything
it looks like sterling silver and this is his trainer I should wear this cuz
everybody said that I look like trailer trash all it sounds like one of my
trolls always say I should wear that as a joke for them look in the big black
box pasta Julie alright and we drop the costume sure you don’t get mad I mean
please don’t get mad at me heart keeps pounding me time I hoping something up
it looks like gold and this says screams silver gold put that box away and you
know I thought the best thing to do is kind of just dump this all out that’s
what I feel like doing it’s just so much my heart is pounding right now my heart
is pounding right now I’m going to go right to what I want to see oh my Wow please be a real diamond oh my I got this right here would be an expensive
diamond this would be a nice I don’t even have something to judge it to but
that is if that is real sorry guys I’m not a good camera man if this is real
right here cuz this is definitely real gold 14-carat it’s a it’s like a wedding
band oh my lord I don’t even know where to start that’s kind of cool this is silver oh man my heart is
pounding right now my heart is just pounding right now for a second I
thought it’s gonna be Rolex and so wit look at school watch though wait now
what is this oh we can use one of these in jeweler’s loupe
I don’t let’s keep that aside China nice ring though
nice ring for China with me chandi carrot or GP bezel we have to
have that testin calbro’s and it’ll look like over well that they
get coming here I had anywhere to start look at that look at that ladies and gentlemen we
just looked at Benji’s gold and here we are looking at gold and diamonds that is
nice that fit my pinky ring because I would rock that ring oh look at that I
would rock that one – that’s gold that’s more me nice 14 karat it looks like a
synthetic stone but synthetic stones don’t scare me no this looks like gold this looks like
not gold is weird I have to have an armitron Dean evil
Dean Vail Armitron my speed through this a little bit and then when I’m done when
I speed through it a little bit then we’ll slow down and look at everything
oh man I gotta call my nerves we’re gonna do this box next I did need a
break from this one just for them like wow my nerves are going too many miles
now right now it’s crazy as I bought another unit that had jewelry in front
and I was thinking jewelry on my mind never really expected that this one
would just come out with all this jewelry right off it what what man that
is dope that’s gold that’s kind of cool it’s got a heart in it I don’t think
it’s silver no it’s costing well that’s a pretty piece costing four days can’t even get this off all right
that’s nice here we have a piece of silver and another silver
oh my cameras off here we go here we have a piece of silver and another piece
of silver is it nice then our silver file it looks like
silver oh look at this piece of silver here nice that’s sweet nothing of
significance like gold or silver that is a nice antique you know what this could
be one of the day nicest things in here look at the quality on that piece no
there’s some quality costume quality costume nice costume costume was this one say Oh
about this one silver yeah then a silver I forget what this this is this is a
special symbol here I believe okay on to the next drawer Wow we got here this
gold I’ll and be possible gold might be possible gold this is definitely gold
look at that oh wow that’s my hand well those it was Tiffany worth a bunch of
money I sold like 1,500 bucks look at that earring that is nice
look at that silver there’s the other one
wow this is a one this is silver that’s nice
Sylvane Sylvane christmas trees who doesn’t like Christmas trees and the
Heather silver one Christmas brooch wow this is the gift that keeps on giving
that says Sophie this is silver hmm nice on to the next drawer nice brooch no-name silver right there
look at those so they’re nice the hoes are quality and it’s silver
I’ll be damned that it’s nice there we have a gold earring be nice if those are
diamonds Silvan most likely not diamonds look at
this there’s another silver bracelet oh wow this is getting good
silver silver silver’ over this amber that’s kind of cool could have gold
beads on it no probably no that’s silver Huggins just a metal Cheung this is
silver so consume two pairs of that gonna pair
those 10 karat white gold Wow look at that so nice ah I’m just flabbergasted
right now that’s gold look at that antique piece right there Wow that’s silver right there who are
those you have those like that that’s silver right there that’s costing
anything that’s silver 16 that’s soo she’s over there – nice that’s silver hold earrings antique gold earring
where’s the other one cool look at that that matches that matches the necklace I
just showed you this is sitting right what just keeps getting better right
away that’s gold and I’m horrible my camera skills today look at that as a
couple games are going that’s silver thanks that’s silver that’s silver
that’s cool look at this silver bracelet right here
hey threw them stones all the things a pirate ever wants to find in a storage I
don’t really like flip-flops like that but that’s still silver so I like that
we got a pair there’s a cot Linnet ladies you’re gonna want to buy that one
nobody tell matric flip-flops when you’re wearing them a little snowflake
for all the snowflakes out there nine to five that is nice cute little bracelet
got some kitty cats another butterfly costume those are silver green stones we
are coming up with some silver look at that elephant tusk up good luck touched
like three times off heavenly more silver now looks like a gold over that’s
a real diamond earring hopefully has to match to that amazing real diamond
earring okay children look at all those gold backs right there my camera work
this sucker look at them gold backs right there a rocking horse no I almost
said the word fake but I won’t people get mad at me because they don’t like
that I don’t appreciate costume jewelry and I know there’s a lot of people out
there appreciate costume jewelry but pirates aren’t into fake gold and silver
I saw the simplest way I can put it I’m looking for gold and silver then if
there’s a few good pieces of costume jewelry the person who buys my costume
jewelry gets lucky because they ended up with a few good pieces of costume
jewelry because pirate only wanted silver and gold and then you buy in bulk
that’s silver has silver oh look at this oh that’s a charm bracelet ladies and
gentlemen right there that is silver that is all sterling
silver that is cool I don’t know I like they not my style but they’ve got the
London Bridge we got a teapot we got a turtle get a picture frame ha ha that’ll
be on eBay hats off to this unit no pun intended
do we got here could be a nice watch piece white gold something I am just
overwhelmed by this ladies and gentlemen I I’ll have to look through this again
later on this I don’t do that very often Oh what is this what is this I think
that says kge but I’m not sure I’m not 100% that says gold field that says
silver on it that is nice this is 925 this is 9:00 to 5:00 9:00 to 5:00 my cold cold think that silver possibly soon silver silver gold look at that can that
be real can that be real 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 Wow we’re gonna calm our nerves down now
and look at the last bit of jewelry but that’s a nice little pile of silver a
little bit of gold this right here right off the bat look at this piece this is
marked Peru it is some level of gold it’s a nice piece right here this is
nice maybe one of the nicest pieces I
probably found I think as far as quality goes Debra we got this ring right here
gold I don’t know if this is real not sure I got to get the diamond check I
know this is real the gold this was silver I just do the sterling silver
this beautiful silver necklace right here sterling silver 925 925 earring
silver this was a nice silver necklace right here okay we got white gold yep
white gold we got gold earrings right here another gold earring this was
pretty sweet right here a gold dolphin bracelet a gold ship that says dong of
Norway silver I think this is gold just gold some gold
necklaces that would be nice if that’s real it doesn’t look real to me the
diamond this is wait going I think this one’s white gold
we got some bull I couldn’t get it a whole untangle over this
we got diamond earrings we got that all this stuff tested I’m serious
diamonds gold trying to be careful at this stuff this right here is a 10 karat
gold bracelet mixed with it uh no this one isn’t 10 karat this one is silver no
oh this one’s 14 karat right here my bad 14 white carrot interesting interesting this one is marked 925 is a nice long
necklace so chances of that being real diamonds are slim to none this right
here is sterling silver it says 14-karat GES this one’s
electroplated I’m glad a double looked at that one gold necklace right here
that’s pretty nice a little bit of piece of jade we got a gold ruby bracelet
right here look at that found this gem tons of little necklaces gold with the
cubic zirconium we got here nice look at that white gold this was silver and
that’s this costume actually Claire would look at that one gold bracelet
standard to scrap gold this one whoo look at this one the silver or what
platinum nine to five that would have been nice those those little triangular yeah I just I’m overwhelmed guys this is
weird its marked 14 karat but I think it’s
just uh it’s just not I don’t have to have a testing this is by far one of the
greatest gold and silver finds I’ve had in a long time I’ve had some great ones
but it’s how did we manifest it we just aired a video showing Benji and all the
gold and silver he’s bought off me over the years and then boom it’s been
sitting in a unit that I bought last week it’s just way dude this work out
this way oh we gotta have all these diamonds in the gold and silver tester
we’re gonna scrap some of it piece some of it out there’s some nice pieces there
I think we hit a good little jackpot on this unit got the watch more to come
that was only a 3×3 of that unit like maybe five by three we moved to that you
know we still have the whole entire twenty five foot unit to go and that 100 I’m just excited a couple bucks there
we’ve got some cool costume joy they don’t end up in a lot we got tons of
silver tons of gold tons of silver tons of gold things that we have to get
looked at we got this pocket watch that I don’t know if it’s gold enough but it
sure looks like it I haven’t even had a chance to look up
Gloria Leu Dee Smith we’ve got three pieces of hers we got
silver coins for days look at that silver coins and we haven’t even touched
the surface in this unit we haven’t even touched the surface we only did a five
by five tops of this unit I’m excited


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    If I wasnโ€™t disabled now, Iโ€™ve dreamed of doing what you do.
    Luck of the draw matey in all ur endeavors.
    Ok, Iโ€™m done rambling on. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
    Looking forward to all your videos.

  25. I love jewelry ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ and gold and silver ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜

  26. What a ignorance to said that the Mexican silver is not real pleased let me roll my eyes, some people is so wrong.

  27. I don't understand why people leave gold jewelry behind in storage unit I will carry with me in a sutcase o something and of course I will not let people know .

  28. The special symbol on that necklace at 33:38 is a Claddah ring. It's an Irish design. The hands mean friendship, the heart means love and the crown means loyalty. If it's on a ring and is worn with the heart facing inwards then the wearer is taken.
    I only know that because Angel gave Buffy a Claddah ring

  29. Dolphin's are the of the smartest animals out there. They mate for life. You are missing out by not liking them. I love dolphins. They have saved people from sharks. #jewlry

  30. I don't take snowflake as a bad term. It just mean we are sensitive. And we care. Snowflakes are beautiful and come in different shapes and sizes in reality. If you think about it.

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