Three amazing rings in under 3 minutes: Fabergé, Rodney Rayner, Jewellery Theatre

Three amazing rings in under 3 minutes: Fabergé, Rodney Rayner, Jewellery Theatre

I’ve chosen my top three coloured gemstone
rings. What I’m looking for is the wow factor, which is what you should be after if you want
to choose a cocktail ring that will stand out. When you’re choosing a ring like this
and it’s not an engagement ring, it’s something that’s more fun, you can veer away from the
traditional big three-coloured stones, which are of course sapphire, ruby and emerald,
and you can venture into the whole wide world of colour of literally hundreds of different
types of gemstones. Fabergé’s trademark is to surprise and delight,
and it’s usually with unusual use of materials and colours. That’s exactly what this ring
does because this green seems to ooze its way through this lattice of diamonds and it’s
an effect that makes you look twice. That’s exactly what Peter Carl Fabergé was aiming
to do when he first started making jewellery in Russia in the mid-19th century.
British jeweller Rodney Rayner is popular in the USA, and I’m sure that it’s because
of his unflinching use of bright colours. This ring fizzes with colour thanks to its
three-layer construction that makes for a green greener than green and for a really
eye-catching combination of colours. The Jewellery Theatre is all about drama,
and here we have a ring with a stone which is quite literally a mountain of tanzanite.
This purple stone weighs 54cts. It’s been polished but not faceted, so it has this alluring
natural shape. Choosing a ring like this really is an emotional purchase, so really follow
your heart and be guided by what you love in colour.
Particularly popular at the moment – not that it should guide you, but just so you know
– are the turquoise stone, tanzanite, with its purple hues, opals in all colour variations,
and of course tourmaline, which comes in every colour under the rainbow. If you want to know all that’s happening in the world of jewellery and watches, visit my website,


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  2. Uhhhh Just Beautiful Pieces Works Of Up Most Art And Rings Are Really My Fav Piece Of Jewelry I Adore This Video 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍 #JewelryGods #LovesIt

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  4. I love watching your pop up videos …..I should be cleaning the kitchen. ..thank you for such beautiful work filming and discussing. …love yous…mrsdaryl

  5. Wow the apple green Chrysoprase ring is so unusual and quite eye catching!💚
    The tanzanite globular stone is glimmering with rich dark color, my favorite!! 💜
    It is nice to see jewelry set with smooth stones instead of the usual facets…
    Very nice selection!

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