Three Feet From Gold – Chapter 1

Three Feet From Gold – Chapter 1

Hi guys, Felicia White here and today I’m
starting a new series titled Three Feet from Gold by Sharon Lechter and Greg S. Reid. We
are on Chapter one titled Running on Empty. So it says, Flinging open the taxicab door,
Greg stepped in, then slumped across the backseat. He was running late- again. A cell phone clutched
in one hand and a rolled-up newspaper in the other gave him the look of a stereotypical
Wall Street junkie. He barked an address at the cabdriver. The driver rolled his eyes
in response to his new passenger’s attitude. Having just returned from New York that morning
in time for a business lunch, Greg was still in his East Coast mode and very late to meet
his girlfriend at their apartment. Block after block, the San Diego native chatted endlessly
into his phone, pausing only long enough to dial a new number or switch to an incoming
call. How about some good news for a change? he thought to himself, frustrated by the messages
left for him. Suddenly and unexpectedly there was a pause. “Hey, wait a second!” Greg said
to his counterpart through the receiver. “This isn’t my jacket. That idiot at the restaurant
gave me the wrong one.” Overhearing this remark, the driver looked into the rear view mirror
and asked, “Do you want me to go back to where I picked you up?” Running his hand over the
lapel, Greg looked at the designer label on the inside and smiled. The tone of superiority
returned to his voice as he said, “No way! This one’s much better than mine. Some sucker
will be stuck with my old jacket.” He enjoyed the thought of the other man fuming when he
discovered the switch with an inferior garment. The driver shook his head in disappointment
before catching himself. Sadly, he had accurately assessed his passenger’s character. As a virtual
poster child for the “Me Society,” Greg expressed little regard for others and their feelings.
He was all about “looking good” and “looking successful,” though he hadn’t always been
that way. In actuality, he ran a small marketing company and was much less impressive than
the inflated title he had conjured up for himself on his business card. Far from the
successful image he projected, he was seriously in debt and found himself uninspired and unfulfilled.
Even worse, his relationship with his girlfriend Mia was falling apart- fast. At this moment,
his life was reminiscent of a bike ride on flat tires down a dirt road pockmarked with
potholes. The one thing he had learned for certain was that nothing in life was certain.
There had been a time where everything was laid out before him like a banquet for a conquering
hero. He had a plan, a strategy, and was armed with the energy of a nuclear explosion; his
entire life was on track- until he ran into what many would consider simple ordinary roadblocks.
This was his Achilles heel. He knew how to dream in grandiose proportions, and he even
knew a thing or two about follow through. He just couldn’t seem to handle adversity.
And in this deeply troubled economy, there was little else in front of him, as for so
many other people. In other words, Greg was full of expectations, but had no results to
show for them. In Texas they refer to is as “All hat, no cattle.” “We’re here,” the cabbie
announced, pulling up to the curb in front of a luxury apartment building that very few
people could afford- especially Greg himself nowadays. Stepping out of the cab and mumbling,
“Keep the change,” he tossed a wadded up twenty dollar bill through the window. Looking at
the meter and the wrinkled cash, the driver realized he had just been given a whopping
ten cent tip. Another big spender, he thought to himself as he sped off in disgust. “Good
evening,” Frank the doorman said in advance of Greg’s approach. Handing the tenant his
mail and a past due rent notice, Frank leaned toward him and whispered, “Sir, there is something
I need to tell you.” Greg motioned to the phone still pressed to his ear. He continued
talking and walking. Frank, who had worked in the building since it opened, shrugged
his shoulders and went back to his duties. Unfortunately, this was not an unusual interaction
between the two. The only pause in the telephonic monologue came when the elevator door opened,
and then only because Greg knew there would be no reception inside it. He cut the call
short. Relieved that no one joined him inside, he pushed the button for his floor and leaned
back, mesmerized by his own reflection in the shiny doors. Gazing at himself, he thought,
I look pretty good in my new jacket. It was a quiet ride to his destination, but his brain
was less than still. Having no one to talk to, his internal dialogue about his current
troubles kept him busy until the ding of the elevator disrupted his reverie. Returning
home as he had done a hundred times before, he stepped from the elevator, walked to his
apartment, unlocked the door, and went inside, calling out his girlfriend’s name. “Mia!”
The two had been together for five years, yet the last twelve months had been tough.
All she wanted was the man Greg used to be not this image he had created for himself,
all he wanted was to avoid commitment at any cost. They had attempted counseling with little
success because Greg always seemed to have some crises come up that preempted their scheduled
appointments. Mia knew he wasn’t a bad person, yet wondered if he was the right person for
her. Walking through the hallway he noticed something missing. Actually more than just
something was missing. Almost everything was missing. Greg stood there in confusion. This
was his apartment, right? He stepped back into the hall and looked at the number on
the door. The number was correct. The view of the city was right (pretty spectacular,
in fact, a detail that had upped the price of the apartment substantially.) The only
problem was that the living room was bare, stripped; there were only empty spaces where
the furnishings used to be. He grabbed the telephone and punched the button that connected
him directly to the front desk. Frank answered immediately. “Yes, as I tried to tell you
when you came in, she left two days ago. And she said to tell you.. well, I’d rather not
say.” “Forget it. I get the picture.” Greg barked, then dropped the receiver and looked
around. He had to admire her well executed plan. It was almost as if the Grinch had visited
a Who house and cleared out the whole place. The only items she had left behind were his
favorite, rather lived in chair and a side table with a single framed photograph on it.
There was a note taped to the photo. He removed it from the frame and read it aloud. Greg,
Here is a picture of you in the Bahamas. Notice that you are on the beach alone.This represents
the way I felt in our relationship. I hope you find someone who can love you as much
as you love yourself. Mia. Throwing the note aside, he felt a sense of abandonment as he
trudged across the room, removing the stranger’s coat and letting it fall to the bare floor.
As he loosened his tie, he noticed that a business card had fallen out of the jacket
onto the floor, face up. It hadn’t occurred to him to check the pockets to see if he could
figure out who the owner might be. He picked up the card. The name printed on the business
card was that of the legendary Jonathan Buckland, who just happened to be the most well known
and politically well connected business tycoon in the city. Greg flipped the card over to
look at the back. Nothing, it was blank. He looked at the front again. Could this be Mr.
Buckland’s jacket? He wondered. Greg smiled as he smelled opportunity. Immediately his
attitude changed from loss to hope. He now had an excuse to call this great man. The
chance to connect, even briefly, with a person of Buckland’s stature would be worth much
more than the value of the jacket that now lay crumpled at Greg’s feet. Forgetting all
about the empty apartment and the girlfriend who had left him, he went to the telephone
to call the business leader’s office. Maybe his luck had changed. I want to ask you, if
you’ve ever experienced tremendous loss and then all the sudden you were presented with
this opportunity that changed your whole attitude and changed your life? So if you’re looking
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are on the blog, click the button below to check that out. Thanks so much for tuning
in to Three Feet from Gold by Sharon Lechter and Greg S. Reid Chapter 1 and I will see
you tomorrow guys. Bye!


  1. So thoughtful of you to do this!!! Thank you for your time and generous spirit!

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