Thrive Plymouth – Going for Silver

Thrive Plymouth – Going for Silver

So Thrive Plymouth is a ten-year campaign for tackling health inequalities across the city. We know that we’ve got quite a
lot of challenges across the city in terms of health and wellbeing, with big
differences in both the quality of the life people are leading and how long
they live for and Thrive Plymouth is our program working with hundreds of
partners across the city to try to change that. We’re really delighted that
year five of Thrive Plymouth is going to be focusing on connecting people through food we all know from the previous year that connecting people is so important.
Social isolation and loneliness really affect your health and wellbeing but
also that bringing people together and helping them to enjoy their lives. We’re really excited to be working in
partnership with Food Plymouth this year to celebrate all the fantastic things
that are already happening in the city, and to connect our communities through
food. Food Plymouth is all about increasing the supply and demand of
fresh healthy local sustainable, wherever possible, affordable food in the city, so
we work together to achieve that as a partnership and network. There’s around
120 different partners from across all sectors of the society and economy, a
very much a multi sector partnership approach to that and Food Plymouth as an organisation then supports and facilitates that work. Food is so much
more than just fuel. Food is culture. food is history, food is politics, food is
so many things. As a dietitian I’m very aware that foods can be associated with
health problems. What’s brilliant about Thrive Plymouth year five is that it takes the focus away from food being a problem to food being a really positive aspect and
how it can connect people socially and culturally. The Sustainable Food Cities
Award celebrates those places that are taking a joined up and holistic approach
to food. So one of the things we want to do in this year five of Thrive Plymouth
is to achieve the silver award from the Sustainable Food Cities award and that
will be achieved through the partnership the network and the support of the
Community Interest company to coordinate that. Across the year we will be promoting
lots of opportunities for you to get involved and connect through food will
be hosting a number of food-related events across the year and we also have
a number of different offers for our partners such as free training courses
and support and guidance. Please join our vibrant Thrive Plymouth and Food Plymouth networks to find out more and to get involved.

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