Thunderstruck CEO Bryce Bradley Talks Copper, Gold, Zinc Mining in Fiji

Thunderstruck CEO Bryce Bradley Talks Copper, Gold, Zinc Mining in Fiji

Joining me now is Bryce Bradley from
Thunderstruck. Bryce, before we get started what’s your symbol and what
exchange are you on? Our symbol is AWE on the Venture exchange, TSX Venture
we’re also trading in the US OTCQB under the symbol THURF. Tell me about Thunderstruck. Thunderstruck I started six years ago
with Brian Lundin, he’s a co-founder and one of the largest shareholders, as am i.
He runs the new New Orleans Investment Conference, very well respected in the
industry, he has Gold Newsletter that he writes as well and we just decided
since we’ve been in the industry for such a long time, why don’t we start from scratch and then we’d have control over sourcing
the best projects that we can and the best team that we can to see if we can
make a go of it. Your project, you’re in Fiji? All in Fiji, and it’s not like we targeted that country because it’s more, a lot of
Australians are in New Zealanders are working in Fiji, a lot of Asians but it’s
not as popular a country to mine in for Canadians in the
United States just because of the distance. Partly because we’re unfamiliar with it, we don’t know much about it we hear more about Africa, surprisingly. Tell me what’s the
jurisdiction like for mining in Fiji. It’s really good, safe jurisdiction.
They’ve been mining for over 80 years they have a gold mine to the north of
ours that has mined over 7 million ounces of gold so far and there’s
several million of ounces left as well so the the mineral resource department
they adhere to the British mining route law from back in the colonial days so
they’re extremely mining savvy and they have a very educated workforce, a skilled
labor force coming out of that gold mine. There’s another mine that’s in
development called Lion One but that’s going to be producing in the
next couple of years, also very close to ours, so it’s a it’s a favourable
jurisdiction. Well that also speaks to the fact that there will be infrastructure in place do don’t have to build all of that as well. All the infrastrucutre is there. They have a a deep water port, they have a
hydroelectric dam paved roads throughout the country so that’s been
taken care of too as well in the last like 40 years or so. And this project is a combination of zinc, copper and gold? Right, so we have four projects. One is
copper-gold, one is pure gold and two are VMS zinc copper, high-grade zinc and
copper and on the one we just announced a joint venture with JOGMEC. And this is big? This is huge for us. Tell me about that deal. How did it come together? How did you manage to attract that kind of attention? They’re an $11 billion dollar Japanese entity, exploration company and we’ve
been in negotiations with them for exactly a year to today, I believe I met
them here at PDAC for the first time and they’ve been doing due diligence on the
country, on management and on our assets ever since ever since then and we just
signed the deal a couple days ago for them to earn in seventy percent over
three years for three and a half million dollars just on our one zinc-copper
asset. So what does that say what does that say to you, what does it say about
this project, what does it say about the company? It’s wonderful. It de-risks investment for any investors who
are somewhat reluctant to invest in a country like Fiji where they just maybe
don’t know much about about it. It de-risks anyone’s questions or
concerns around management because JOGMEC has allowed us to be the operator
while we’re in country so that gives a good nod to current management and our team in the ground in Fiji so overall I just
think the mineral resource department, the government of Fiji is highly
supportive of this joint venture. JOGMEC is very well respected, they’ve
been in the country before and it just puts us on the map for other
joint ventures on our other assets we’re currently in discussions with other
groups on those assets. It just makes due diligence for them a
lot easier going forward. Well part of that due diligence is you and I’m sure a
lot of people are gonna say well okay every team is led by somebody, tell me
about you. How did you wind up in this situation where you have attracted
an incredible deal and this joint venture partner? It’s a zigzag path to where we are now and my background is an investment banking and
I was at raising capital for other people’s exploration companies, but after
you raise the capital you don’t always know what they’re going to do with it
and you can’t control how they’re spending their money so this is where
Brian Lundin and I came up with this genius idea that we would just start our
own company, be directors and take it all the way along the process to build
the team from the inside, raise the capital ourselves, etc. and get it to this
stage. We want a joint venture, we want to find a mine in Fiji or more
mines in Fiji. It’s a lofty ambition. A little bit harder than I thought it
might be but that’s good. Clearly that doesn’t stop you. No, it hasn’t. You just learn along the way. This will be my first, this is my first publicly
traded company that I’ve ever started. Everyone who has been successful in our
industry has had a first, obviously, and I just worked that much
harder to make sure that this is gonna work. We have great relationship with the
landowners all the way up through government and it’s very strong
relationship with our shareholders. They’re extremely supportive, they know
that this might take time and JOGMEC is just our first big nod to success. I know you’re just settling down and getting
and catching your breath from having signed this deal where do we go from
here, what are the next steps? So I meet with them tomorrow we’re going to
hopefully sign off on the exploration program for 2019. We want to map the
entire property, it’s 30 square kilometres high-grade zinc and Anglo had
drilled it back in the late 70s ,they had done a small resource but 8% zinc and 2% copper high-grade almost all of it where they drilled is at surface or
very shallow depth 200 meters of oxidization that’s it. It’s most likely
gonna be an open pit so we’re gonna map the entire property, do some ground geophysics
and then we intend to drill twinning some of the old Anglo holes so
we can get some fresh core out of the ground. They want to make a production decision
within three years so it’s very aggressive. That is moving incredibly fast. They’re going to be a good partner. What else do you have on on tap as far as the company
is concerned that investors were going to want to know? So while we have this
program going on with JOGMEC, we’ve just done some ground geophysics on our
gold asset in our copper porphyry so investors can expect to see news flow on
that, they leave the ground sometime next week so we have to get the details
and get the results back so investors can expect that and we’re gonna get back
on the ground and hope to do some drilling on the gold asset and the
copper this year. That’s the hope, not entirely sure. You are busy. Yes, busy days, busy year. There are people who have never met you and are
watching this for the first time and they’re saying okay maybe I want to put
my money with you, what’s your pitch to them? The pitch? Our market cap
is merely $5 million dollars, JOGMEC alone is putting $3.5 million dollars into just one of our assets, we have four assets.
Zinc prices are very strong and in demand, copper prices are still strong, we
owned the other assets 100%. To me it’s a no-brainer, you know
exploration deals take time, but so far we’ve played this correctly. Well in that world you’re moving at lightning speed. In geologic speed. Thunderstruck speed. That’s why we named it that. Is it really? Yeah. Because you just went off you were thunderstruck? We want people to be thunderstruck. In the last few years when things are a bit slow as they are, you think
this might have been a misnomer because nobody is going to be thunderstruck quite yet. Well and they probably are now
especially with the announcement of your joint venture partner. They’re gonna be a very good partner. Thank you, Stu. Thank you, pleasure meeting you and all the best with this project. you

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