Tombstone Arizona: The Truth is Stranger than Fiction. (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Tombstone Arizona: The Truth is Stranger than Fiction. (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Tombstone Arizona The Truth is Stranger than Fiction This is the layout of Tombstone, Arizona. At the bottom of the page is 6th Street. . . . . .and on the left is the Birdcage Saloon (and brothel). Now, going up Allen Street to 5th Street, on the right is the Oriental Saloon. At 5th and Freemont is the Schiefflin Theatre. Now, across Allen Street from the Oriental Saloon was the Bloody Bucket Saloon. Across 5th Street from the Oriental Saloon is the Crystal Palace Saloon At the time of Wyatt Earp it was called the Golden Eagle Brewery Saloon Further down Allen Street is the Campbell and Hatch Saloon This is where Morgan Earp was shot through the back door. On Freemont between 4th and 5th Street is where the Tombstone Epithath was and next to it is where the Earp trial was after the O.K Correl shoot out. Between 4th and 3rd on Allen is the entrance to the O.K. Correl over on Freemont is the back entrance to the Correl further down Freemont is Flys Boarding House and Photography The gun fight took place where the X’s are. Next is ex Mayor Harwoods house The gun fight took place partly in the street of Freemont and in the Alley between Fly Photography, our Boarding House and the Hayward Home On November the 27th 1879 Virgil Earp was appointed U. S. Deputy Marshall by U. S Marshal Crawley Drake Virgil was assigned the eastern part of Pima County Arizona territory His orders where to move to the future Pima County seat of Tombstone and assist the local law with keeping the peace and controlling the lawlessness of eastern Arizona As Federal Marshall he had more authority and wider range But the county sheriffs And town marshalls actually made more money Now, being a close-knit family Virgil notifies his brothers of his appointment And also stated that there were good business opportunities. Virgil will meet with two of his brothers Wyatt and James They will arrive at December the first 1879 Along with their wives Their two younger brothers Morgan and Warren will arrive a few months later Now Virgil first met Ellen Rysdam when he was seventeen and she was sixteen They eloped Her family was completely against the marriage and when Virgil went to go fight in the Civil War her family told Ellen that Virgil had been killed in battle. And when he got out, he was told that she had died in Oregon with her family. Years later, Virgil will learn that he and Ellen were lied to. He will meet his grown daughter, Nellie Jane years later, along with her mother Now actually, Virgil had been wounded during the war and will lose the use of one of his arms. His second wife was Rosella Dragoo Now what happened to her is not known. Virgil seldom spoke of her and in 1879 Virgil will marry Allie Sullivan a reformed prostitute They will remain together over 40 years the rest of their lives And Allie will come with him to Tombstone Wyatt Earp will marry Urilla Sutherland his childhood sweetheart in 1870 Wyatt’s father, who was justice of the peace in Lamar, Missouri will perform the ceremony Urilla would die later that year from typhoid fever along with their child In 1873 in Dodge City, Kansas where Wyatt was serving serving as a lawman he meets Mattie Blaylock a reformed prostitute. She will accompany Wyatt to Tombstone as his common-law wife. Morgan Earp had left his wife, Louisa with his parents in California while he met his brothers in Tombstone Louisa will come to Morgan in Tombstone some five months later. James had been a deputy marshal in Dodge City and after hearing from Virgil James and his wife, Nellie Ketchum, They called her Bessie a reformed madam left Dodge for Tombstone Warren, the youngest will leave his parents home in California and follow his older brothers to Tombstone. He will move in with Virgil and Allie The Earp brothers had intended on starting a stage line, but quickly discovered there was two stage lines there already Including Wells Fargo, which Wyatt goes to work for as a stage guard. On January the 6th, 1880 Fred White will be elected first town marshal of Tombstone. He was non-political and was respected by both the cowboy faction and the town’s folks. Five months after Marshal White is elected


  1. Very very interesting the true account is always more interesting and with early photographs makes it even more interesting,very well put together only paused once to make a cup of coffee.

  2. I grew up in Dodge City Kansas where to this day the main drag through town and where Boot Hill Museum is located on Wyatt Earp boulevard. This was a great documentary! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I been to tombstone about two months ago and it was awesome 😎👍 I also have a picture of the bullet hole in the birdcage bar and the one behind the front door 😊

  4. That was the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen! " He died in bed " Really it's like they were trying to diminish his legend. Bring Docs remains back home here to Griffen Georgia where they belong.

  5. Was ringo star a fictional character in the movie TOMSTONE or did he really exist? Did dock holiday kill ringo star? Or did that never happen?

  6. Wyatt and Josephine lived here in San Diego. They had a bar in the Gaslamp district..the building is still there. What a life they lived. R.I.P.

  7. My grandfather always drank his coffee from his saucer not the cup.  He did that since he was a child chasing the cattle.  He died too soo in 1988(he was 75yo).   What a man!

  8. Well done –BRILLIANT——just like to add how much things have changed in such a short time, its hard to think this happened only 140 yers ago, truly amazing, from tombstone to a LaAirport and motorway etc think about it as you drink your cooffee!!!

  9. I am a musician from Ga. And I have played at Doc Holidays, in Griffin, where I was taken upstairs, and in an empty room, there was a loan dentist chare, made in the 1800s. We all assumed that it belonged to Doc Holiday. The bar and grill was in the same building where his practice was in Ga.

  10. Very impressive history of Tombstone, and the Earp posey.
    I have never heard it told so thoroughly, and with such detail. I never realized how close their lives had been to the Civil War. And I didn't realize how close they were, to the western movie business. I was born in the 60s.
    A lot has changed since then. When I use to watch old westerns on TV, it seemed as if the settings for the movies were over 200 years old. It just doesn't seem real, that people actually lived in such a way in our country, and it really was not so long ago. It makes me wonder what things will be like 50 years from now.
    I wonder if I will be alive to see it.

  11. Wow this was the first time that I have listened to Jerry Skinner and I was glued to the screen' Well done Mr. Skinner thank you n' Cheers

  12. This video history is highly suspect in several places. Wyatt Eerp is believed to have arranged for the stage from Benson to be held up and gold shipments stolen while he was Marshall of Tombstone. That was eventually discovered, and THAT is why the town wanted to lynch Eerp and why he fled to Colorado and California. The Clantons, to this day, claim that Ike never did any rustling. I got my information from a niece of Ike Clanton in Wilcox. Her version of all of this was very different from this narrative. Moral: Fake news has been around for a long time folks. I don't claim to have a perfect knowledge of the thing, but it is very clear that all of the narratives have suspect aspect. I have done business in Tombstone many times, and that town is a Hell hole to this day and lives on tourism that comes looking for whores and gun fights. One lawyer from the high days long ago in Tombstone searched the whole town to find a Bible and found none. Nothing noble of redeeming ever happened in Tombstone as far as I can tell. I will say that there is one moral issue that Tombstone takes seriously. The boys in the high school will beat the senses out of any boy identifying himself as a sodomite.

  13. Years ago, early 70's, my family visited Tombstone, at that time it was original. Our visit two years ago was a vast disappointment, many structures no longer exist. Just say'n!
    Nevertheless, thank you for yet another great history lessen of the wild West.

  14. None of the people mentioned in this documentary will be found in heaven. Why do people memorialize whores and murderers? Wrong sense of values!

  15. I had an English teacher in Bradenton, Florida in 1974 who was the Editor of the Tombstone Epitaph at one time. Very nice lady.

  16. What's up with this family in the men why do they have to all be marrying prostitutes I mean there's a lot of other women out there isn't there maybe not as much as you think out west but prostitutes?

  17. Heck of a great job on this documentary. Your voice is very fitting for the narration. Hats off to you sir!

  18. All of the wives look like men in drag. Big jaws on them broads. The Earps were traitorous to the United States Constitution. They did nothing less than trample on the American Idea. When I was a boy I too thought of these men as heroes, now that I am an adult I see them for whom they truly were, opportunistic thugs.

  19. A bloody big blimey from Blighty here! That was astonishingly fascinating and captivating – and makes you see how rough life was on every level there back then, its a wonder that American society survived, let alone propogated. Wonderful narration, superbly documented with successive details and illustrated by remarkable imaginary and a non-intrusive but essential and gentle backing track. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for the upload. Mark. London.

  20. I have watched a few videos of yours in the last two days, including Prospect Hill, and one on an outlaw not far from my old house, Belle Starr. You have more than earned a subscriber.

  21. Wyatt Earp met a young actor name Marion Robert Morrison in 1929 there's a picture on them talking. Marion Morrison would later change his name to John Wayne. Wyatt worked as an adviser in low budget Westerns. Wyatt died in 1929 and is buried in Colton California. I Love the Old West Thank You Jerry your a wonderful Narrator.

  22. the town of Tombstone NEEDS to get the cars off those two streets and get them back to dirt
    I was told that when the movie Tombstone was to be filmed, the production company offered to turn the town back to how it was in 1881 for them…..
    and the fools turned it down

  23. Tombstone has lost its visitors over the last 12-15 years. Soon to be a ghost town it's precariously still held together by a small but very sincere group of people who still believe the town has value. The High School, restaurants, wild west show, and various exhibits have closed down and for sale signs are everywhere. The town youth have moved away to greener pastures basically for the most common reasons, economics, schooling and jobs. The reasons for the towns demise? – Amongst many reasons a public loss of interest due to politics, one of which is the growing amount anti-gun Democrats in the southwest. They won't promote anything that has to do with guns, even if its historical.

  24. Thanks for posting. I've read Wyatt went on a so called vendetta ride. Wasn't he deputized a federal Marshal with warrants?
    I understood that some resisted arrest.
    If so it appears he took the ambush of his brothers rather personal.

  25. Thank you, Jerry Skinner, for producing this factual, accurate, properly and historically researched film. I often see so much “historical” based videos on YouTube that are anything but accurate. Worse, they teach many falsehoods and highly inaccurate narratives to the audience who then believe the misrepresentations. But you have done a GREAT job here! I live in Arizona and have been to Tombstone dozens of times, often working on my own historical research of Tombstone and surrounding areas. So I can validate much of your video as true and accurate as I found the same verified info as well. I greatly admire your work here and deeply appreciate the justice you bring of the true history of Tombstone for the YouTube audience to experience. Thank you again!!

  26. I can't watch videos with computer generated voices. I don’t watch videos with these fake voices. Couldn't listen to that voice, bye.

  27. I love the history I mean you know just listening to it it's unbelievable bladder went through a lot and his family too this from the movies I saw so this kind of backed up things and I'm finding out even more and it's quite interesting and I thank you for it

  28. apparently, the movie versions of the story of Tombstone, have missed the mark by quite a distance…. wonderful documentary … thank you… 🙂

  29. I never really had much use for the Earps. I think they were just as responsible for the 'blow up' as the cowboys/rustlers. I think the whole family was there to profit and they simply had the situation where "there isn't room here for all of us". So they went to muscle out the oposition.

  30. I loved this documentary video…great job! So much information that's not taught to us in school. This video, alone, is a great argument for Home Schooling instead of having the government teach our children and grandchildren!

    Also, I haven't heard dates spoken as "18 and 52" since my childhood. Thanks to you, I now remember how strange I had always thought it to be that many older people used to insert 'and' between the century and the year. Thanks for bringing back a forgotten childhood memory for me. 🙂

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  32. Tombstone has burned down twice the birdcage theater is the only remaining building from that time it was not connected to the rest of those buildings

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