Too Late to Be Great – Night Pigeon (feat. Roy Wood Jr.)

Too Late to Be Great – Night Pigeon (feat. Roy Wood Jr.)

(anticipatory music) – Gimme your money (gasping) Let’s go.
Hurry up. Make it quick.
– All right, all right. (bag rustles) (hand slapping) (bam)
uhg! (man kicking) uh!
– [Cashier] Om my God. – [Criminal] Ah! – Good afternoon ma’am. Could I have a pack’o
condoms please? – Um hm. – Purple box un-lubricated. (banging glass?) – Ugh. I came as soon as
I got your text. – I sent you that
text 20 minutes ago. (criminal groaning)
– The bus was late. – What kinda super
hero takes the bus? – The kind whose
wings don’t work. – If your wings don’t work then why you put
the mother [bleep] on? – Branding. The same reason you wear
that raggedy-ass hoodie. – If you can’t show up on time these people aint
never gonna trust you to be they super hero. You might as well be the police. – I’m try’n I promise. I got this day job. It was goin good til
they cut my hours. (criminal groaning) – Hey stop cry’n you’re the one who came in here and tried to rob these people.
(choking) (snap) Oh my God. – Oh shit!
You broke his neck. – N no no no no–
– He’s dead. we don’t know that.
What are you talk’n about? – Be positive. He okay. He okay. You good my man?
– No he’s not. – You good?
– No he’s not good. – Your good. – Oh my…he sleep.
– Oh. – He sleep.
– He is not sleep. – He sleep.
See he sleep. He asleep now. – He asleep.
– You just closed his eyes. – You wadn’t in here
’cause you was late. He had a knife. He had the knife on ’em. – You fingerprints
are on that man. – I’m so sorry
that’s my bad bro. Can you delete that from
the surveillance thing? That’s the third one this week. I’m too strong. – Third? – You think I would purposely– – Yo yo yo yo it’s Like Rage. Hey Luke what’s good man? Yo – How you do’n young brother?
Hey check it out we at the spot right here. We out here.
– Oh oh you live, you live.
– Yeah we live as hell man. And who do we run into but Luke Rage.
– Right. – Look at that look at the face look at the face. And he just knocked
this dude out. He dead as hell.
– Yeah, no no he’s not dead. – This dude dead? Okay.
– No he sleep. No he definitely dead but hey so Luke tell us
how it all went down>- Believe it or not I didn’t have anything
to do with this one. The Night Pigeon heroically
defended this woman’s store. He’s a hero. – Na.
– Yo he look like a rat dude wit wings. What’s up wit that? – Actually the pigeon is
a highly intelligent– – Hey whatever rat man. Get a picture o’ me and Luke. Come on. – He’s a hero I guarantee you. He’s a hero. Come on in here. Make sure you get the body. Make a little space. Can you see the body. Oh yeah. – Yeah man. – [Luke] Y’all
stay safe out man. How’s everything been man? You been okay? – Good man.
I just wish you could do the same to that
dude that’s been steel’n packages off my stoop. – People have been
steeling some packages? – Not some man. All. If you order form that website Package Pros it’s
as good as gone. – My day job was
over at Package Pros. What street you live on man? – Dexter Avenue. – Look to me like
Dexter Ave. need a hero. – Look kid Imma check into this. – That’s what’s up man. Hey what’s your name again? – They call me the Night– – Oh shit! It’s the fly’n rat-bird. (kids laughing) What up Luke? – What up Reggie? (Reggie Whooping)
– [Luke] Don’t worry about them. You’ll win the people
over it just takes time. – Got a silent alarm
about a robbery? – I got it under control, Keith. He sleep. – Sleep?
– Yeah. – Huh? All right. Third time this week. – Now is that the type
a hero you wanna be? – No. – Well then get out there
and catch that package thief. The city needs a Night Pigeon. (hero music) – You’re right. – Hey Reggie you wanna come
help me move this dead body. – [Reggie] All right. (pigeon cooing) (wings flapping)


  1. I feel like the humor of the videos are getting worse. I love Roy, but the skit wasn't that funny.

  2. Why has Marvel not picked this up yet and just squeeze this in. Make night pigeon Falcons appretince or better yet put it in D.C. and make him one of Robin's alter ego's

  3. Im lowkey mad no one in the video including the people roasting him mentioned his Halloween costume wings are upside down.

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