Top 10 Facts and Care Guide of Silver Arowana

Top 10 Facts and Care Guide of Silver Arowana

Hello there, did you know Silver Arowana is
bone-tongued fish with two barrels and there are also other interesting facts about them. Now some of you guys told me to make a video
about silver arowana take care, so I will share some facts about Silver Arowana these
can also help you to take care of your silver arowana if you already have one. So without further duo let’s get started
with Top 10 Facts about silver arowana. Number 1, Human Interactive
Some say silver arowana are for lifetime and can live for 10 to 20 years when captivated
as pets in good environment. They can become very friendly with the owner
and can be taught to know his owner, hand feed them and even stroke like dogs. They can also conditioned to sounds, music
or other things and can become very interactive to yourself. But it needs a lot of patience. Number 2, Water Monkeys
Silver Arowana are also called water monkeys because they jump out of water to catch prey
and insects above water surface. They can jump more than 5 ft. above water
so if you keep them in aquaria you need to make sure it has strong closed lids or you
may find your arowana jumped out of the tank and dead on the ground or if not it can hurt
them badly which may be hard to recover. Number 3, Monster Fish
Silver Arowana can grow to large sizes very quickly and it’s always better to keep them
in large tanks and ponds. They grow to 30 to 47 inches in length and
should be treated with special foods that I will discuss in the later part of this video. They have a lifespan of 10 years or more in
wild and 10 to 20 years in captivity. Number 4, Space Occupier
Silver arowana can grow to large size quickly and should be kept in tanks that above 120
gallons. Silver Arowana themselves might like to kept
in big ponds because it gives them sufficient room and confidence to swim and it makes them
grow faster. But if you keep them in aquarium make sure
you keep the aquarium lid tightly closed like I said earlier. Also they like strong filtration in water
and it makes them swim more calmly and happily. Number 5, Need Special Diet
Silver arowana like other arowana are omnivores and they feed on fish, plant matters, insects,
birds. Turtles, rodents, snakes and even monkey are
pleasing to them. In aquarium young silver arowana should feed
crickets, shrimps, peeled prawns, pellets, feeder goldfish while adults silver arowana
should be feed frozen whole fish, peeled prawns, pellets, frogs, crickets and some say feeding
blood worms will bring out the color. Number 6, Dragon Fish
Silver Arowana are also called dragon fish because of their dragon like face and scales
and long tail. In Chinese culture keeping arowana is believed
to bring good fortune and prosperity. So you might always be willing have one in
your home. Number 7, Aggressive Nature
Jardini Arowana are most aggressive arowanas compared to it silver arowana are less aggressive
however bigger silver arowana should not be kept with any fish that is smaller than his
mouth opening because there are chances that it can eat them. Also they should not be kept with bigger fishes
that can swallow them mostly such mistakes could be done when arowanas are kept in ponds. Number 8, Diurnal Animal
Silver Arowana are diurnal animal that is they are active during the day and becomes
calm or low swimmers during the night. So you can keep the filtration on but the
lights off during the night in aquariums when you keep silver arowana. Number 9, Mouth brooders
Like most arowana breeds they are Mouth brooders that is female lays eggs and fertilized eggs
are carried in the mouth of male until the fries become 5 weeks old. In case of Silver arowana fertilization takes
place in water and both male and female release sperms and egg into the water. Mating season of silver arowana takes place
at the beginning of the flooding season. Number 10, Protected Fries
Once the silver arowana fries are born they remain in the mouth of male father until 3
weeks old or so to hide from predators or possible treats but after 5 weeks or so they
become ready for independent life. Young arowana can live in groups however bigger
silver arowana are aggressive and should be kept with similar such fishes. Since arowana were hunted fiercely in wild
some Asian arowana are at the verge of extinction. Silver Arowana are however easily breed and
least concerned species of arowana they are most commonly kept in aquaria. That’s it for now. As always Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t
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  1. great video, I absolutely love my aro, raised him from a baby into the big brute he is today! been quite a journey!

  2. hi joseph i got 1 week back banjar red arowana size 6 inch i feed dry shrimps,beef heart, pellets and others foods i try this foods 2 days its not eating then i try cockroach now she is eating only frm last 5 days can you give me any suggestions how to feed other foods like shrimps,beef heart, pellets how to feed this i am sanding link of my arowana

  3. Hii bro i have one question that is i have one 5 inch silver arwana fish and i have 3 feet tank and in this tank i have my arwana fish and i whant parot fish may hus tank may dhal shak tha hu lay parot fish ko

  4. This fish is cock eyed, they are a surface feeder and if you feed them live fish they will look down and have messed up eyes. hand feed them at the surface with beef heart.

  5. Some of ur silver arowana facts are wrong
    Asian arowana is called dragon fish not silver arowana and silver arowana are not said to bring luck in Chinese culture
    Only Asian arowana are believed to bring good luck
    U r correct about the jardini arowana
    But u said silver arowana's are not aggressive compared to all other arowana's it's wrong
    Some breeds of the Asian arowana like banja Red and golden cross back are the most peaceful and non aggressive among the other arowana's
    And if the first silver arowana in the video is urs pls try to feed it

  6. I have a silver arowana and i feed him with hikari floating food but he doesnt eat them much and i also have sera floating balls which he doesn't eat. Feeding him has become a big thing for me. He is not at all eating. I see most of the food pellets in the bottom of the aquarium. Im very worried. I have a 240ltr aquarium and he's 6 inches in length

  7. Feed your f&#$ing fish! You have no business owning a creature like this.. or any animal for that matter; judging by how this Arowana looks.

  8. This fish is making me want to 😭.you should look after your fish it is malnourished and looks sad.dont ever let this happen to your fish👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  9. You are an idiot your arowana has worst drop eye u are idiot u dont know anything about arowana shut up and learn to keep arowana first idiot idiot!!!!!

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  12. Hahaha u are jackass ..
    The best aroana in the world absolutelly from my country .. INDONESIA . Borneo . And irian island .. red.. super red .. golden red

  13. He looks really hungry. I've never had an Arawana before,but I've had many fish and this one looks really hungry. I'm talking about the very first one that was shown. I know fish can be like people though, some of them have unusually slow or unusually fast motabolisms and this could be the case.

  14. mine jumped out with aaa great boom sound on the steel table and struggling and very hard to catch and put it back

  15. I read the first 2 comments jokes on you boneheads these fish will famine themselves for a month at a time occasionally that fish was slightly thin but you can't judge the looks of a fish on the care of the owner sometimes the fish just won't eat cuz it doesn't like what it sees outside the tank and that's not based on the person that's based on the room I had my fish in a small room and it didn't like me being close to it arowana are finicky fish you can't judge them based on their appearance the fish is swimming active and healthy it might look skinny but that doesn't mean it's not ready to eat I offer my arowana Food daily and sometimes it won't eat for a month at a time so suck on that funny guys I think this man has good advice and I appreciate his channel I have not subscribed it don't subscribe to anyone because I don't like notifications I'm a nutcase like that but I think this guy should keep up the good work good day y'all

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