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ready let’s go okay so starting off with your first bag we have my dad here who’s
who’s handing the bags to my mum okay why is it your favorite what bag is it it’s
the camera bag by Chanel mm-hmm very versatile crossbody hold it like that
however you wish everyday bag you can do day to night absolute fave I mean this is
actually you like it so much this is your second if you had a first one in
silver metallic yes bit of a color transfer problem and then
you ended up going with the patent and you know do you think between the two
definitely the patent so the second bag has quite a little story
it’s the reporter craze when it came out craze for me that actually I do have two
now I loved this that much when I look at it now I just think how will I carry
this i guess for traveling I mean that has everything it was the days of mobile
phone beginnings yes the mobile phone tissue there lipsticks makeup in one and I
don’t know what I used to put in it because this is massive this is
really special because I really loved this bag saw it wanted it I went to
work came back daddy had been to London and back my dad before I got home and had
brought me this bag what a wonderful husband bag number three is Python okay Ralph Lauren the Ricky
saw this on a girl in the store and I thought really
handy London trips it’s big get your magazine in get your iPad in
get all your cash in to spend how much cash have you get in there so you can carry a lot it’s not
my favourite of yours well I really do like it
oh this is mums this is your fave at the moment so this is the current fave for
everyday shopper this is the dior book tote yep and this is your one of
how many one of two I do quite like a cloth bag you do I do
yes because I think that they’re bit more fun not as serious-looking again
with this one throw everything in and off you go
my only concern now is is the handles and any like grease and oils from your
palms got to get a couple of twillies onto this
before I use it again so now it’s on semi-retirement this is my go-to concert
bag I had a phase of going to every single major artists concert wait I’ve
seen Elton John three times I’ve seen share Tina Turner Christina Christina
Aguilera Beyonce Britney Spears as of late our favourite and most recent was 50 cent
and that was really quite something that was a moment so this cross body get your money in
get your tickets in nobody touch my bag nobody steal anything off we go and you
know what it’s just such a classic it really has stood the test of time don’t
you think you know why how old I mean this is as
old as you 26 see one is another one that has a story this is another go to traveling
bag a Chanel executive yeah this is the executive now if I am right this is what
I was told anyway is this there were only two
delivered to London this is the really big one Lady Gaga had just bought
yes she’s just bought it the day before so I was with Daddy in London you were
travelling I was also coming back here and I really wanted this bag next day
daddy went and bought the bag for me what a gem of a man you did you did you wait
I’ve done so many nice things I don’t remember this individuals you have done so many nice things
this one we have the same we’re twinning this is when Gucci really started it’s come back again the
Gucci Ophidia belt bag yeah again easy to use around your waist Or
actually sometimes I’ve done it crossbody quite high up and that’s it
hands-free I don’t know if this falls into designer but this bag was the days of we weren’t
even married then we were boyfriend/girlfriend and this was the
days of oh your shoes must match your handbag and the color the colors the
color is still nice and do you know what I mean as I look at this a bit of
color transfer but it’s not the worst but if you think that these bag is older
than you yeah and it’s not done bad no I know final two I do like as I said to you a cloth bag I think this bag was 700
pounds right wow what a steal what a nice design very chic a bit of wear and tear but you don’t even mind If you’ve been on my channel long enough you know exactly what a bag this
is gonna be mum do the honors well dream come true
and you know what this is actually my perfect color well hint hint you don’t
want to scratch I don’t want a watermark I don’t want anything on it because it
was so hard to get and its worth more than two of your bags put together at 50 you were going to have a birkin and it happened it did it did
happen 50 someone was looking out for you know
I know the handbag fairy delivered when I die you can have it all not before I’m going to have to start putting anti-freeze in your tea guys comment down
below which one was your favorite bag of my mum’s top ten I would love to know
and you would love to them I would love to know if you haven’t had enough of me
I’m going to link a video somewhere here which is my hottest picks for the
handbags of spring/summer this year guys have an amazing morning
afternoon or evening wherever you are and I will see on the next video bye

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