Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver Part 1

Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver Part 1

Here are the top 14 reasons why you should be buying silver. Number 14: Infinite money in a finite world. The irresistible force paradox asks: What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Our debt-based monetary system must create more debt each and every year in excess of the debt and interest accrue the year before. The more debt money the bankers create, the more profit they have. The more money debt the politicians spend, the more power they have. This sick symbiotic relationship of lander of last resort meets the spender of last resort ensures exponential growth of money. The elite will keep using the power of the printing press to maintain their power. But ultimately, this will only accelerate their demise. There’s a mathematical inevitable end to this system as infinite money debt meets the world’s finite resoucres and ultimately the limits of human faith. The more money in debt chasing after fewer goods and services will cause inflation. Ultimately, people’s faith in currency will fail worldwide. It will become evident that the elite intend the print the currency into oblivion, ruining the main function of money as a store value. When this happens, people will throw their depreciating currency at any tangible asset they can get their hands on. Precious metals will be the main beneficiary of this. The frightening things is that it’s not just American affected by this global destruction of paper currency. Because this will be the first time in human history in which the entire world has become interconnected and dependent upon this fiat monetary illusion. Stop thinking about another American Great Depression and start thinking about the Dark Ages. My suggestion would be to beat the rush and panic now. When this current monetary order dies, so will millions if not billions of people as an era of unlimited money comes to an end. Think of the millions that are in food stamps that have no support system to carry them. Think about the billions of dollars in food subsidies ending, food riots, skyrocketing food and fuel prices globally. In this hyper inflationary collapse of the world’s money, I predict that up to 90% of your money will go towards food and fuel. Not your mortgage, not car payments, taxes, tuition, medical bills or anything else. Just the basic necessities like food and fuel. Most will not be able to make this transition and unfortunately will die. And that is before the wars, riots and violence take even more people down. This dramatic shift in life will also prevent people from having children in this turbulence. There will be a scar in the human experience that will be felt for generations. Number 13: The shift from paper assets to tangible assets. Those that understand that there’s a major shift out of paper assets into real assets inevitably start with the gut reaction of buying gold. The more I learned about silver, the more I saw that it was the only investment for me and my family. I am more bullish now in 2013 than I was when I bet the house on silver in 2005. When you truly understand the fundamentals behind silver, you will see that it is simply the best investment out there and I challenge anyone to find me a better investment. First and foremost, the reason why I invested in physical silver is because it is a physical tangible asset. When I say “invest in silver” I do not mean anything else but the real stuff in your hand. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Stay away from SLV, unallocated bullion accounts, mining shares and stick to the physical. I would hate for you to be right on silver and wrong in the form of silver. You’re entering a generational shift out of paper assets into real tangible assets. As I have stated many times in the past, the dollar is mathematically going to collapse and it is the very basis for our entire world economy. The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history, it will dramatically touch every human being on earth and will leave a scar on generations to come. Yes, it’s going to be that big. When the mathematically inevitable collapse happens, all paper assets will be destroyed. This goes for dollars, yen, euros, CDs, munies, T-bills, money markets, insurance policies, pensions, privately owned businesses, structured settlements, social security, dividends, 401k’s, IRAs, stocks, options, bonds, and even real estate. Without a functioning currency and the uncertainty it brings, credit grinds to a halt, payment grinds to a halt, market grinds to a halt, the world economy grinds to a halt. People panic and this always leads to war. This naturally leads to investors finding value in real tangible assets like commodities. Commodities are real things that we use every day in our life like pork, cotton, corn, oil and steel. The problems with most commodities is storage. I know for a fact that two of the best asset classes to be in in terms of real inflation adjusted returns will be food and fuel. They are most essential to humanity and they are hardest to live without. I strongly recommend people stocking up on preparations before they buy silver. You will need at least a three-month supply of food per person as a buffer for the massive global social upheaval we’re going to go through with the collapse of the dollar. The problem with invest in most food and fuel is storage issues. Most food and fuel deteriorate and become worthless. Also, storage can be prohibitive because we’re talking about some big dollars. I don’t known about you but I certainly don’t have a grain silo or storage tanks. Unless you’re a farmer or an oil baron, this usually rules out many commodities for the average investor. This brings us to metals because they don’t deteriorate. For most metals, storage is a big issue. $8,000 will buy you a ton of copper but just over 4 ounces of gold. This is why precious metals are sought after; because of their rarity and their ability to store so much wealth in a small space. Number 12: Silver is the indispensable metal. The first demand is industrial demand. First and foremost, silver is being used as an industrial metal. Silver is the indispensable metal. Next to oil, silver is the most widely used commodity ever as it has over 10,000 uses. As technology progresses and expands, silver’s usefulness will expand even further. Its unique characteritics aren’t like any commodity in the world, it is the most reflective of all metals, the greatest conductor of both heat and electricity, strongly resists corrosion and oxidation, second most malleable and tactile metal next to gold, and has recently been discovered to be a very effective antimicrobial and bacterial metal and is now even being used in the war against cancer. Silver is generally used in small quantities and its unique characteristics make it irreplaceable. This demand is growing in inelastic price which provides a very strong base for the next demand to put some more fuel on the fire. Number 11: Investment demand is growing. The next demand is the growing investment demand. This demand has almost been dead for the past generation of investors. This demand has a component to it, it has a paper trader component to it that simply wants a horse to bet on. These investors are primarily Anglo-american institutional investors and tend to want the silver price lower. But what they really want is to get big swings in the market. They trade anywhere from 40 to 1,000 paper ounces of silver for every real physical ounce in the market. And they only usually take about 3% of the real physical off the market when it is traded. This institutional demand is still in its early stages and seems content in the paper chase of the trader market. This institutional demand is said to grow not only in acceptance but in worldwide audience and finally in physical metal. Institutions seem to follow the leader and when it becomes apparent that silver is up 20% a year while the stock market is flat it won’t take long for the sharks smell blood in the water and they’ll want more exposure to silver and other commodities. At first, they’ll play the paper market but soon they’ll want the real thing. Foreign institutional investment demand is quite different than our institutional investment demand. They don’t seem interested in playing the paper chase and they want real physical silver. They seem intent on dumping dollars for real assets. The opening of the Hong Kong mercantile exchange is a good example of this. During the last ball run of silver in the eighties, only Western nations participated in that market. Since then, there is 10 to 20 times more capital in the world. There are 50% more people living in the world today and now, all the world can participate in this silver ball run. China, India and Russia are leading the charge to buy more and more precious metals. There are a lot of potentially useless dollars floating around the world and they want real tangible assets in return. This type of foreign institutional investment demand wants higher prices and has the potential for backing the final demand which will catapult silver into the stratosphere. The final investment demand is private investors. These investors typically want physical and only dabble on the paper trader market. These investors buy and hold and they differentiate themselves from other demands that specifically want a higher price for their investments. They plan on dumping their toxic paper assets and getting real physical assets outside of the paper chase. These investors are like ants; constantly taking food off the table and storing it for a rainy day. This demand is joining the industrial demand and taking real physical metal off the market. But unlike the industrial users, the investment demand and private investors strictly want higher prices. Number 10: Monetary demand is insatiable. The final and completely absent demand in this world is monetary demand. Silver has absolutely no monetary demand in the world. It is used in things and invested for protection against inflation but nowhere in the world can you just buy things with it. I believe that with a mathematically inevitable collapse of the worldwide currencies, this new monetary demand will push silver through the sky. Some countries or local communities will monetize silver and as history has shown, more goes to where it’s most appreciated. All of humanity will be crying out for real money as they try to recover from the fiat-something-for-nothing dream. How would quadrillions of fiat paper money flow into less than a billion ounces of silver? It’s impossible. “Paper is poverty. It is the ghost of money and not money itself.” -Thomas Jefferson I have seen bright and intelligent men fail to understand that the electronic digits in their computer screens are not real money. They always do get it when you hold an ounce of gold or a 100-ounce bar of silver. It’s a frightening aspect of our society that we’ve become so detached from real money that most of us cannot even comprehend real money. Do yourself a favor this week and go to your local coin shop and just touch and ounce of gold or a big fat shiny bar of silver. Then look at that wad of paper in your wallet or worse, the digits in your bank account, and tell me honestly, where would you rather invest your future? This third and final demand of monetary demand is insatiable as no one can ever have too much money. Number 9: Silver’s price is inelastic. This is what makes its price inelastic. All commodities have a self-correcting price mechanism except for silver. If a commodity’s price rises too high, demand drops off as people seek substitutes or supply rises to meet the demand thus lowering the price. This mechanism does not exist for silver. Silver is typically used in very small quantities and high tech components and there is no substitute for it so that manufacture or customers will have to absorb any price increase. Silver is now starting to be used in clothing to reduce odors caused by bacteria. What is remarkable about it is that by weights, silver represents only 1/40000 of the total of inputs on that shirt. When used in such tiny quantities, silver’s price is almost irrelevant. Over 20 million tons of polyester sportswear produced every year, the textile industry consumes 1,200 tons of silver anually. That’s 38 million ounces. Let’s say for example, the average computer contains 1/10 of an ounce in silver. That would mean that there’s about $3 of silver in the computer. Now, let’s assume that the computer in question cost $1500. If silver were to go to $1,000 an ounce, the same silver in that computer would be $100. Do you Apple Computer is going to throw its arms up in the air and cry that they can no longer sell computers because silver is too expensive? No! They will raise the price of the computer and probably advertise that it has the most silver in it. Do you think the average consumer is going to say “I would buy a computer at $1500 but at $1600, no way!” ? No, they’ll find a way to get the extra hundred dollars so they can read the latest online news about Miley Cyrus. It’s not just consumer products that are at risk. It’s the companies, the industries, the nations that are at risk. Apple has a market capital of $400 billion. If a strategic commodity like silver starts having shortages, their billion dollar empire is endangered. Companies will go into panic buying, securing any amount of physical silver they can because their entire value added business is dependent upon it. They will not be buying SLV or certificates of deposits. Only the real physical silver will suffice. They will whip out their huge check book and stock up. Now you can see why rising prices actually increase demand and it’s not just the computer industry that’s relying upon silver it’s the multi billion dollar industries like energy, medical and the military and soon the banking industry. As their debt money system collapse this directly affects national destinies.


  1. The dollar has lost over 95 percent of its value ever since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. As the Federal Reserve keeps printing this trash, the value will continue to drop.

  2. One more thing….you can have 25 million in dollar bills….if the currency fails and the perceived value goes to zero, then all your investing is worthless…….I history proves its just a matter of time.

  3. It is far easier to shut down Mt.Gox and Bitpay than it would be to physically raid everyone's home looking for Granny's coins.

    The greatest transfer of wealth will be from intangible counter party risk assets (dollars stocks, bonds, BTC) to real tangible wealth (Silver, Gold, Oil, Food, Ammo.)

  4. Cont:

    I can go into my capital city and buy a kilo or 50 kilo of physical silver from a seller – no problem. I asked them that if it going to skyrocket in price why are they so eager to sell it to me? They could not give me an answer! I think it just another scam for a few people to make lots of money off the gullible. I will wait until it goes down and I will buy it cheap from the gullible. I think gold will hit $900USD/oz and silver will hit $15/oz. That is when I will buy precious metals.

  5. What always surprises me is that if physical silver will skyrocket in price in the next few months why would anyone be silly enough to sell it now. Surely investors who have silver, bullions owners or anyone that owns or deals in physical silver would be silly to sell at $25USD/ounce if it is going to hit $100+USD/ounce. Do I sound naïve, suspicious or just thoughtful?

  6. Silver is not a good investment. The $-price only indicates the degree to which the paper has inflated. An ounce of silver still has about the same REAL value as it always has. Silver IS, therefore, a really good hedge against inflation….cont'd

  7. What if…..what if…..Silver is the by-product of a real cheap, non-polluting, new Energy Source…..? Like Cold Fusion for lack of a non steven jones word…

  8. When talking about "Millions of people dieing who rely on food stamps" shows a bunch of black people. Classy.

    It makes me sad that even today the most negatively effected by global warming, pyramid scheme of fiat, misollaction of resources, and  military genocide – it's always the minorities, the Countries who were exploited and thrown away while the US and many other Western Nations will come out on top – again. When the coastal cities flood and agricultural lands around the equator are wiped out the rich Westerner's will actually experience an increase in value.

    There must not be a God because the greedy evil sociopaths always win.

  9.  Food, Shelter, Water and a way to protect it. Gold and Silver will collapse with the dollar because everything will collapse and people will turn into starving zombies and they will come after your food, shelter and water not your gold and silver. All grocery stores will collapse, where you gonna get food??? 

  10. Before you sell your silver please remember to adjust for inflation, and then decide.  Just search google for "inflation factor".  Back when silver was about $40 an ounce I sold a bunch of misc silver rounds and, adjusted for inflation, made just over 3 times the  purchase price!

  11. in the 2008 crisis, if you had all your wealth in silver, you would've lost half of your wealth. same goes for stocks, and most other investments. If you had it all in cash, sure you would've lost a little to inflation, but not nearly close to 50-60%

  12. If i prepared for this collapse,i wouldn't look for silver often,mainly i would stock up land,supplies,electrical generators,that sort of thing,basically,i would be making an entire self-sustaining country. Inside my own home.^_^ That was my plan BEFORE i heard about this…My dream's always been to be safe,happy,and love. To live a peaceful life,with those i love,everything that follows is following that one thing. I wonder if i could get people to help with my cause and us make an entire country. XD I say we call it Cruxx. XD The Cruxx army! XD Bahahaha!

  13. +Jon Ling I am calling BS on all this, there is massive massive* pier pressure keeping the dollar afloat and if you want to break that pressure get off your ass and start telling people the dollar is worthless and then send me a postcard from the asylum

  14. I appreciate the distopian view is easy to sell, but the one thing Chris Duane refuses to accept is that the Byzantine Generals problem HAS BEEN SOLVED. Regardless of Bitcoins seeming dependence on the internet the fact that the Byzantine Generals problem has been solves IS more significant than the collapse of the Dollar will be. Although Silver and Gold will benefit from the failure of dept base fiat money, the failure will make the significance of the solution to the Byzantine Generals problem outshine Gold or Silver and give us a chance of finding peaceful solutions DESPITE the scaremongering of people who are just trying to sell something

  15. I think you are wrong because the FED controls the DOLLAR and they will not let it happen, they have played the Game of BOOM and BUST and take control for over 100 years and have become the MASTERS at it! 

  16. After seeing Hong Kong's protests for democracy and the never ending war on Iraq, I'm almost positive this collapse is coming and it's coming soon.

  17. dude getting tired of the silver thing…….you can never beat them…..they own the game….its too big..and there is no better system….if they were going to wack everybody they would have done it by now. dude cant beat the game …better become a player. the world is gone digital ….every thing will be ok.

  18. go to any coin store and BUY Bullion Coins, you don't need shiny low mintage , great condition, BUY GOLD or Silver bullion , an American silver liberty, a Canadian Maple Leaf!! (also colloidal silver was SHUT DOWN) by the F.D.A. because it kills over 600 viruses and bacteria's, Can't make money off it OR patent it so many many died its TRUE. (see how to make it batteries electric is involved, But even Silver wear used to keep the rich healthier than the poorer classes. Anyways/ I always reading "Where do I buy it?" A coin Store HELLO! peace and Love

  19. Thank you TNT. I appreciate the education and guidance you have given me. I just created an SD account to start buying your collection. your coins are close to shop premiums so ill be buying, a few of each; legalize nature, den of thieves bars, triviums, and sheeps. I am proud to not only support this channel but a fellow veteran as well… I have had many trials and strenuous times transitioning out of an active tour to AFG back into civilian life… I started stacking yesterday. Switzerland was the global financial move that motivated me… Thanks again. Stay positive brother 🙂 

  20. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Mar 28, 2015 will issue 3% loans on mortgages. This will
    boom real estate. In hyperinflation real estate is great. It is a hard asset.
    Silver was money for 2500 years, but no longer. All supply demand figures given by silver gurus are wrong.
    Silver has been overproduced for 150 years. The silver gurus never tell this new generation this.
    They told people not to buy a house, now they are renters for life. Silver is 75% mined as byproduct at $3.50
    an oz. It must be extracted as an impurity even if it was worthless. Only gold is money now.
    This generation will be known as the generation that figured out the Fed scam and rushed to buy
    the most manipulated industrial metal of all time. Silver. When fiat crashes, they will realize they
    didn't stack money (gold), they stacked greed, in the form of silver. Buy silver at 80 to 1 gold silver ratio.

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  22. PLEASE COPY AND PASS ALONG TO OTHERS: Only buy your gold and silver from reputable companies and test the product that you buy using the different tests shown in this video.

  23. How can you say for certain ALL paper assets will be destroyed.  If the dollar collapse..there will be something else to take it's place.  There may be the Yuan, a reset to a different world currency.. or something like that.  By all means buy gold and silver.  But your story seems like you already know what is going to happen.  Some of it yes, but don't be tell us things you have no idea will occur.

  24. So you speak of silver being used as industrial metals.  Sure it is, but in your total collapse scenario…who the hell is going to be producing anything?.. .. 1st we're going to totally collapse, wipe out all paper money,,,then like magic, there will be factories needing silver to produce things.  lol


  26. Uh, the only people that create "debt" are those who borrow and spend money they don't have. If you believe its the fault of "bankers" but you currently have debt of any kind, you're a hypocrite, liar, fool or all of the above.

  27. Better investment than silver? Education, careers, skills, self employment, health, community, just a few I can think of. Silver? Sure. A medium of exchange. But silver is the score, not the game. The score have no value. The game has value. It's all about the game, the real world.


  29. problem is there are two sides it could go when economy collapses : silver/gold etc. will be in demand because paper money is worthless OR silver/gold won't move at all because people realize that it's more convenient and still "better" to use digital, secure assets like bitcoin etc. so there is no guarantee or is there?

  30. Breaking News : Silver is dropping to $13 and Government decide to use Silver and make toilet paper and use it as asphalt for the streets since there is a shortage of asphalt it’s self
    Warning from Water and power : do not dump your silver’s on street sewer pipes it will back up shit and you will be fined $10,000

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