TOP 6 GOLDEN BUZZERS on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Top Talent

TOP 6 GOLDEN BUZZERS on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Top Talent


  1. Ich bin der deutsche Kommentar der kein englisch kann! 🤭❤️

    I love AGT!!! But i can't speek english my english is bad "SORRY" 😂

  2. Truly, the worst part of your life will also be your ticket to get to the top. I just loved watching people being successful in life (sorry for my grammar) Hello I'm a Filipino (🇵🇭)

  3. Terry Crews is just an amazing man, so much respect for him <3

    Hope someday I can meet him, I would just say thanks for being who he is

    -Love from Portugal

  4. Am I the only one crying?? Like I'm so happy for all of them that it makes me cry tears of Joy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. The dude with glasses who sang at the end of the first choir could be a solo musician bet he’ll end up makin it big by himself Nd I’m callin it now

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  7. Reason for being bullied in school are teachers here is what happened to me…
    School bullies: steals my money , kicking/punching me
    Teacher before: "i dont care"
    Me: wins math gold medal & created website for the school
    Teacher now: "if someone touch him, i will kill him"

  8. This was brilliant. It also left me with tears. A very great inspiration to all who have to discover their talents.

  9. Wow really nice collection of amazing people and performers. So much talent. Great post. Everyone should watch this. That blind/autistic boy was just amazing/heartbreaking. I watch talent videos all the time…this was one of the best posts/videos ive seen in a long time. Nice job. Seeing acts like these can restore one's faith in the human race. Everyone seems to center in now a days on the bad and the ugly things of the world its nice to see the flip side of the coin …kindness, talent, joy, hope, happiness. May all who see this video and read these words be blessed.

  10. WOW wow wow, a million times WOW! THIS IS THE FUTURE in music too come! Am sure this clip must have touched all those that watched these children sing and dance! Good luck to your future, you all deserve it!

  11. We have just watched the X factor that gave us much joy, these kids can sing – boy oh boy oh boy, they are who we parents are, they are not a toy, we wish them a great future that they will employ, to bring happiness to the human race as they enjoy! Hope they recieve more than just gold foil! Good luck too them all, you were ALL FABULOUS!!!!!!

  12. what type of mother allows her child to bullying another child sick with cancer? are you kidding me?????????

  13. If I spontaneously jump up and dance,sing, raise my arms and clap, or cry….I know I'm witnessing a star come into being!!!!!!

  14. Cody is a lighting gold star himself..a true inspiration for all the autistic people,small and old ,and everyone else around the world..including myself

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